December 2004

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas
We had a great, laid-back Christmas Day.

Jenna and Emma on Christmas morning with the presents Santa brought

"Can we get the pictures over already with so we can open presents?"

Emma "helps" Jenna open her present

"Who needs presents when you've got a thumb?"

Emma and her stocking

Jenna and her stocking

Jen was a lot happier on Christmas after a nap

"Why play on top of this thing? It's a lot more fun to crawl underneath!"

T'was the night before Christmas...
Our Christmas Eve.

The girls in front of all the presents. Jen liked the bows best!

Emma opens her present, and Joe waits for his present. What's Jenna doing? ...Working on a bow of course!

"Man, I can't get enough of these bows! Who needs presents?"

Who wrapped up the baby?

Emma, Daddy's supposed to be surprised, not you!

Emma and Brooklyn
Emma is always happy when she gets to see her cousin Brooklyn. They had a great time on Christmas Eve day playing at the McDonald's playland in Mason City.

Two happy — and tired — girls

Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother's house we go...
We had a great Christmas at "Mema" Reed's house on Dec. 23.

"Hey, give ME some of those!" Jen had her first real "big girl" (non-baby) food — mashed potatoes. No big surprise here – she loved it!

"Man, if I had bigger hands, I could get more of these potatoes in my mouth!"

"I wonder if I can eat the plate, too?"

Emma loved the new Cabbage Patch Kid she got from Uncle Jake. She named her Toni, and she sleeps with her every night.

"Hey, Uncle Jake's lips might make a good toy..."

"Maybe if I just try a little harder..."

Troy and Joe relax

Jenna and Grandma Reed have some giggle time

All giggled out!

Emma and Brooklyn clown around with Jake

Smile pretty!
Jen did great for her photos on Dec. 27.

Maifeld Christmas
We went to Humboldt on Dec. 19 to celebrate Christmas with the Maifelds.

Emma and Troy waiting for Grandma and Grandpa Maifeld

"Don't tell anyone I don't have my permit yet..."

"...I'm an excellent driver..."

The girls with Troy and Snookie. Jen doesn't know what to think of a dog that small! :-)

Jenna liked opening presents

"Forget presents, just give me paper!"

All the Maifeld cousins... who had a hard time figuring out which camera to look at!

Troy and Jenna with Troy's brother, Tim, and his son, Ben... Think these two look like their daddies? :-)

A $1.5 million home a block from our house burned to the ground on Dec. 19. Fortunately, no one was injured, but the house was a total loss.

Home sweet home
We got sod Dec. 17... and were the last house of the year to get it. Our dog, Joe, was very glad! :-)

These two girls had fun in the tub!

Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa (aka, our real estate agent Joe Scirotta) stopped by our house on Dec. 18 to visit the girls. As soon as he left, Emma asked, "Was that Joe?" Nothing gets by that girl!

Emma didn't like "Santa," but Jenna didn't care... he gave her a candy cane, and she loved it!

Seven month photos
Jenna was seven months old Dec. 12. She's now scooting/crawling and getting into everything! Emma also started ballet/tap class with her friend Madisen. Here are photos of Emma and Jenna before Emma's class.

Emma and Jenna by Emma's Christmas tree, which she loved decorating herself.

Muddy mess
Troy thought it would be a good idea to take Emma to one of our development's private parks... but Mother Nature had other plans! Emma's wanted to go play at these parks since before we moved in, and it's hard for her to wait, since one is in our backyard and the other is half a block away. Anyway, she and Troy made it... with a slight stroller casualty!

Emma had a good time

She loved playing

It was very wet and muddy, and the stroller didn't fare too well on the outing!

Christmas program
Emma did a great job at her school's Christmas program on Dec. 10. Jenna was supposed to be a "greeter," but a case of the stomach flu kept her side-lined.

All dressed up and ready to go!

Emma and mom

Emma in front of her tree at school.. No stage fright — yet!

Jami, Jenna and Troy wait for the program

Jenna was a trooper, even though she didn't feel well

Emma and her class were reindeer. They sang "Reindeer Hokey Pokey," "I'm a Little Snowman," and "10 Silly Reindeer"

Dance fever
Troy and the girls took a break from unpacking the mountains of cardboard boxes for a little fun.

"Who says you can't dance in an ExerSaucer?"

Sleepy baby
Looks like move week was hard on Jenna!

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