July 2004

Blinded by the light
Jenna is, usually, pretty patient while she gets blinded by the camera flash. Here is our little cutie on July 1. Click on the photos below to see more…


The shirt says it all
Click on the photos below to see more…

Getting ready for the fourth
Here are our cuties decked out in red, white and blue on July 2. Click on the photos below to see more…

Even Emma's cheeks are red

Smile, Emma

Emma loves to hold Jenna

Jenna takes a break in her swing

O'Donnell wedding reception
On July 3, we went to Harriman's Park in Hampton for a wedding reception of Chad O'Donnell, Troy's cousin, and his wife, Lydia. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma wasn't sure she wanted to stand still or smile nicely for a photo by the water...

We tried...

And tried...

And tried...

Emma had fun playing with Alexis, the daughter of Troy's cousin, Erin

Do you think Emma was the shy one?

Emma liked throwing rocks in the river. She's showing Troy how it's done.

Is this what happens when a three-year-old doesn't take a nap? I think so...

Jenna and Emma

PASS THE BABY... Jenna was really good as she got passed around, from Dad...

To her cousin, Anna...

To her aunt, Britt...

To Troy's cousin, Erin...

To Grandma Maifeld...

To cousin, Sara.

Jenna with Grandma Maifeld and Erin

Emma checks out her newest cousin, Ben.

Ben wonders why his uncle Troy has such a goofy look on his face

Emma and Jenna with Grandpa Maifeld and Troy

I think everyone was looking at a different camera

Emma makes some calls on her cell on the way home

Celebrating the Independence Day
We were busy on the fourth. We went to the Waukee's parade and fireworks, and had a great time. Click on the photos below to see more…

Troy and the girls

Jenna thinks her dad is pretty cool

Emma waits for the parade in Waukee

Emma wonders, "Is this parade EVER going to start?"

Jenna gets a drink after the parade

Emma with her first-ever sparkler

Like mother, like daughter... Emma will tell you it's not nice to stick out your tongue. :-)

Troy and the girls wait for the fireworks

Some of the cool fireworks we saw

From where we were sitting, we could see about five or six fireworks displays

Knee-high by the fourth of July
Here are some more photos of Jenna on her first July 4. Click on the photos below to see more…


Jenna starts school
Jami went back to work on July 6, and Jenna started going to "school." She now goes to the Children's Place daycare with her big sister, Emma. The daycare is in the Farm Bureau building where Jami works, so she can visit the girls during the day. Click on the photos below to see more…

Mom's a little worried about her little peanut "leaving the nest"

Emma was excited about having Jenna at school with her

Emma was excited about having Jenna at school with her

Jenna seemed excited about going to school, too

Jenna was happy from the minute she got to school

Dancing queen
Emma started dance class on July 6. She takes the Creative Movement and Tumble class at Creative Movement Dance Studio in Urbandale. She was a little shy at first, but is doing better each class. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma before her first dance class on July 6

Emma listens to her teacher, Ms. Nina, during a class on July 20

Emma doing her "Animal Action" dance, as an elephant; it's one of her favorites

Emma wonders, "How much longer until I get to do somersaults?"

Emma with some of the other girls in her dance class

Emma warms up

Warm-ups continue

Get your motor runnin'
On July 10, we went to a block party for North Iowa Community Credit Union (where Grandma Reed, aka Mema, works) and the Mason City Harley Davidson dealer. Emma called it "Motorcycle Day." Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma with Grandma

There was a lot going on; Emma tries to figure it all out

Emma thought she wanted to go on the bouncy obstacle course with Mom...

...But she quickly freaked out and cried...

...And cried...

...And cried...

...And cried.

Emma liked the Harley "train" much better

Of course Emma had to ride in the orange car first; it's her favorite color!

Emma loved riding on the train and had to go again

Jenna didn't like the sun in her eyes

A much more content Jenna

Jenna's tired at the end of a long day... but probably not as tired at Grandma was!

Emma loves "holding" Jenna. Here they are on July 11. Click on the photos below to see more…

Two-month photos
Jenna was two months old on July 12. At her two-month doctor's visit, she weighed 12 pounds, 12 ounces (in the 90th percentile) and was 24" long (above the 95th percentile). She also got her first cold, which she then gave to the rest of us. :-) Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma thinks, "Is Mom watching me? What can I get away with?"

Then she decides, "I'd better look innocent."

Jenna's tired at the end of a long day...

Even with a cold, Jenna was still happy


A weekend in Omaha
We spent July 16-17 in Omaha. We all had a good time at the Omaha Zoo (which was recently named the top zoo in the country by Reader's Digest), but Emma's favorite thing was swimming at the hotel in her new Barbie lifejacket. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma was excited to get to the pool. Can you tell?

Emma models her new lifejacket

Busted, Emma!!!

Troy and Emma at the new gorilla exhibit at the zoo, which all by itself is worth the trip to the zoo.

We were just a foot or so away from this gorilla. Very cool!

It's always great to see the polar bears, unless you're Emma. She got scared because they thought they were going to "get her."

Emma and Jami by the life-size polar bear cut-out

The bald eagles were cool, too

Troy and Emma on the carousel. Emma really wanted to ride on the tiger and almost threw a fit when she nearly had to ride on a different animal.

Troy and the girls, as we were getting ready to leave the zoo

The littlest peanut
Here are some photos of Jenna after we got home from Omaha on July 10. Click on the photos below to see more…


It's a picnic
On July 20, we all went to the annual Children's Place (the girls' school) picnic. It was at a nice park, and the food was great, so even in the 90+ degree heat, we had a great time. Click on the photos below to see more…

Troy and Emma eat, with her friend, Caleb, and his mom, Deb

How do three-year-olds cool down in the heat? Play with ice!

Here's Emma playing in the ice again with her friends

How did Jenna deal with the heat? By sleeping, of course. :-)

Emma and Jenna
As Emma says, she loves Jenna, "so MUUUUSSSSHHHH!" Sometimes, the look on Emma's face makes you wonder what she has in mind, though. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma, what have you got planned?

Emma decides to look a little more innocent

Jenna is on to her sister's plans

She says, "Bring it on, Emma!"

Future WWE stars?
No one told Emma and Jenna that they're too little to start wrestling. Here they are, having some fun on July 21. Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna says, "I won!"

Cool shades, girls

And this is why we should all wear sunscreen
Talk about a farmer's tan... Troy has the world's worst tanlines from his sandals. ...And he still has a few more months of summer to go! Click on the photo below to see more…


Crazy hair
Ever wonder what happens when you go to sleep with braids in your hair overnight? Check out Emma's hair on July 24 to find out. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma makes her wild hair even wilder

Emma's version of big 80s hair


Baby exercise
Jenna tried out her Johnny Jump-Up for the first time on July 24. She loved it! Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna likes playing in her Johnny Jump-Up

Jenna, that can't be comfortable

Jenna says working out is tiring!

Jenna's first photo shoot
Jenna had her first "real" photo session on July 25. Considering she was so young, was hungry (and, Dad thought, cold), she did a pretty good job. Click on the photos below to see more…


Meet the newest Olson
On July 28, we got to spend some time with Troy's friend, Greg Olson, and his wife, Jill, and their new baby, Kayla. Isn't she a cutie? Don't tell her that her dad and Troy used to have pizza eating contests at Godfather's Pizza. The final record: Troy, 14 slices; Greg, 13 slices — and, yes, that's in one sitting! Click on the photos below to see more…

Greg and Kayla

You don't think Greg's a proud dad, do you? :-)

Jill, Kayla and Greg

Cute sisters
Emma and Jenna seem to enjoy hanging out together in Emma's bed for a little bit before bedtime each night. Click on the photos below to see more…


Weekend at Mema's
We spent July 31 at Grandma Reed's house, before heading to a family reunion the next day. Watch them play (1.1 Mb video clip) or click on the photos below to see more…

Grandma and Emma play
Grandma and Emma play

Harley loved giving Jenna kisses
Harley says, "What? I'm a cool dude!"

At the 'Carp'
After a long time waiting, we finally got to go to the Muskie Lounge in Ventura for some of the best walleye and shrimp around. We love the place; Troy even has a nickname for it — the "Carp Cafe." Click on the photos below to see more…

The restaurant is on Clear Lake, so Emma and Grandma went out on the dock while we waited for our table.

Grandma says Emma splashed her while they were on the dock. ...Not our innocent little Emma. :-)

"Hurry up, Grandma!"

Emma doesn't get too far away from her "Meem"

Troy and Jenna enjoyed the nice night while waiting for our table

Jenna says, "Do I have to wear this dopey hat?"

"Come on, Mom. Please let me take it off."

"This hat really looks like a baby sombrero."

"If I can't take it off, I'll just blow bubbles."

Fun at the fair
Emma and Jenna made their first visits to the North Iowa Fair on July 31. It was a beautiful night with an even more spectaular sunset. Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma said, "I don't like that cow. He needs a barrette!" (No, I'm not kidding.)

Grandma Reed carries Jenna

Check out the beautiful sunset behind us

Emma had a great time at the fair... even if they didn't have a merry-go-round

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Emma's dance class
20 July 2004

Doing somersaults (she's gotten much better since this was taken; ha!) – 1.3 Mb

After class – 387k

Emma in car
20 July 2004

Hear Emma's rundown of the upcoming daycare picnic – 1.4 Mb

Why Jenna is naughty
23 July 2004

Find out why Emma thinks Jenna is naughty sometimes – 1.3 Mb

More of Emma's dance class
27 July 2004

(If Emma seems like she's not into class, it's because she was mad at me for stepping on her foot on the way into class. …Nobody said Mom's the smoothest!)

Clip 1 – 488k

Clip 2 – 489k

Clip 3 – 805k

Clip 4 – 806k

Grandma Reed plays with the girls
31 July 2004

Watch them play – 1.1Mb

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