October 2005

Night Eyes
The Friday before Halloween, we took the girls to Night Eyes at Blank Park Zoo, which is the zoo's big Halloween event. It's a lot of fun, and the weather was great — which may have been why several thousand people had the same idea we did and were there, too. (It was exceptionally busy.)

Despite getting there right when the event started, we had to wait about 20 minutes in line outside… which the girls weren't too jazzed about. First Jenna had a tantrum…

…And she cried for about 10 minutes, for no apparent reason.

Jen's famous "I'm so sad – now let me have my way" face

Then Emma got mad about something. Gee, you can't tell by looking at this photo that she was upset, can you? :-)

A couple minutes later, our little smiley princess was back. (Don't tell me the mood swings have already started at four years old!?!?)

Our two little princesses

Jenna's favorite thing of the entire night was getting to swing. When she saw Emma swinging, she tried to climb out of her stroller and went crazy pointing to the swing and telling us (in her baby words) that she wanted to swing. She's definitely not shy about telling us what she wants! :-)

Trick or treat
The girls had a great time trick or treating on Beggar's Night. They liked seeing all the other kids' costumes, too.

Princess Cinderella is ready to go

Jenna was way too excited to have her photo taken

Jenna loved carrying around her trick-or-treat bucket. She spent most of the time carrying it like a purse! (No big surprise from the girly girl who loves shoes and anything that sparkles!)

Halloween parade
The highlight of the girls' Halloween is always their daycare parade. Emma got so much candy from all the employees in the building this year that it almost broke the handles on her candy bag, which was pretty big. The girls also liked showing off their costumes to all their friends… and their mom liked showing off her girls to all HER friends at work! :-)

Princess Cinderella Emma

Emma and her best friend, Madisen, were both Cinderella. Emma (who isn't exactly a morning person) wasn't too sure about having her picture taken with Madisen right away in the morning when we got to school, though.

Emma and a few of her friends, in their costumes

Emma and Madisen, with their teacher, Heidi, who was dressed as Mama Bear from "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

Fairy Jenna in her room before the parade. She loved her costume and was a big ham when she put it on at school.

The big show-off struts her stuff

"Don't leave, Mom! Maybe if I lay down on the floor and look really sad and cute, you won't have the heart to leave!"

Emma and her friends in the parade

"Trick or treat"

Jen was a little overwhelmed at first by all the people; looking up at hundreds of people is a little intimidating for anyone! But she did great.

Jenna hams it up during the parade. She thought she was pretty big stuff because she got to walk with one of her teachers, and most of the other kids in her room had to ride in strollers or wagons.

"Give me a hug, Daddy!" …Jen ran over to Troy and gave him a big hug when she saw him during the parade, but then was great about hopping back in and finishing the parade.

Emma and her friends at the end of the parade. Anyone notice how loaded those bags are with candy? :-)

The princess and the pumpkin
Emma turned her pumpkin into a princess pumpkin this Halloween. No big surprise, since Emma LOVES princesses!

Think pink
For our office Halloween celebration this year, I dressed as the University of Iowa's pink locker room. I won our costume competition… even if my family did think my costume was weird. :-) Read the story behind my costume

Family time
There's always enough time to be silly…

Joe was being a cuddle-dog, which usually lasts about…

…a grand total of 30 seconds. Can you see Joe looking for an "out"?

"The floor is much better!"

Troy and Emma doing upside-down "twirls"

Silly faces, after being silly with Daddy

It's the Great Pumpkin (Patch), Charlie Brown
We took a fun outing to the Howell Greenhouse, just southwest of West Des Moines, the first weekend in October. We'd never been there before, but it's really cool. They have a ton of fun play-things for the kids, from a corn "sand" box and pedal tractor track to bales of straw to play on and swings. Add to that animals, a corn maze, wagon ride, pumpkin patch and more, and you can see why we had such a great time.

Emma thought it was pretty cool to get a close-up look at the corn in the corn maze, which she'd never really seen before. We had to explain the difference to her between field corn and sweet corn, and what field corn is used for. She liked taking some of the kernels off the cob and feeling them in her hand.

Heading out of the corn maze

Emma picking out one of our pumpkins

Emma checking over the pumpkins again. She was very serious about getting just the right ones. Howell's pumpkin patch is about a block wide and over a quarter-mile long, so that made her work pretty difficult. :-)

Even though it was a little chilly in the morning, both girls really loved being outside.

Most of the wagons were pulled to the pumpkin patch and corn maze by vintage tractors, but one was pulled by horses. This one was Jen's favorite!

Emma with our pumpkins

Emma loved riding the crazy horse tire swing; Jenna wasn't so happy about it. She wanted to ride, too, and couldn't understand why she was too little to ride on this big one. (We did let her sit on it for a second or two after Emma was done, and she threw an "I may only be 17 months old, but I'm going to throw a temper tantrum like I'm two and rub my hands in the dirt, too" fit when she had to get off the swing.)

The girls with our pumpkins

Our littlest pumpkin

Finally! A swing for each of them. (And, for the record, Jen threw another huge fit when she had to get off this swing too. Gee, do you think she likes to swing?)

There was a cool pedal tractor track in the kids' play area, with several different pedal tractors… and one big bike. The tractors were really hard for the kids to pedal and steer, but Emma lucked out and got the neat bike. She made lots of loops on the track and didn't want to stop!

There are lots of animals at Howells', including this cool Border Collie Emma called Bingo. He liked "herding" our dog Joe, putting him in his place. Joe didn't even seem to notice, though. Joe also met a cool Australian Shepherd dog and a cat. He was so excited to be there, he couldn't have cared less about any of them -- even the cat. I don't think the feeling was mutual with the other animals towards Joe, though!

Can you tell Emma loved riding this bike?

Jen even got in on the pedal tractor action and "drove" this Farmall. Troy wasn't so sure he approved of Jen driving anything but a John Deere!

There is a sandbox in the kids' play area that takes up almost an entire small barn. Instead of sand, though, it's filled with corn… and all the kids loved it.

"Hmm… I wonder what this corn takes like…?"

Jen loved playing on this giant pumpkin

Little pumpkins in the pumpkin wagon

An exhausted Maifeld family gets ready to leave

More little pumpkins
After the first part of the year with no trees in our yard, we had five trees planted in September – three maples and two ash trees. We couldn't find a birch tree we liked, though, so we make a trip to Timberpine Nursery in Earlham. While Troy picked out a great new tree for our front yard, the girls and I went for a hayrack ride to their pumpkin patch. The girls also had a great time roasting marshmallows and playing basketball there, and Emma loved playing on the inflatable giant slide and bouncy castle. The highlight of the morning, though, was the adorable black kitty the girls saw who loved playing in the pumpkins.

Emma wasn't so jazzed about being on the hayrack ride. Can you tell she was being a little sassy?

Jenna, however, is always excited about any opportunity to run… even if it is in the middle of a pumpkin patch!

Even more little pumpkins
Emma looked like an especially big girl before she went to her friend's birthday party on Oct. 15.

Smile pretty
The girls did a great job in their school pictures, which were taken on Oct. 12.

The biggest little girl
Jenna started sleeping on a cot at school in early October. No more cribs at school for this big girl!

Sleep tight, pumpkin!

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