May 2004

It's a girl!
We were blessed with our second daughter on May 12.
Our newest princess, Jenna Lynne Maifeld, arrived at 1:31 p.m.... all nine pounds, four ounces and 20.75" of her! Everyone did great!

She was originally due May 25, but because the doctors were concerned about her size, labor was (thankfully) induced early.

Emma loves being a big sister, especially giving Jenna kisses and telling Jenna she loves her. We'll see if she feels the same way when Jenna tries to play with her Barbie stuff in a year or so. :-)

Meet Jenna Lynne Maifeld... Click on the photos below to see more…

Man, being born is hard work!

Somebody get me some clothes!

...Ah, this is better!

What do you think? Proud daddy?

Sleeping beauty

Jenna's not too happy about her first check-up

Her check-up continues

Emma meets her little sister for the first time

Emma's still trying to figure out what she thinks of Jenna

Emma says, "What do you mean, Dad? She's going HOME with us?"

Proud Grandma, and overwhelmed big sister, Emma

Day two
Jenna spent a lot of her second day... sleeping. :-) Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna doing, what else? Sleeping.

Jenna's glad to have her hat off

Hey, there are some eyes!

Emma was excited to be a big sister. Check out her shirt!

Mom and Jenna resting


Jenna comes home
On May 14, Jenna and mom got to (finally) come home. Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna's hospital photo. Check out her webpage there…

Our little cutie

Joe meets Jenna. He's a great older "brother"

Jenna's first rest in her own bed

Emma gets more proud each day!


Settling in
It didn't take long for Jenna to settle in at home. But it's going to take a little longer for Mom and Dad to get used to the lack of sleep. :-) Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna in her bed

Emma likes to get toys out for Jenna and is having a hard time understanding why Jenna can't play yet.

Some awfully cute sisters

The cutest big sister around

There's that proud grandma again!

Jenna wonders how long it will be before she can pull on uncle Jake's goatee

Jenna meets aunt Jessie and cousin Brooklyn

Jenna, that can't be comfortable!

Three generations of proud (and Reed-headed) women

Jenna likes her new swing

Jenna's birth announcement


Cuddle bug
Jenna is a great snuggler. Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna and Mom

Nobody handy to snuggle with? Jenna relaxes in her swing.

Jenna thinks, "This sure beats my crib!"

Jenna and Dad

Jenna and Emma

 Jenna had her two-week check-up on May 27, and she's doing great. She's grown a lot, gaining 8 ounces from her birth weight, and growing 1.25". The doctor said she's going to be a tall girl... surprise, surprise. :-)

Emma's field trip
On Friday, May 28, Emma took a field trip with her daycare class. They went to a park in Waukee and had a great time. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma loves to make silly face

"One little monkey, jumping on the bridge..."

Rounding up the kids to leave was a feat in itself

Emma and her best friend, Madisen

At the zoo
We took advantage of a beautiful Memorial Day to visit Blank Park Zoo, one of our favorite places to go as a family. The weather was wonderful, and Emma loved it... except for the bats! Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma and Mom by the jellyfish; Emma couldn't figure out why they didn't have eyes!

Emma and Dad feed the fish

The girls

Jenna was wide awake after she ate

All four of us had a great time at the zoo


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