January 2005

Family time

Emma loves to play Legos, especially with her Poppy. Troy's glad he can finally put those mechanical engineering classes to good use!

Jen thinks Legos are pretty cool, too!

Emma and Jenna love to play on the indoor playgrounds at Merle Hay Mall (here) and Jordan Creek Town Center.

Any doubt that Jenna's a ham?

Birthday girl
Emma turned four on Jan. 16. We can't believe she's already four, and she can't believe she's ONLY four. (She seems to think that, in our house, four-year-olds are on equal footing with the parents. She has a pretty serious attitude, which I'm sure didn't come from me... Ha!) Emma had a great birthday party with her friends; they had a blast at Urbandale Dance and Gymnastics, which is also where Emma takes her dance classes.

Check out her special birthday party page to see all the birthday fun she had.

Emma and her birthday "cake"

Jenna turns 2/3
Jenna was eight months old on Jan. 12.
Jenna continues to be her laid-back self. She's now crawling — fast — and "Jenna... No, no!" seems to be entering more and more into our vocabulary! She really likes getting into plants, especially pulling off leaves and digging in dirt, playing in Joe's water dish, and pulling herself up on our humidifier. Jenna also had her first two teeth come in within the past two weeks, which means she now gets to eat (and LOVES) "real" food.

Jenna's first tooth popping through her gums

Jenna loves to crawl

She likes to try to keep up with her big sister and Joe

"Want to know what I REALLY think?"

Two happy girls

Is there a baby in there?
Jen loves to play with toys... can you tell?

Our budding artist
Emma won a prize in the North Iowa Community Credit Union coloring contest for two Christmas pictures she colored. Mema Reed (who just happens to be Vice President there) swears it wasn't rigged. :-) Regardless, Emma loves the prize she won, a great big, super soft bear she named Queenie.

Emma loves Queenie

Happy holidays from the Maifelds
We hope you all had a happy holiday season! December was crazy for us, as we dealt with moving, Christmas... and bouts of the stomach flu, colds and an eye infection!

The highlight of our year was the arrival of Jenna Lynne on May 12. She is such an amazing addition to our family! She is a very happy, laid-back seven-month-old now. She loves to smile and coo, play with toys, figure out ways to get where she needs to go, chew on anything she can, cuddle, and EAT!! Our lives are definitely busier with two little girls, but we can't imagine what we did without her.

Emma will be four in a few weeks. This year she's learned how to write her letters and her name, and is reading some basic words. She loves to color, her ballet/tap dance class, playing with her friends, being silly, reading, pretending, going to the park, and, her new favorite, bossing her sister around... or trying to, anyway. :-)

After being here almost three weeks, we are finally starting to settle into our new house. Moving in December meant a few things had to slide... which is why you're reading our Christmas greetings online instead of on paper! We have our Christmas tree up (better late than never), finally got sod last week (which our dog, Joe, was very thankful for), our fence is being installed, and got almost everything unpacked. It seems like for everything we get done, there are two more things that pop up to do. ...I'm not sure that ever changes, though. It's nice to be in our new home for Christmas.

Troy and I are pretty much up to the same things. Troy is still working on the server team at Wells Fargo Financial, and I am still working in marketing at Farm Bureau. In our free time we enjoy... oh, yeah... we pretty much said goodbye to free time when Jenna was born! And we are enjoying every busy minute of our very busy lives!

Check out our 2004 pages, for our year in review.

We wish you all the best this holiday season and in 2005!!

~Troy, Jami, Emma, Jenna and Joe

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