November 2005

Pretty as a picture?
Grandma "Meem" Reed got the girls cute matching outfits in Minneapolis. I thought it would be cute to get their photos in them by the Christmas trees, which we'd just decorated. The girls, as usual, had other ideas about whether or not that was a good idea.

"Who needs to smile?"

"I'll swallow my lip if you clench your teeth, Emma."

More proof it was impossible to get both girls to look at the camera simultaneously

Finally, a pretty decent photo… at least as good as it was going to get that day!

Jump around
Emma started taking gymnastics lessons at Chow's Gymnastics in West Des Moines a few months ago. She loves it and does great! She's even one of the best in her class on the balance beam and trampoline – not that I'm biased at all! She wasn't so sure about dance, because she didn't like tap lessons. But jumping on trampolines? Now that she loves! :-) Another girl who also takes lessons at Chow's is in contention for the Olympics. Read the feature about her in the Des Moines Register…

We had a quiet, and wonderful, Thanksgiving with my mom and brother, Jake.

"Read me another one, Uncle Jake!"

"I'm not sure I like this apron…"

"No, I REALLY don't like this apron!"

"Uncle Jake… help me get this dumb thing off!"

The girls loved cuddling with Meem and Uncle Jake

Jenna loved the cool new Dora blanked Meem got her; Emma got a Disney Princess blanket that she loves, too

"Just a minute…"

Play with your food
The girls know that food can be fun.

One of Jenna's favorite things to play with is the toy food for the girls' toy kitchen. She likes it so much, she decided to climb into the tub of food one day.

Troy made the girls "funny face" breakfasts one morning. It might not do wonders for their cholesterol, but it sure did make them smile.

"Wow, does my dad make cool breakfasts!"

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