February 2005

"Where a kid can be a kid…"
Four-year-olds have a lot of steam that needs to be burned off, and Chuck E. Cheese's is a great place to do it! We spent the afternoon of Feb. 26 there.

Emma was very brave and actually went in the climbing tubes and slide all by herself.

Then she went down the slide again… and again… and again… and again!

Emma liked teeter-tottering with Chuck E. Cheese.

She thinks this ride is pretty cool, kind of like your own rocket ship.

One happy astronaut!

Emma even let Jenna go on a few rides with her, like the Bob the Builder ride here.

Jenna really liked Barney.

The girls on the firetruck ride.

Jen wasn't so sure about the dragon ride at first…

…But then she liked it.

Crazy girls

Who would have thought that two little girls can make such huge messes in their toyroom!

Jen looked pretty cute in her hat and outfit

Sleeping beauty

Jenna was cuddling with her Tigger during one of her naps…

…But she didn't think having her photo taken was as good of an idea as Mom and Dad did!

Happy Valentine's Day!
The girls both had a great Valentine's Day! Jenna especially thought her first Valentine's Day was pretty cool. She thinks any holiday where you get food is a good one!

Jenna turned nine months old two days before Valentine's Day. She didn't get any new teeth this month, but is pulling herself up and telling lots of "stories." (Some people might call it babbling, but we understand every word… Well, maybe! Ha!)

Jen has a new "trick," too... stealing binkies! If she sees a binkie (aka, pacifier) on the floor at school -- or even in one of her friends' mouths -- she crawls over as fast as she can, steals it... and puts it in her mouth! This is the kid who wanted absolutely nothing to do with a pacifier when she was an infant! She can crawl really fast now when she wants to, which she has to do to keep up with Emma and Joe!

Here are the girls on Valentine's Day.

Silly sisters!

Jenna says, "I'll sit by her if I have to for the photo, but that's it!"

Jenna and her friend, Ronnie, at school. A few minutes after this picture, she crawled over and stole Ronnie's binkie (pacifier). She put it right in her mouth, even though it was still attached to his shirt! Her teacher says that Jenna loves to go on "binkie patrol." She's very serious -- and very fast -- about her "job." :-)

A happy Valentine's baby!

Splish, splash!
We took a Valentine's weekend trip to stay at the Holiday Inn in the Amana Colonies, which has a cool new indoor waterpark. The girls had a great time (surprise, surprise) and played at the waterpark for two and a half hours! All of our favorite was the cool vortex pool they have, which spins you around in circles. Needless to say, everyone slept well that night!

The girls waiting patiently to go to the waterpark

Emma was pretty cautious at the waterpark. Jen showed her true "wild-child" side... can you tell? :-)

"Who's calling me a wild child?"

Jenna was a true tadpole in the water and had NO FEAR of the geysers, water spray, water slides... or anything else!

She eventually crawled onto this geyser

Troy even braved the huge bucket of water that dumped hundreds of gallons of water every few minutes

Emma loved jumping on this netting; Jen loved trying to crawl on it

Getting some last-minute fun in; notice that the bucket just dumped a ton of water in the background

Does this look like a happy water baby, or what?!?!

Silly sisters

Jen thinks the coconut bra Grandma Reed got Emma in Hawaii is pretty funny!!

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