August 2005

Temper tantrums
Who says you have to be two to have temper tantrums? Jen has perfected the art of the tantrum… at only 15 months! I'm sure this means she's very gifted. :-)

"Maybe if I cry really hard, they'll give me what I want."

"How can they resist this sad face?"

"Maybe pouting will work instead."

All better?

Stair 'stepper'
Jenna loves to climb upstairs, usually when we're not looking. :-) She's really fast at getting up there now, and loves to make messes in her room -- and her sister's!

Little Miss Innocent

Jen's walking!
Jenna took her first steps a few weeks ago, but really started walking the weekend of August 20. Here she is in action.

VIDEO: Watch Jen run around the house with Emma's shopping cart. She's a pretty crazy shopper! Ha! (Warning for non-DSL or cable modem visitors: These files are pretty large, around 1 MB a piece.)
Jen walking 1 | Jen walking 2 | Jen walking 3

Future shopper? :-)

Emma and Troy taught Joe to play Frisbee on August 27 with a Frisbee the girls got from the Huxley Prairie Festival parade earlier in the day.

Joe loved it; can you tell?

Troy showing Emma how to throw a Frisbee.

But Emma was happier trying to get the Frisbee back from Joe.

Joe wasn't so good at the "return" part of playing Frisbee. He just wanted to chew it up. :-)

Morning people?
Anyone else get the idea that the girls like mornings about as much as Troy and I do? :-)

Fun at the fair
We took advantage of a beautiful 70-degree day on Aug. 14 to visit the Iowa State Fair… along with over 100,000 of our fellow Iowans. Emma's favorites: 1. Fried cheese curds; 2. The giant slide; and 3. Strawberry lemonade slush. How long before "Bud Tent" is added to her list? :-) She also was very brave (for Emma) and petted a three-day-old piglet.

One of our first stops was Little Hands on the Farm, a fun area where kids pretend to be farmers and go through the whole production cycle – or as my Ag in the Classroom friends say, "field to fork." Emma especially loved this because she is convinced she's going to be a farmer when she grows up… specifically a dairy farmer. :-)

After the kids "harvest" their soybeans, they are "sold" to make bio-diesel, which the kids then use to "fuel" their tractors. Here's Emma putting some in her tractor. …Thank goodness we didn't have to pay $2.35 a gallon for this stuff, like we do our gas right now. :-)

Emma driving her tractor, with a little assist from dad. (Those of us who used to have one of these metal John Deere pedal tractors as a kid remember how heavy and hard to pedal they are.) This was one of her favorite things about the fair.

Jen's a cool dude in her Pioneer seed cap.

Troy and the girls at the end of Little Hands on the Farm, right before Emma got to sell her "crops" for money she got to use to shop in the grocery store at the exhibit.

"If I look really, really cute and innocent, can I have a BUNNY? Please? Can I? Can I!?!?"

"If I look really, really cute and innocent, can I have an ATV? Please? Can I? Can I!?!?"

"If we look really, really cute and innocent, can we have an EVEN BIGGER ATV? Please? Can we? Can we!?!?"

(Blatant plug: I won't cave for Emma and Troy on this one, but if YOU think this ATV is cool, you can be eligible to win it by joining the Iowa Farm Bureau during the run of the Iowa State Fair. Odds are great, and were about one in 125 last year!)

Troy's brainwashing of Emma towards green starts early! :-)

I pushed aside any fears of heights I had and went down the giant slide with Emma.

Emma and Jen both piled into bed to listen to Dad read a bedtime story on August 7.

A visit from Gracie-Girl
The first weekend in August, we puppy-sat Gracie, a very good puppy… but a puppy none-the-less. She kept us really busy.

Emma told us she wanted to be Gracie's mommy… until she saw how much work puppies were!

Anyone else think this may have been part of the reason Joe wasn't too jazzed about having her around? :-)

"Come on… You can't be mad at this face…

"Or this one…

"Or this one!"

Extreme closeup

We took Joe and Gracie swimming on Gracie's last day with us. They both had a great time.

Can you tell Gracie's a water dog? :-)

The girls hung out on the beach while the dogs swam.

Needless to say, Joe was really tired the night Gracie left.

More fun at the park
After we took the dogs swimming, we went to the playground at the park where the beach is and the girls played.

Jenna loves to swing.

Emma loves to swing really high.

"Hey, I'm tired. Can you just leave me alone?"

"Let me see if my toes are as fun to suck as my thumb…"

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