April 2006

Happy morning
The girls looked especially cute on the morning of April 27.

"Just a minute, there…"

West Coast (Barbie) Choppers
Emma came up with the idea to pretend they were riding a motorcycle, just like Grandma Reed's friend Jim's… and that Jenna had to ride on the back, "like Grandma." Jesse James doesn't have anything on this Barbie chopper. :-)

You oughta be in pictures
The girls had a busy week getting their pictures taken. On April 18, they had school photos taken, followed by another photo sesson on April 22. Here are the photos we had taken on April 22; the girls did a great job!

Getting ready for pictures
We took a few photos of the girls before they headed off to the photo studio. They weren't too excited about these photos, though. :-)

"We've HAD IT!"

School pictures
The girls had their school photos taken on April 18. Emma wanted curly hair for her photos... but wasn't too sure about the hot rollers!

Doesn't she look excited?

Jenna was a happy camper, though.

After: Emma with curly hair

Can you tell Emma was mad at me – still – about her hair?

Thankfully, the girls did a better job for the photographer at school

The girls were all smiles with Troy

Easter morning
The girls were so excited Easter morning. Emma even left a glass of milk out for the Easter Bunny... and he drank the WHOLE thing when he brought their surprises!

Here are the girls with their baskets and candy

Emma checks out some of the cool things the Easter Bunny brought her

The Easter Bunny brought Jenna a new hat (she loves hats), and a new Dora doll (she loves Dora, too). That Easter Bunny is so smart!

Emma shows off one of the new Polly Pockets the Easter Bunny brought her. Emma is turning into quite the fashionista, and said, "Doesn't she look FASHION, Mom?" (Everything is "fashion" instead of "fashionable.")

School egg hunt
The girls had a great time at their school's egg hunt on April 11. They found lots of candy, saw the Easter Bunny, and had fun with their friends.

"Which way to the candy?"

The girls actually stood still for a minute before the hunt... which was a miracle considering how excited they were.

Emma with her friends Zoe and Emma H.

"Maybe I'm not so sure about this..."

"...Wait, I have an idea!"

Jen got the hang of the egg hunt really quickly... can you tell by all the candy in her basket?

Easter fun
We had an egg hunt for the girls the Sunday before Easter. They had a great time! It took Jenna a few minutes to figure out what she was supposed to do, but then she had a blast!

Jenna is very proud of her bunny basket

The girls get ready to go

…And they're off!

Emma helped Jenna find eggs after she'd found all of hers

Emma's big day
Emma's class held a spring play on April 7. They'd been working for months on it. The kids put a lot of time into it, and they all did a great job.

Emma was a narrator in the play, which meant she got to dress up. She thought that was pretty cool… and a lot better than wearing a costume. (She LOVES to dress up!)

Jenna didn't want to cooperate to have her photo taken. Once she had her baby – and her thumb in her mouth – she at least quit crying. :-)

The proram from their play

Jenna and Grandma Reed

What's wrong with this picture? …Nothing, if you know Jenna. :-)

Narrator Emma did a really great job!

Emma dancing to "Tooty Ta," a funny song with even funnier actions – which the kids loved! (Everyone watching the play had to do the actions the second time through the song, which was the funniest of all!)

Grandma Reed and the girls

Proud Mom and Dad

Jen thought it was open mic night. :-)

Jenna spent some time coloring with her friend Hattie after the play

Week of the Young Child
The girls's school celebrated Week of the Young Child April 3-7. Their theme was "pirates," and they did all sorts of great things, from a treasure hunt and sidewalk chalk, to special snacks and crafts and more.

The girls outside their school, with some of the sidewalk chalk art the kids had done

Emma by the pirate ship she drew with her friends Madisen and Zoe

Jenna by the masterpieces her class (the Bunnies) created

The kids also all made their own bandana and wore them on "dress like a pirate day"

Ah-hoy! It's pirate Jenna!

The girls and I had a fun lunch on Tuesday, when their school had a picnic, with parents or special guests invited.

Jenna shoved a whole mini-donut in her mouth after lunch. I guess she was afraid I was going to take it away!

Emma and her friend Madisen after the picnic

Jen after she "walked the plank" outside

Spring is finally here!
It's been so great to be able to spend time outside. The girls love it, too… especially going to the parks in our development, and meeting friends in the neighborhood. And they REALLY love riding in their wagon!

They also like to put rocks in their wagon… can you tell? :-)

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