May 2006

Safety first
We took the girls to the Kids Safety Safari on May 20. It was a great event for kids.

Troy and Jen do a little putting practice; Jen won a hard hat for this hole

They had a cool bicycle safety course set up. Emma didn't want to go on the course, but Jenna did. What did Jenna's dad do on the course? In Jenna's words, "Daddy FAST!!!" …Setting a good example for the kids. :-)

Troy was a vision of safety when he got Jen's bike going super fast then hopped on the back and coasted. They were going so fast that Jen got upset and started crying.

Emma loved getting her face painted like a kitty. She was proud of herself, because it's the first time she was brave enough to let someone paint her face.

What do you think? Was Em still a little nervous about the whole face painting thing here? :-)

When it was her turn, Jen wanted NOTHING to do with having her face painted, and opted instead for a temporary tattoo

Jen shows off her new sparkley fish tattoo

Emma was all smiles when her kitty face was done

One happy girl… and one who was WAY overdue for a nap. Can you guess which is which?

Emma models her new look – cat-face, and the cool smiley face pin she designed at the event

Off to the zoo
Jenna's class took a field trip to the Blank Park Zoo on May 15. It was a little chilly outside, but the kids had a great time. Jenna is happy any time she gets to see animals!

Jenna and her friends are all smiles on the way to the zoo

Jenna and her friends on the zoo train

The kids even got to have a picnic after visiting the zoo. It doesn't get much better than that!

Surgery update

We had a pretty quiet Memorial Day weekend. The girls both had surgery last Thursday (May 25); Emma had her tonsils and adenoids removed, and Jenna had her adenoids removed and tubes put in her ears. Within half an hour of surgery, you would never even have known Jen had surgery.

Em, on the other hand, had a little rougher time recovering from having her tonsils out. She's been a real trooper, considering the pain she's been in. We promised her before surgery that she could have as many popscicles as she wanted, and we've gone through three boxes of popscicles in the past five days. …A small price to pay to help her feel better. :-)

In the swing of things
We felt bad that Jenna had such a "quiet" birthday, because I had my surgery the day before her birthday. So, as a belated present, Troy built the girls their own little "swing-set" under the deck. The deck is over six feet off the ground, so there's plenty of room, and it's a perfect size for them. They love it!

The girls give the swings a try the morning after Troy finished them. Emma's even mastered the disk swing now and can do it all by herself.

Jen had some fun on her new swing

Emma was all smiles

"Higher, Dad!"

Through Emma's eyes
Emma borrowed the digital camera on May 13. What she took photos of is an interesting glance into the important things in her life. :-)

This was a Lego creation she built that morning – a house with a tree, playground and bridge

Joe may look menacing here, but he's just chewing on a rawhide chew

Emma's Build-a-Bear, Valentine, with a new outfit Emma bought for her

The girls' spoons and forks. Because they have characters on them, the girls have had several fights over who gets which one — Dora, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake or Disney Princesses

The present Emma got for her friend Brooke's birthday party — where she was going later that day

Emma's chair at the dining room table

A close-up of Emma's tub of Polly Pockets and accessories

The artist herself

Somewhere over the rainbow
We had a great view of a cool rainbow from the back of our house on May 8.

Jenna turns two
Jenna turned two on May 12. She is growing so fast! At her two-year check-up, she is 36 3/4" tall – around the 105th percentile for height, and around the 70th percentile for weight. Her vocabulary is amazing, too… even though her favorite word is, "NO!!!" She is also completely obsessed with shoes and clothes; we've already had several knock-down, drag-out fights about what she's wearing each day! :-)

Because I had sinus surgery the day before her birthday (and knew I wouldn't be feeling well enough to celebrate), we took the girls to Build-A-Bear on May 5 for Jenna's early birthday celebration. She also got to open her presents a few days early, too.

Jenna works on stuffing her new monkey; she loved watching all the stuffing fluff up in the stuffing machine.

Jenna "warms" the heart for her monkey.

Little Miss Diva works on stuffing her kitty.

The girls give their new animals baths. After they were done here, each of the animals got a new outfit, too.

Jen had her "cake" and opened her presents on May 8 – four days before her birthday.

"Forget the cake and ice cream… Show me the PRESENTS!"

"Which one should I open first?"

Jen's favorite present was the Dora umbrella she got

"I'm not so sure about this cake and ice cream stuff…"

"Hmmm… Maybe it's not so bad after all!"

What did Joe do while Jenna opened presents? …His favorite "passtime" — licking the back door!

The newest Maifeld 'babies'
I really think it is true what they say about boys and their toys – which lead to even bigger toys! We got a new Honda ATV on May 1 – "for the girls," Troy told me. (Okay, Emma really does love it. She even named it – Four. Jenna, however, is happier just to sit on our riding mower, which she calls her "tra-tor.")

But everyone knows (except me, I guess), that when you get an ATV, you have to have a way to HAUL it. Which meant – you guessed it – another new toy. Four days later, Troy got a 2006 Honda Ridgeline truck. And, okay, I wasn't exactly complaining… It was 2006 Truck of the Year and is the only truck with a 5-star crash test rating, but most importantly, I was happy because I meant I finally got rid of the hated minivan. :-)

We've all had a good time with the ATV, and took it to Lake Red Rock, near Pella, the weekend after we got it take it out on some trails. I've even gotten pretty good at riding it – shifting and all!

Jenna "helps" Troy load up the ATV to take to Lake Red Rock

Emma was all smiles before we left

Jenna loves to wear her sunglasses upside down. :-)

Troy at Elk Rock State Park on Lake Red Rock. We took the ATV there to ride on what we thought were ATV trails. Thanks to me reading some information about the park wrong, we ended up on equestrian trails.

Troy heads off for the trails. Little did he know only HORSES were supposed to be on them. (A woman stopped him and very CLEARLY set him straight!)

Oh, well… even if the trail riding thing didn't go so well, the girls liked seeing all the horses at the park, especially this guy. He was an extra-gentle horse. His owner said he had a "special way" with kids and loved them. We fed him grass, and Emma even worked up enough nerve to pet him. (That's big-time for her.) Jen, however, didn't want to get closer than about 10 feet away.

After the failed trail-ride attempt, we visited Cordova Park, on Lake Red Rock. We hiked down to the lake – which Joe and the girls loved – and Emma and I even climbed to the top of Cordova Tower… which was HER idea. She made it to the top without stopping, and not even out of breath. I, on the other hand, couldn't hardly breathe, and had sore calves for three days. :-)

…Maybe all those stairs and hiking DID wear Emma out. :-)

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