March 2005

The girls had a great time Easter morning. Emma woke up around 6 a.m. and snuck downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny brought… and then took stuff out of Jenna's basket that she wanted and put it in hers!

Emma playing with some of the fun stuff the Easter Bunny brought. The Easter Bunny brought the girls mostly toys, instead of candy… which was just fine with Mom and Dad!

Jenna got a cool car that converts to a walker.

"How do you change the oil on this thing?"

Jenna playing with some of the cool toys she got.

Picture time!
The girls had their photos taken at Portrait Innovations on March 26. They turned out great!

Egg hunt
The girls went to their school's egg hunt on March 23. They had a good time and got lots of candy and goodies.

Dad and the girls before the hunt.

"Who needs candy when I have my Easter basket?"

Emma and her friend Madisen wait for the hunt to start.

Emma picks up some eggs.

Mom and the girls finish the hunt.

Jenna got eggs in her basket, too.

She didn't care about the candy, though; she liked the plastic eggs best of all!

"Can I fit this whole thing in my mouth?"

Reed get-together
The Reed family had a pre-Easter get-together at our house on March 19. It was great to see everyone… and meet baby Cora!

Like mother, like daughter: my cousin Dani and aunt Pat

Emma and Jenna thought they were pretty cool playing with Dani's daughters Courtney and Carley. The girls even had an egg hunt in the basement later in the day.

Grandma Reed and Jen

Harley takes a little rest.

Joe had a great time; he found new people to play ball with!

Spring is just around the corner
It might not be official for a few more days, but we all know spring is just about here!

Jenna's 10 months old
Jenna turned 10 months old on March 12. That following week, she started "visiting" the next room at school. What a big girl! She also learned to clap this month, and gets so excited when she does it! Her third tooth (an eye tooth on the top) is just about through, so pizza will be on her menu soon! :-) She isn't walking yet, but is pulling herself up and pushing things around while standing up. (The other day at school, she was using one of the high chairs as a walker.) So, unfortunately, I think our little peanut will be walking soon.

Just because I'm getting big doesn't mean I can't suck my thumb any more! ;-)

"Are we cute, or what?"

The girls love to take baths together.

The wooly mammoth

Joe, pre-Spring haircut

Jenna's playtime

Jen loves to pull herself up on stuff and play standing up now. She just has one problem…

…She doesn't know how to get down and gets "stuck" standing up until we come rescue her! :-)

Jen's new "trick"
Jenna figured out how to cross her fingers early this month, and now does it quite a bit. It's pretty cute! I guess she's hoping really hard that the Easter Bunny brings her some great stuff for her basket. :-)

In the news
Jenna's photo was on the front page of the Business section of the Sunday, March 6 Des Moines Register newspaper. The article focused on companies offering on-site daycare. The photo may not win Jenna any "cutest baby" contests (she was sick at the time), but it was pretty cool, none the less. Click here to see the online version of the article…

Screen capture of the online version of the article.

Jen's photo from the Des Moines Register.

The weather was absolutely phenomenal on March 6 — an amazing 74 degrees outside! So, we headed out for a fun afternoon outside. First stop, a few golf lessons for Emma at the driving range and putting green.

Jen was happy just to be outside.

The girls at the range

"I LOVE being outside!"

What's more fun? Actually golfing, or just picking out the balls? :-)

Emma is a lefty, but the clubs Troy got her when she was little (and before we knew she was left-handed) are not lefty clubs. She was a trooper anyway and tried her best.

"Wow, Dad! Look at how far that went!"

Emma had a good time golfing... for a few minutes anyway. (A four-year-old's attention span doesn't last very long!)

Then, Emma and Troy moved on to putting practice.

Check out Emma's stellar "raking the grass with my putter" form... tongue out and all!

This was about the point when Emma decided it was more fun -- and easier -- just to throw the ball. I can't say I blame her, and, actually, I think that's a sign of intelligence that she figured that out so soon! :-)

A walk in the park
After golfing, we spent time playing at a great park in West Des Moines. Jenna loved it! It was the first time she was big enough – and the weather was nice enough – for her to play outside. Her favorite thing, by far, was swinging.

Jenna had a great time swinging. What a big girl!

Emma like swinging, too.

"Come on, Dad! I'm big enough for an underdog push!"

Two crazy girls!

Jen even got to crawl on some of the playground equipment.

"Hey, who put me in jail?"

Emma loves to ride on this motorcycle… let's hope that in a few years she doesn't want a sport bike like Dad had.

Jen liked swinging with Dad best of all!

Play time
The girls always have a good time playing in the toy room. Amazingly, they are both good about playing together… for now! :-)

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