March 2006

Jenna takes a load off
Jenna loves to read books – just like her big sister. One night, we caught her reading in the toyroom… sitting in her stroller!

The girls also like to play with their jewelry, but even that couldn't tempt Jen away from her book

New job
I started my new job in the Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Business Process Design group, working on their mortgage brokerage extranet site, on March 20. It's a really great opportunity – one I'm really excited about!

The girls give Mom a little encouragement on her first day

St. Patrick's Day
The girls celebrated St. Patrick's Day with green eggs and ham for breakfast, and then getting dressed up in lots of green.

The many faces of Jenna
Jenna is always an expressive kid, but she was especially animated one morning.

The girls had fun in an extra sudsy bubble bath in Mom and Dad's bathtub.

A day at the zoo
We spent the day at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha on March 11. It's an amazing zoo, and we always have a great time there. We spent a lot of time in the cool new gorilla exhibit, which is a definite "must see" at the zoo.

This gorilla turned to watch Emma

The girls loved watching the gorillas – especially this one by the tree

Troy's billy-goat's scruff
Troy tried growing a goatee in March… Here he it is at its longest, and the night before he shaved it off.

Dress like a farmer
The girls's school had "dress like a farmer day" in March. Emma – who wants to be a dairy farmer when she grows up – put her own spin on what a farmer looks like.

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