May 2005

(National Lampoon's) Vacation
We took a quick trip to Orlando, Fla., from May 31-June 3. Okay, so we flew the tribe cross-country instead of taking the Family Truckster, and we took Grandma Reed instead of Aunt Edna (a decided improvement!), but we still had our fair share of "Vacation"-type moments. :-)

Grandma Reed and the girls waiting at the airport before we left Des Moines.

The first day we were there, we went to Disney MGM Studios. Like all the Disney parks, there is a lot to see there. Here are Troy and Emma outside the Star Tours Star Wars ride. Troy, Emma and I went on it. Emma's verdict? "I didn't like that ride. It was a little scary."

All of us at MGM. We also went on the backlot tour, went to Muppet Vision 3-D, went on the Great Movie Ride, saw the really cool Disney Stars and Motor Cars parade (Emma's favorite), and spent about three hours walking around trying to find food. (One of our many "Vacation" moments.)

We got to see lots of characters, which was Emma's favorite part of the whole trip… as long as they didn't get too close! Emma wanted to meet Mike and Sully (from Monsters, Inc.) with us, here, but completely freaked out when she got within about 15 feet of Sully.

Here we are waiting for the parade at MGM. Jenna's thinking, "How long are we going to have to wait for this stinkin' parade, anyway?"

Aladdin and Jasmine in the parade. Emma loved seeing the all the characters (except when Pinochio tried to shake her hand and she screamed), but the princesses were her favorite! She also got to see Ariel (from the Little Mermaid), Mulan, Snow White (who blew Emma a kiss – which she thought was REALLY COOL), and more.

Jo Jo (from Jo Jo's Circus), Roly Poly Olie, and Bear in the Big Blue House were in the parade, too.

Here are the Muppets – Miss Piggy and Kermit – in the parade.

There were even Star Wars characters in the parade, like R2D2…

…And Luke Skywalker and Darth Vadar.

Emma tries on the mouse ears Grandma got for her friend.

Jenna didn't like these mouse ears as well.

Busted, Emma!!! Here are the girls in the back seat on the way to do some shopping on our second day in Florida.

The second night we were in Orlando, we went to Universal Studios CityWalk.

All us girls, hamming it up at Universal.

Jenna loved just being outside.

Do you think Jenna was embarrassed to be with her mom wearing this wig? :-)

The third day we were in Orlando, we went to Sea World. Do we look happy to be there, or what? Ha!

Here is part of the Blue Horizons dolphin and whale show. It was really cool! We also went to the sea lion and otter show.

Emma even got brave enough to touch a sea turtle shell. Troy got even braver in the afternoon and went on the Kraken roller coaster!

Grandma and Emma loved looking at the Budweiser Clydesdales at Sea World.

Here's the crew waiting for the Shamu show. Just don't ask what Jenna was drinking; it was a long day and it looks like she stopped by the Budweiser hospitality area on the way to the show! :-)

The killer whales showing some of their tricks. Emma refused to believe us that this was Shamu. She told us about 50 times, "Shamu is a DOLPHIN! These are killer whales!!!" Some arguments you're just not going to win!

The girls visit the Sea World gift shop before we left.

Sea World was a blast. From the sharks, penguins and sea turtles to Shamu's Happy Harbor kids area and lots more, we all had a great time! Well, until we lost our car in the parking lot when we left and spent half an hour looking for it… very Seinfeld.

Pretty as a picture
Here we are, looking especially snazzy, before church one day.

Grandma Reed and the girls.

Jenna was ready to roll!

The Big Wheels' day at the zoo
Emma went with her class to Blank Park Zoo on May 17.

Emma (back row, third from the left), with her class, at the zoo.

The Big Wheels had fun at the petting zoo, too. (Miss Diva Emma is in the back, right, with the sunglasses on.)

Fun at the park
The trail to the park behind our house was finished in May, which makes it much easier to get to the park… especially for the girls.

Emma's new bike is decked out with a basket and horn "to tell the cars to GET OUT OF MY WAY!" I guess road rage starts early!

Jenna loves being outside.

It was pretty cold this day at the park. Can you tell by Troy's hood? :-)

On the way home from the park.

Jenna's first birthday
Jenna turned one on May 12. She has six teeth now, and can say almost as many words. Well, in her mind, I'm sure she knows lots more… we just don't understand them all, yet! Even though she can't walk yet, she's amazing at climbing. When we were in Orlando, she climbed to the top of the McDonald's Playland we went to (which was the largest in the world)… all by herself!

Emma with Jenna on her first birthday.

Do I look happy here? I was, especially remembering that one year ago at this time, I was in labor! :-)

Jenna, just after finishing the birthday snacks she brought to school – donut holes! She loved them, as you can tell by looking at her tray.

Jen's birthday cake – the "before" picture.

Jen started out slowly digging into her cake.

But before long, she started building up steam in devouring her cake!

"Hey, this is better than Play-Doh!"

"What? ME? Make a mess?!?!"

"Too bad birthdays only come once a year! I could get used to this!"

At the park
Troy and Emma took a bike ride to the park behind our house.

Troy and Emma taking the trail back from the park.

Joe meets them at the fence.

"Am I a big girl on my bike, or what?!"

The littlest dirt devil
Jen thought she'd help out with a little gardening. That dirt was just a little too tempting to her!

"What a nice little plant! That dirt is sure fun to play with!"

"Uh, oh! They caught me."

"How can they get mad at me when I'm this cute?!?!"

"I'd better get out of here before they figure out what's going on!"

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