June 2005

Beach bums
We spent an evening at Raccoon River Park. We had a picnic, then thought the girls could play on the beach, while Joe went swimming. Well, Jenna had other plans!

Everything started out great. Joe was just kind of checking out the water, and the girls were playing nicely on the beach.

Joe loved the water.

Emma loved playing in the sand.

Then Joe decided it would be more fun to play "tug" with the swimming area buoys than to swim himself.

He tugged…

…And tugged. In the process of trying to get him to stop that, we looked down and…

…Jenna was crawling toward the water. I guess she thought it would be more fun to be in the water than play in the sand.

She had a good time… Leather shoes and all!!

Emma was a trooper, and just kept playing in the sand.

Joe finally did go swimming, and loved it.

We learned to bring sticks for him to fetch next time. He likes swimming after them in the water. Maybe that would keep him away from the buoys!

And Jenna eventually played in the sand, and made herself into a baby mud-pie!

Can you tell Emma didn't want to share her sand buckets with Jen? She had a very precise process down for sifting rocks from the sand! (Or, as she called the, "Skittles.")

Joe was really tired that night, and spent a lot of time resting!

Messy baby
Jenna decided that food is as fun to wear as it is to eat one night.

"I love making a mess!"

"I'm innocent, I swear! Just because I have beans rubbed in my hair doesn't mean anything; it's just circumstantial evidence!"

Joe was hoping more of it would land on the floor, than in Jen's hair! He loves to "clean up" her messes!

The girls had a great time swimming in their pool on June 19.

Jenna giggles every time Emma goes down the slide and splashes her.

What Grandma Reed would call a "French-cut" swim diaper, it's the baby version of a wedgie! :-)

The gift of gab
Jenna LOVES to "talk" on the phone. Cell phones, toy phones, real phones, she doesn't care. She just loves to hold them up to her head and talk. It's pretty funny! Here she was in action on June 16.

"Anyone remember the Pizza Hut number?"

Cutie Emma

Puppies, Part II
On June 15, Grandma Reed and Dave brought two of the puppies to meet a new family, who "adopted" one of the little girls. They named her Gracie, and she has an awesome life!

Emma with Grandma Reed and "Tiny Senior," the puppy that went back to Mason City. Aren't they all cute?

Silly Emma
Emma found these goofy orange glasses in some stuff of mine from when I was little that my mom sent with us. Orange is Emma's favorite color, so she had to wear them while she was coloring one morning. …Somebody please tell me I didn't wear those things when I was little! :-)

Does sticking out your tongue help you focus, Em? ;-)

Storm cloud
Here was an ominous-looking cloud on June 12.

On June 11, we spent the afternoon visiting Grandma Reed's friend Dave's puppies. We all thought they were pretty awesome! …Okay, so maybe Jen had some mixed opinions! :-) Anyway, the next day, Emma told us she wanted to go back and see the puppies. I don't blame her; I think they stole all our hearts!

The puppies loved Jenna and made a bee-line for her stroller. A couple even climbed in!

"Hey, I don't like sharing my stroller!!!"

Emma and Grandma Reed with one of the puppies

The puppies loved Troy, too.

The puppies just loved Jenna (or maybe it was her stroller), and didn't want to leave her alone.

Jen still wasn't sure what she thought of all these puppies.

One pup came up to see her, but she got kind of scared, so Jen went to hang out on Dave's deck… and away from the chaos! :-)

The puppies liked her so much, though, that they followed the stroller.

Jen was a lot happier up on the deck! And the puppies love going UNDER the deck. Here is one on its way out.

A visit to Clear Lake
We had a great meal – as always – at the Muskie Lounge in Ventura. While we were waiting outside for our table, Troy and the girls ventured out on the dock to take a look at Clear Lake.

Smile pretty?
The sunset on June 8 was absolutely spectacular. I thought it would be good to get a quick shot of Emma with the awesome sunset in the background. Well, she had other ideas!

I guess Emma thought it would be more fun to make goofy faces than smile for the picture!

Finally, she smiled!

The girls go swimming
We got a wading pool for Emma and Jenna on June 7. They LOVE playing it. Jenna giggles everytime that Emma goes down the slide – and splashes her!

Jenna's first swim day
Jenna's first swim day at school was June 7. She did okay for parts of it, but wasn't too sure about most of the swim time!

Happy baby!

"As long as I have something to chew on, then I'm not sad."

"Hey, what's this stuff?"

Jenna and some of her friends

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