October 2004

Happy Halloween
The girls had a great Halloween! They went to Living History Farm's cool Halloween celebration and got a lifetime supply of candy trick-or-treating with their school at Farm Bureau. Emma and I braved the elements (okay, 40-degree weather) and went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood.

All of us after the girls finished trick-or-treating at Farm Bureau

Jenna was Cinderella

Jami and her little princess

Emma was Dora the Explorer

Swiper even came along for the ride. I hope he didn't steal to much candy. :-)

Emma was a little overwhelmed by the hundreds of people who were there handing out candy.

All of usat Living History Farm's Halloween. The girls' regular costumes wouldn't have cut it outside, because it was cold, so Emma was a fairy princess, and Jen was a cat.

Emma and Jenna at Living History Farms


Sweet Home Chicago
Troy and the girls — and even Joe — came along while I went to some training in Chicago.

Troy and Emma at a pit stop in Coralville for lunch

Jenna was happy, even if she didn't get to ride the carousel

Troy took the girls to the DuPage Children's Museum in Chicago. Emma had a great time!

The museum had lots of neat activities. Emma loved playing in the cool Light Bright-like, black light display.

Is it a radioactive baby? Nope, just Jen in the cool black light display at the museum.

Emma focused pretty hard on driving the boat at the museum


Jenna's a cutie
…And, no, we're not biased. :-)

"Hey, why is this sun thing shining in my face?"

Jenna having some fun after a bath


Girls just want to have fun

Jenna loves playing in her exersaucer

Jami and Jenna on Oct. 12, when Jenna turned five months old.

Think Emma liked her ice cream cone?


A visit from Grandma
Grandma Reed came to see the girls at their school on Oct. 8.

"Meem" loves her girls

The future artist
Emma entered a Halloween coloring contest and won second place in her age group. We always knew she was very talented! :-)

Pumpkin pie
Here are Emma and Jenna on Oct. 5. Click on the photos below to see more…

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