Emma turns four, Jen gets teeth, family fun, and two happy girls
Lots of fun on the Fourth, a great picnic, Emma learns to swim, Jen's first haircut, picture day, a day at Adventureland, braces are off, engineers at play, and more
A fun waterpark getaway, play time at Chuck E. Cheese, a happy valentine's day, and two cute sisters

Puppy-sitting and the park, fun at the state fair, Frisbee play, Jen walking and baby "attitude."

Easter fun, a great photo session, family time, playtime fun, a great day for golf and the park, Jenna in the news, some fun in the tub, proof our littlest girl is getting big, and more
A cool circus, visits to the science center and zoo, swimming, a Minneapolis getaway, cuties and more
A trip to the zoo, family time, horseback riding, and some great smiles
Visits to pumpkin patches and tree farm, lots of trick-or-treating, and lots of other cute photos
Fun in Florida, a great field trip, Jenna's first birthday, playing outside, Jenna makes a mess, and other cute photos
Emma loves gymnastics, Thanksgiving, fun with food and not-so-smiley girls
Fun in the sun, cute puppies, a visit to Clear Lake, Jenna's new "habit," the girls go swimming, Jenna's full of beans, a trip to the beach, and more
Christmas, coloring contest winner, silly girls, fun in the snow, playing at the ball, bowling, getting some excercise, and some new traditions



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