August 2003

Silly girl
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How can you sleep like that, Emma?

Four purses, a necklace and fancy shoes… Emma loves to play dress-up!

A day at the zoo
We made a quick trip to Minneapolis to visit the Minnesota Zoo; "Mema" Reed even went along. It was Emma's first time there, and she loved it! Click on the photos below to see more…

The girls

Troy and Grandma liked the cool goats in the petting zoo, but Emma wasn't so sure.

Emma and Grandma check out the dairy cows, one of Emma's favorite things. She liked seeing the cow get milked and learning where the milk she loves comes from.

Emma loved seeing the dolphins at the zoo.

Iowa State Fair
Even though it was a little warm (and when isn't it warm at the fair), we all had a great time at the Iowa State Fair. Emma's favorites? The animals of course! Click on the photos below to see more…

The Maifelds at the fair

Emma loved the Skyglider… just don't tell Grandma Reed she was up so high!

Emma checks out some ponies with Troy

Emma loves "driving" the antique tractor with Dad. She thought it was pretty cool that the tractor was orange, her favorite color.

Emma and her friend, Caleb, take a break from all the excitement to color at the fair.

Smile for the camera
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Emma and Jami

Emma and Troy

"Dad, you're being silly!"

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