July 2005

The girls love to play

Jenna and Emma love to play on the deck…

But they love playing in their toy house most of all! (And, yes, their house is right in the middle of our living room, in front of our fireplace. Why would it be anywhere else? Ha!)

The Maifeld Engineers
Emma and Troy have been spending a lot of time on their "building" projects — with Magnetix and Legos. It's pretty amazing what they've come up with!

Here they are with the Magnetix pyramids they built. We just got these, and Emma's awesome at building with them; Troy's not too shabby either. :-)

Here is the "college" they built, complete with a palm tree and merry-go-round on the roof… and Dora, Eeyore and Boots the Monkey!

After almost three and a half years, I finally got my braces off on July 26! It was a great day!


After (Thanks, Dr. Sturdivant!)


A trip to Adventureland

Even with the heat index nearing 110, we still had a great time at Adventureland on July 22.

Emma, by a beautiful bed of Zinnias

Jenna and Emma did pretty well on rides together… most of the time.

Jenna liked riding on the semi trucks

Troy was a trooper and went on the semi truck ride with the girls

Anyone else think Troy looked like he was taking this ride a little too seriously? ;-P

Troy and Jenna on the bumper cars

Emma liked the flying dragon ride

The girls had a great time on the boats

"Now which of the wheels do I steer with," Jen wonders

Emma loved riding on the snowmobiles with the sons of two of my co-workers

Troy loved the trucks so much, he went on again!

Little cuties

I swore I wouldn't give in, but Emma finally got her first pair of Crocs on July 19. Here she is right after getting them. She was SO excited; she even wanted to sleep with them on! She even took them in the bathtub with her to give them a bath when they got a little dirty! We had to go to six stores to find orange ones in her size, but after seeing how excited she got, maybe it was worth it.

Jenna's ALMOST walking… but always cute!

Picture day
Jenna had her photos take on July 17.

The baby mullet is gone
Jenna had her first "real" haircut on July 17 to get rid of the scraggly hair on the back of her head. Her baby mullet is gone, and now she has a cute bob.

Before… Business in the front — Party in the back.

Haircut in progress. And I was very careful not to get any hair in Jen's food! :-)



Emma's swimming lessons
Emma spent two weeks in July going to swim lessons every day. We were completely amazed at how far she came during her lessons. Before she started, she was very hesitant to even go IN the water; when she was done, she was jumping off the diving board! Her teacher was a miracle worker!

Emma and her teacher, Kathleen

Emma doing back floats

Emma jumping into the pool

Emma with her friends, waiting by the edge of the pool

Picnic time
On July 12, we went to the girls' daycare annual picnic. This year it was at Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines, which is an awesome park we love to go to. We all had a great time!

The park has cool fountains that spray from the ground that the girls both loved playing in

Emma and her friends, Brooke and Emma H., worked hard to make me a sand "cake" for my birthday, which was the next day

Emma was very focused on the "cake"

Jen loved playing in the sand so much, she decided to eat a mouthful…

…Then she decided the sand didn't taste so good!

Fun on the Fourth
We had a really great Fourth of July weekend. We went to two parades, and saw LOTS of fireworks. Our dog, Joe, even got to join in on the fun! On the Fourth, we went to the Windsor Heights parade, which was great! That night, we could see five fireworks displays from the back of our house… pretty cool stuff!

Jenna was ready for the parade, with her candy bucket!

Emma kept herself busy before the parade by coloring...

…and coloring!

Joe even got to go to the parade. He got a bunch of dog treats thrown to him from one of the floats, and another parade entry stopped to give him a bottle of water. Talk about the royal treatment!

Emma and I waiting for the parade

Troy and Joe hanging out at the parade

West Des Moines Independence Day parade
On July 3, we went to the West Des Moines Independence Day parade. After the parade, we came back to our house and had an awesome view of the fireworks display Jordan Creek Town Center had. It was great to just be able to sit on our porch and watch the fireworks!

Jen's ready for the parade! She loved being outside and watching the parade go by.

Emma was decked out in her Fourth of July gear for the parade.

Jen was pretty serious about something she saw in the parade.

Urbandale on the 2nd
On July 2nd, we went to Urbandale's Fourth of July celebration, and took the girls to the carnival.

Emma had a great time playing the park before going on the carnival rides.

She was always on the move; can you tell? ;-)

Jenna and I had fun, too, while Emma was playing.

This was Emma's favorite ride she went on… pretty scary for a four-year-old! :-)

Yankee Doodle Pops
Emma and I kicked off the Fourth of July weekend by heading to Yankee Doodle Pops, a performance by the Des Moines Symphony on the steps of the state capitol, followed by fireworks shot over the Des Moines skyline. We had a great time. The only problem? Around 100,000 other people were there, too, and it took us an hour to get out of downtown!

Emma loved her orange glow necklace and bracelet. I had one, too, but I "donated" mine to an awesome Brittany Spaniel sitting next to us named Gabe. Playing with him was our free entertainment before the fireworks started!

Part of the grand finale

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