August 2004

Hollatz family reunion
We travelled to Klemme, Iowa, on Aug. 1 for the Hollatz family reunion. The Hollatz family is my (Jami's) mom's mom's side of the family. It was great to see everyone. It was great to hear stories about my Grandma and Grandpa Reed and look at old photos.

It's still amazing to me how much my great aunts look like my Grandma. Another neat thing I noticed while at the reunion: the very slight German twang in the great aunt's speech. And if I look half as good at their age as they do, I'll be a very happy camper. :-) Click on the photos below to see more…

Jenna and Uncle Dan look equally excited to be there. I hope Dan didn't drool like Jenna did!

The Reed family. Look, Lanny... you made it on the website!! :-)

Jenna thinks her mom is goofy

...And gets a little camera shy

Everyone had fun looking at old photos

Jenna sleeps while we look at photos

Jenna's Great-Great Aunt, Stella Lemke, holds her


Some great old photos
Here are just a few of the neat photos that we got a chance to see at the reunion. To spare Jake and me, I didn't post the one of us helping celebrate Uncle Wilbur Hollatz's birthday when we were about eight and 12 years old. (Trust me, bro... you'll thank me for that one.) Note: The "high resolution" images are formatted for printing 4" x 6"; just save on a disk or CD and take to a digital photo lab to print. Click on the links below to see more…

My Great Grandpa Hollatz, I believe, on the farm | High resolution | Medium resolution |

My Grandma Reed in front of my Grandpa Reed's car. Now only a real woman can catch that many fish in a dress! | High resolution | Medium resolution |

My Grandma and Grandpa Reed. Do you think they liked to fish? :-) | High resolution | Medium resolution |

That's quite a catch, Grandma! | High resolution | Medium resolution |

My uncles Lanny (in the wagon) and Phil (the cool dude in the shades). Weren't they cute? | High resolution | Medium resolution |

My mom, Teri, when she was a cutie-patootie baby. Those of you who know her know she has straight hair, and I asked her where the curls in this photo came from. She said my grandma used to give her perms! ...She must have been an awfully patient baby to put up with that. :-)
| High resolution | Medium resolution |

Grandma Reed on another fishing trip, at Lake Kapatogama | High resolution | Medium resolution |


Jenna's three months old
Jenna was three months old on Aug. 12. She's getting so big! Click on the photos below to see more…

Our big girl

Both our big girls

Jenna — A girl and her thumb!
Jenna found her thumb this month. She loves to "work" on her thumb, especially with her hand on the back of her head. (See photo below.) Her teacher said that she can't swaddle Jen any more, because Jenna gets mad if her hands are in the blankets and she can't suck her thumb! :-) Click on the photos below to see more…


Littlest hands on the farm
The Iowa State Fair has a great new "Little Hands on the Farm" activity. It helps give kids a better idea of what farming is all about. Emma went through the exhibit on our first visit to the fair on Aug. 13. (Okay, she went half-way through it before she had to leave because she had to go potty. Ha!) Click on the photos below to see more…

Emma starts to realize that farming is hard work

Emma looking awfully cute sporting her Pioneer hat

Emma plants a seed; she chose to plant a potato

Emma working on planting her potato seed

Emma liked digging in the dirt, just like Grandma Reed!

Emma "harvests" the vegetables she planted

Looks like Emma's a pretty good farmer; she had lots of produce!


"Still the One"
This was the year of the Iowa State Fair in our house, and across Iowa as the fair celebrated its 150th anniversary. Part of my job responsibilities include planning our state fair presence, and working at our park at the fair. Because of that, I was out at the fair eight of the 11 days. Wow, talk about being "fair'ed out!" We also made a couple trips as a family to the fair. Emma loved the Sky Glider and all the great food! Click on the photos below to see more…

Here we are Farm Bureau Park at the state fair, Jami's home-away-from-home for the run of the fair

Here's a shot of the Grand Concourse from the Sky Glider

Another Grand Concourse shot

Troy and Emma on the Sky Glider during our first visit to the fair this year

Emma on the Sky Glider; check out the reflection in her glasses!

Can you tell by Emma's smile that she loves the Sky Glider?

Hold on tight, Emma!

Jenna's not sure she wants a kiss from Emma

The many faces of Jenna at the fair... Inquisitive...



...Deep in thought


"Hey, Dad; why can't I have a turkey leg?"

Jami and Emma

Emma and Troy outside of Grandfather's Farm, a neat area at the fair that has horses, goats, ducks, kittens and lots of other animals

Emma liked the baby chicks at Grandfather's Farm

"Mom, can we take one of these kitties home?"

Jenna takes a little meal break at the fair

Jenna says, "Can I have my bottle on a stick, just like all the other food at the fair?" :-)

Jenna with Dad at the Pork Producers tent; Troy and Emma loved the barbeque pork sandwiches

Jenna looks around for her pork chop on a stick

"Wow, spending the day at the fair sure does tire you out!"


Hey, smiley!
Jenna has a great smile! Click on the photos below to see more…


Like father, like daughter(s)
Click on the photos below to see more…

Troy and Jenna showing off their bellies

"Whoa? Do I look like Dad, or what?"

Emma and Jenna get silly with Troy

Two silly girls

Family photos
Here we are on Aug. 21. Click on the photos below to see more…

Joe wasn't sure he wanted his photo taken

Jami and the girls

Emma moves on up
Emma got to move to the Big Wheel room at school on Aug. 23. She was very happy to be with her best friend, Madisen, again. Click on the photo below to see more…


Jenna loves her cereal!
Jenna got to start eating cereal on Aug. 28. She loves it! Click on the photos below to see more…

"Whoa! This stuff is great!"

"How much of this can I get on my bib?"

"Even covered in cereal, I'm pretty cute."

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