Meet the newest Maifeld, Emma's three-year photos, and Emma's third birthday
A wedding reception, a fun 4th, Jenna starts school, Emma starts dance, a credit union/Harley block party, a weekend in Omaha, picnic time, Jenna's two-and-a-half-month photos, and some cute photos of Jenna and Emma
February August
A family reunion, some great historial photos, Jenna and her thumb, Emma "farms," the Iowa State Fair, family time, Jenna eats cereal, and lots of cute photos
March September
Visits to Joe's Crab Shack and Chuck E. Cheese's, fun at school, big girl baths, "Go, Hawkeyes!", trips to Minneapolis and the apple orchard, some messy beans and more
April October
Great Emma and Jenna photos, Halloween fun, a trip to Chicago, a visit from Grandma, and Emma's talents
It's a girl! And fun at the park and zoo
The Maifeld's new house, a happy Thanksgiving, Jenna turns 1/2, and a squirrel taunts Joe
A visit to the beach, Clive Festival, Father's Day, Jenna's first bath, some cute sisters, Emma models safety goggles, trips to the Des Moines Arts Festival and Adventureland, Joe's injury, and Jenna updates
Photo sessions, a fire, Christmas fun, muddy fun at the park, Jenna's first Christmas, and more



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