November 2004

Home sweet home
We will be moving Dec. 3-4 to our brand new home in West Des Moines.


Our new house on Oct. 17, the day after we made an offer on the house. There will be stone on the front of the house.

Our new house on Nov. 20. The lot has been graded, the pillars have been added, the deck is done, and most of the work inside the house is done.

The back of the house.

Our back yard backs up against a trail, which leads to park. The park is about half a block away in the middle of our block.

Troy and Emma in the "hearth room" of our new house on Nov. 13, when we got to go in our house for a little bit to check everything out.

The kitchen, on Nov. 13, minus countertops, appliances and the center island.

The girls are excited about their new house. Emma's only concern was that she wasn't going to be able to take her toys with her; she thought they had to stay at our current house. :-)

Emma looks up from the foyer to the second level.

Emma in her new room

Troy in the hearth room/living room area.

A close-up of the park that will be in our backyard.

Happy Thanksgiving
We went to Fort Dodge for Thanskgiving, to spend the afternoon with the Reed family. It was great to see everyone. Emma loved playing, and Jenna had fun showing everyone how she can get up on all fours and rock back and forth. (Mom and Dad aren't quite ready for this crawling business, yet.)

Emma loved playing with her cousin, Brooklyn

Emma liked playing with all the Beanie Babies, too

Big smiles from Emma

The girls actually sat still long enough for a photo with Grandma Reed and her friend, Dave

Jenna wonders what the other Reed guys are all looking at

Jenna LOVED playing with her Uncle Jake

Jenna says she might even like playing with her uncle better than her new Tigger toy. :-)

Jami's cousin, Matt, gets in some last-minute baby practice watching Jenna. He and his wife, Jenny, are expecting their first baby March 1.

The girls get a big hug from Grandma

All that playing tired Jenna out!


School photos
Emma and Jenna had school photos taken on Nov. 8.

High-resolution version for printing (8" x 10", 300 dpi)

High-resolution version for printing (8" x 10", 300 dpi)

High-resolution version for printing (8" x 10", 300 dpi)

High-resolution version for printing (8" x 10", 300 dpi)

High-resolution version for printing (8" x 10", 300 dpi)


Jenna's a big girl
Jenna turned six months old on Nov. 12. She weighed 17 pounds, 14 ounces at her check-up, which put her in the 85th percentile for weight. She was 27 3/4" tall, which was off the charts, at about the 110th percentile.

Troy and the girls on Nov. 12, when Jen turned six months old

Emma and Jenna ham it up

Jenna can sit up now. Here she is sitting up with her new favorite toy — her Tigger!


Why dogs hate squirrels
…As if there was any question!

This squirrel tormented Joe in our backyard for half an hour, before I finally drug him inside

They chased eachother around the tree

Joe wonders if he can climb the tree

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