December 2002

This was an exciting Christmas for us—the first where Emma got really excited about her presents… and, boy, did she get a lot of presents! Click on the photos below to see more…

Joe, Troy, Jami and Emma

Emma loves to see her cousins Anna and Sara, Troy's brother's girls

Emma playing in her new pop-up train

Cousins Emma and Brooklyn looking cute as can be in their matching dresses, courtesy of Grandma Reed

Emma and Brooklyn under the tree

Brooklyn wonders how many more times Aunt Jami is going to blind her with the camera flash

Not only matching dresses, but matching Pooh slippers, too!

Emma loves hugs from Me-Ma

Grandma and her girls

"See my new Popple, Harley?"

Great Grandpa Reed gives the girls a hug

Matching dresses… and then SPARKLEY SHOES, too!

Emma's not so sure about the story Grandma reads to her on Christmas morning

Troy and Emma

Emma tries out the new remote control truck Troy got for Christmas

New Year's Eve
We spent New Year's Eve with the Rhoads family—including Emma's best friend Caleb! Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma's having a great time

Uh, oh! Caleb gives Emma a New Year's kiss

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