June 2004

A day at the beach
We went to Big Creek State Park on June 6. Although she loved the picnic we had there and the playground equipment, Emma wasn't sure about the sand and lake, at first, but then had a great time. Her biggest concern? That fish were going to come bite her! Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma sizes up the beach and water

"Look at me! I can stand on one leg!"

Sand is fun to run in!

What was Emma's favorite thing to do? Throw sand in the water!

Emma, you aren't having a good time, are you?

How Jenna spent her lazy day at the beach

Our big, little girl
Jenna is growing so fast! Click on the photos below to see more…

June 5

June 5

June 6

June 6

June 10

June 29 – What kind of smile is that, Jen?

June 29


Little Miss Photogenic
Jenna is pretty patient when she's blinded (repeatedly) with the camera flash by a mom trying to catch all of her "moments." Here she is on June 11, the day before her one-month birthday. Click on the photos below to see more…

Relaxing Jenna

Serious Jenna

Content Jenna

Surprised Jenna

"Don't tell my Grandma Reed I have a pacifier!"

"Maybe Gma. won't notice this picture, either!"

Clive Festival
The annual Clive Festival was June 10-12. As always, Emma had a great time listening to music, eating cotton candy, going to the carnival and parade, and watching the cool fireworks. What didn't she enjoy? Her first visit to a portable toilet. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma on the carousel. It was her favorite ride. She rode on the elephant and monkey. The next week at Johnston Green Days, she had to ride on the dog.

Emma gets ready to go on the flying elephants

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SuperEmma!

Emma rides off into the sunset

Emma getting off the elephant ride

Emma at the parade

"You mean I get CANDY at this parade?"


Emma and Jenna already have a great bond, even though Emma gets a little jealous from time to time. Jenna loves to look at her big sister. I guess Jenna thinks Emma is cuter than her mom and dad. :-) Click on the photos below to see more…

The girls after the Clive Festival parade. Like the ring set-up Troy engineered for Jenna? She loves to look at and hold onto her rings.


Jenna's first bath
Jenna had her first "real" bath on June 13. As you can see, she wasn't any happier about this bath than her sponge baths. Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna, pre-bath... and not crying

Emma checks out what's going on

Jenna's not sure about this bath stuff

Now she's really mad

Even clothes don't help; she's not afraid to tell us she didn't like her bath!


Like father, like daughter
In honor of Father's Day, check out how Emma and Jenna are already taking after Troy. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma likes remote control (R.C.) cars. Here's her first one. Emma's wondering how she can modify her car to go faster. :-)

She likes to go to the R.C. races and look at her dad's R.C. magazine. Her dream car right now? Anything orange!

Jenna takes after her dad's more technical side. She really seemed to like the laptop here, even if she thought it was a snack!


We are family
Here we are on June 20. Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna says, "Wow! My dad sure is cool!"

Do you think Emma likes to hold Jenna?

Wow, they're not even teenagers yet and Emma and Jenna already think their mom is boring :-)

Do you think Jami is proud of Jenna?

Jenna's friend
Jenna found a new "friend" in her crib on June 22. Click on the photo below to see more…

Jenna likes to "talk" to her reflection in the mirror. She always seems to have a lot to say. :-)


Safety first
Emma got a pair of safety goggles with a toy weed wacker she got. I think she just likes them because they're orange! Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma's a cool dude in her safety goggles

She likes them so well, Emma even put the goggles on her doll

At least Emma didn't make wear Jenna wear the goggles!


Ready for your closeup, Ms. Maifeld?
Here are some cute photos of Jenna on June 23 — the day she started smiling, even if we didn't catch any. :-) Click on the photos below to see more…


Des Moines Arts Festival
The Des Moines Arts Festival is one of the best things about summer in the Des Moines area. It was recently named the fifth-best arts festival in the entire country! With great food, music and fun activities, we know why it's something we look forward to every summer. Check out all the fun we had when we went there on a beautiful evening on June 25. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma had a good time listening to the great music

Jenna even stayed awake long enough to take in the arts festival

Jenna had a lot to look at

Emma shows off the bug she made at the festival

Emma colored a quilt square, which then got hung up for display

The Maifelds are all smiles

There were tons of fun activities for kids to do, including painting a dumpster, which Emma did. Any guess on what color she chose?

Emma was really serious when she was painting

Jami and Emma having fun

Troy and Emma check out a great view of the Capitol and arts festival, from five stories up

A cool view of the capitol and arts festival


The Wells Fargo Financial summer outing was June 26 at Advenureland. After getting caught in a traffic jam (I guess Altoona really can have traffic jams), we finally made it there. It took Emma a while to warm up to going on rides, but once she did, she loved it. Click on the photo below to see more…

Troy and Emma on the dragon ride

Emma loved this ride; she went on it twice

Emma liked to feed the fish at Adventureland. There were even a couple snapping turtles in the mix.

Jami and Emma wait in line for the Chuck Wagon ride, which is a small ferris wheel

Emma liked this ride a lot

"Hi, Dad!"

How did Jenna spend most of her day at Adventureland? ...We'll give you one guess.

Emma liked "driving" this car

Emma drives the big rigs

Emma liked the boat ride, too

Troy and Emma went on this ride. Emma was fine, but Troy left his stomach on the ride. ...Guess he's just getting a little too old. :-)

The big ferris wheel we all went on; Emma got afraid when we got to the top

Jenna goes on her first ride ever, the big ferris wheel at Adventureland. Just don't tell Grandma Reed... it would make her nervous. :-)

Troy and Emma leaving Adventureland

Joe on the injured reserved list
Joe partially tore a ligament in his leg chasing a rabbit on June 24. The vet ordered bed rest for the big guy. Click on the photo below to see more…

"If I look sad enough, maybe they'll let me out of here."


Etc., etc., etc.
Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma went a little crazy with her stickers, deciding they looked as good on her as they do on paper

Jenna joins Emma and Troy for bedtime story time

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