April 2005

Fun at the zoo
On March 17, we went to the Henry Doorly Zoo, which is always a fun place to visit. This visit was extra special, because we got to see baby tigers and a baby gorilla!

Troy and Emma in front of the carousel

Troy and Emma going for a ride

Jenna waited patiently while Troy and Emma were riding the carousel

The zoo's new baby gorilla. Emma thought it was cool that she got rocked and got bottles of formula, just like a "real baby."

Jami and the girls at the cool new gorilla exhibit. Can you tell the girls didn't want to sit still for the picture?

All of us at the gorilla exhibit. The girls weren't any more excited about photos for this one, either.

One of the new tiger cubs at the zoo. Emma was really concerned about the mom, who only has three legs. It took us about a week to convince her that the mom was fine, and could stand and walk just like a normal tiger.

The jellyfish are always fun to check out.

Can you tell the girls were tired by the end of the day?

Jenna is 11 months old
Jenna turned 11 months on April 12. She had 4 1/2 teeth, and is really good at saying "dada" and "Bubba" (her nickname). No "mama" yet!

"What? I'm not doing anything wrong!"

Get by with a little help from your friends
Emma's friend, Madisen, came over to play, and they had a blast!

Emma's and Madisen's class photo was taken in April, too.


Emma's outfit for "cowboy day" at school. Knowing her, there was no doubt that it would be all orange.

Jenna crawled around for quite a while with the blanket Emma put on her.

Some of Emma's big smiles

Horsing around
Emma got to ride a horse for the first time at her friend Lindsay's birthday party on April 2.

Jenna, Emma and her friend Madisen had fun at the party

Jami with all the girls

It took Emma a while to decide to go for a horse ride, but she liked it when she finally went.

Jenna waited with Madisen and her mom, Julie, while Emma went on the horse

Troy and the girls

Troy and Jenna ham it up

Dinner time
We met Jami's mom, brother and niece at Hickory Park in Ames for a late Easter dinner on April 2.

Brooklyn, Emma and Grandma Reed were very silly! You certainly can't tell, huh? :-)

Jami and Jake

Jenna kept busy eating Cheerios

Jenna loved the cool Glo-Worm that Uncle Jake got her. She sleeps with it every night.

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