September 2005

The Maifelds take on Minneapolis
In late September, I went to Minneapolis for some training, and Troy and the girls came along for a quick getaway. We had a great time!

Our hotel was near the Mall of America, so we made several trips there. Here are Troy and Emma outside Bubba Gump Shrimp, where we ate.

The girls love Legos, so playing in Lego Land was their idea of nirvana. Here we are with the Lego version of Jango Fett. Unlike her mom, Emma knew right away that this was Jango and not Boba Fett! (Gee, how could I NOT know that? Ha!)

"No, I really wasn't just walking off with this Lego!"

"I'm still innocent…"

"You can't get more innocent than this!"

Emma even built a Lego car (see below), which she loved racing over… and over… and over… until she was devastated because it a little boy's car crashed into it and broke it.

Troy continued on his tour of Hard Rock Cafe's at the Minneapolis restaurant. If my memory is correct, this is #8 for Troy.

Inside the Hard Rock Cafe in Minneapolis.

Emma really got into the spirit of things at the Hard Rock Cafe and was a dancing fool. Here she is dancing to the Violent Femmes… in the bathroom stall!

Emma and I got a little silly with our fish faces going back from downtown on the Metro Transit train.

At the hotel

Jenna loved playing with Troy's cap

We also visited the Minnesota Zoo. There are tons of cool things to see there, but we really loved seeing the coral reef, dolphins and sharks.

Emma named this shark Puddles, a pretty appropriate name

Like the look of horror on Troy's face when he realizes that in about 10 years, Emma's going to want to start wearing shirts that show her tummy for real? ;-)

Jenna loved to color in the play area at the zoo… lizard costume and all!

The girls loved to dress up in their vet outfits

Jen loves playing with cell phones of any kind. Why should the zoo be any different?

Dr. Jenna on the run

Dr. Emma checking out the x-ray…

…and fixing the aardvark. Her diagnosis? A broken nose, of course. So she put a bandage on his nose to make him all better!

Emma liked riding the monorail at the zoo… and reminding us that we had to be quiet on the train!

Jenna loved the fact that she could see out both sides of the monorail… and go back and forth… and back and forth…

Troy and the girls go for a spin on the carousel at the Mall of America

We also got to see the taping of a Minnesota Vikings game-day show. The big guy, second from the right, is #52 for the Vikings, Keith Newman.

Troy and the girls get ready to go swimming

As Jen loves to say, "Uh-OH!!!"

Two crazy girls
The girls both love Dora the Explorer. (One of Jenna's first words, in fact, was "Dora!") I thought it might be cute to get a photo of both of them in the Dora shirts before school one day, especially since it was the first time Jenna had worn hers, and she was really excited. The girls, however, had other ideas, so that was much easier said than done. :-)

'I wanna be a cowGIRL!'
Emma created her own sassy version of a cowgirl outfit for "Dress like a Cowboy/girl" day at school.

Can you tell the girl likes orange? :-)

Jenna loves Dora
Jenna loves playing with dolls, especially her big sister's Dora doll. On September 20, she got out the girls' doll stroller, put Dora in it, and took her for a spin… all by herself! Not bad for a kid who had only been walking for a month. It was pretty cute.

A visit to the Science Center of Iowa
We took a day off on September 9 to take an "in-town" vacation. Our first stop: the new Science Center of Iowa. Troy and I were both really impressed. It's a great place to take kids, even as young as Jenna. And, we have to admit, Troy and I had a pretty darn good time, too! We got to watch experiments, learn more about amphibians (don't anyone tell my mom that I even touched a snake), go to the planetarium and lots more we didn't have time for. I was having awesome flashbacks to getting up early every morning when I was in middle school to watch Mr. Wizard's World. (Hey, I never said I wasn't a nerd!) The center was really cool and comes highly recommended from us!

Also cool: Jenna also stole the heart of a group of World War II vets who were there as part of their battalion reunion; that was awesome to see, too!

Troy and Emma worked on building a Lincoln Log cabin, and Jen tried to "help"

One of Jenna's favorite things was playing with these magnetic gears

Emma loved playing with the crane at the center. Jenna specialized in "destruction." :-)

Everyone loved playing with the air hockey table, even Jenna… who thought the pucks were pretty fun to just carry around!

Emma got pretty serious about air hockey!

We always knew Emma had a magnetic personality. :-)

One of our favorite things to play with was the huge peg board, where you could make impressions. We had a lot of fun with that.

The Maifeld "masterpiece" continued to evolve

Emma and my body imprints

"Help me! I have a crazy big sister who won't leave me alone!"

The center has several phenomenal play areas. We spent almost four hours there and easily could have stayed much longer. The girls had a great time playing!

Running away with the circus
The night of "in-town" vacation, after a great dinner at Ohana Steakhouse, we went to the Ringling Brother and Barnum and Bailey Circus, which was in town. It was great!

Troy and the girls at the show

Jenna with the blinking clown nose we got

Emma gives the blinking clown nose a try

The national anthem

The lions were a little tempermental during our show, so their act got cut short

Part of the grand finale

Troy and Jen after the circus

The 'Susan' gallery
Susan, one of my mom's best friends, told me never to forget to get some photos of myself with the girls… something she wished she'd done more of when her kids were little. Good advice, Susan… :-)


Here are the girls on September 6.

A visit to the zoo
We spent the morning of September 3 at Blank Park Zoo. As always, we had a great time!

The girls seemed more interested in something else, instead of having their picture taken. :-)

The giraffes were having a snack when we passed by, so we got a really close look at them

Emma was a little afraid of the giraffes at first…

…She still wasn't too sure about the giraffes, even when she was by Dad

After a while, though, she thought they were pretty cool

Not so scared now

Anyone get the idea the girls didn't want their photo taken with Mom? :-)

Why is Emma terrified? What scared her into a screaming fit, and to jump into Troy's arms? …Two of the most feared creatures in the entire zoo "escaped" and were on the dock with her… a "too close" 15 feet away!!! What were these fierce creatures???

…Two mallard ducks! Emma got really scared when they flew up on the dock to get some fish food pellets!

Before we left, we went for a ride on the zoo train. This was one of Emma's favorite things.

This is what happens when we stay at the zoo too long, and it's too close to nap time. (And, this is what happens when Jenna pulls Emma's hair and gets scolded for it!)

Splish, splash
The girls had a great time swimming in their pool after their morning at the zoo – and long naps! :-)

Emma told us she was "baking a cake" here!

Jenna loved playing with Boba Fett in the swimming pool

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The girls swimming
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Jenna's crazy walk

8 Sept. 2005

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