June 2006

Big smiles
The girls looked especially cute before school on June 30.

Des Moines Arts Festival
The girls love art, so it was no big surpise that they had a great time whe we went to the Des Moines Arts Festival on June 25.

The girls had fun making animal sculptures. Just don't tell Grandma Reed that Emma made a snake!

The girls also had a good time making their own family crests.

I don't know who had more fun making glitter horse shoes – Troy or the girls. :-)

The girls also loved making their own bead bracelets

Fun at Adventureland
We had a great time at Wells Fargo Day at Adventureland on June 24. We spent the morning at the park and had lunch, then took our grouchy girls home for naps and came back that night – when we had even more fun!

Jenna was all smiles on the Raging River… Once she got wet, that was another story, though. :-)

Emma was excited to go on the Raging River, too.

Emma got scared by the "V" water on the Raging River, where there were dips in the water, but she was a trooper.

The girls watched the rafts while we waited for the Sawmill Splash. It's one of my favorite rides, but I didn't have any takers to go on it with me again after we got pretty wet the first time. :-)

All of us waiting in line for the Sawmill Splash

Troy and the girls on the Sawmill Splash

The girls had fun on the Chuckwagon ferris wheel, too

One of their favorite rides is the dragon ride. They liked it so much they had to go on it twice!

Jenna had a great time on the boat ride, too, but Emma said it was "boring!"

The girls were pretty cool on their pink and purple motorcycles

Can you tell they were having a great time?

The ladybug ride was another of Jenna's favorites

Do you think the girls like to drive? :-)

The biggest hit of they day was the new "Frog Hopper" ride. The girls went on it three times. Jenna STILL talks about it almost every day. Emma was impressed, too, and said it was "SO awesome!"

I even went on the Frog Hopper with the girls the last time they went on it. Even I have to admit that it was an awful lot of fun, and probably my favorite ride of the day. (Yeah, I'm a pretty big weenie about rides.)

We were having a great time

Swimming lessons
Emma took swim lessons for two weeks in June at Dowling High School. She thought she was pretty big stuff, because she got to have the same teacher she had last year… who even remembered her!

Emma and her class listen to their lesson on water safety

The kids learn what to do if someone falls into the pool or water

Em waits her turn to get in the water

Emma thought she was pretty cool with her swim goggles that day; they were even Cinderella goggles. She put them on before they left school to go to swim lessons. Her teacher noticed that they were fogged over, and asked Emma – who had been wearing them over her eyes for a few minutes – if she could see. Em said, "No." I guess her philosophy is that you have to be a slave to fashion sometimes. :-)

Em and her teacher, Kathleen, work on back floats

Em works on front floats… and putting her face in the water.

Em jumps into the water to Kathleen – something she definitely wouldn't have done before starting swim lessons last year!

The swimming princess

Emma and her group playing "Ring Around the Rosie" in the pool... where they "all fall down"

Emma and her teacher get ready to jump in the deep end on Emma's last day of lessons; she was getting very brave by then!


Fun at the beach
We went to Raccoon River Park on a hot night in early June for a picnic and to play at the beach. I don't know who had more fun – the girls, or our dog, Joe!

Joe ran into the water and started swimming as soon as he got to the beach

He REALLY liked swimming after sticks we threw to him in the water

The girls had fun playing in the water and sand, too. For once, they could get messy without getting in trouble! :-)

Jenna figured out fast that it was fun to throw sand

Digging in the sand is serious business

"Hey… Don't leave without me!"

Cutie pie
Some of Jenna's "many faces"…

"I'm innocent… really… you've got to believe me!"

"Yeah, I'll smile… if you make me."

"I've had enough of these pictures; talk to the hand!"

"Maybe if I look really sad and cute, I'll get my way."

"You don't think they're on to me that it's nap time, do you?"

"Am I cute in my dad's hat, or what?"

Family Days fun
We took the girls to Family Days at Prairie Meadows on June 3. They had fun doing all the crafts, seeing the zoo animals, and spending lots of time with the rescued (former race) greyhounds there with their new families. They also LOVED seeing the horses. Jenna has said about 100 times since then, "Horsies run around… Horsies run around FAST!!!!"

Emma got a ladybug painted on her face… to match the ones on her dress, of course. :-) Jenna had on a ladybug dress, too.

Little miss ladybug

The girls didn't feel like smiling at the same time…

Jen shows what she really thinks about picture time

Troy and Emma work on building with clay

Well… at least Troy and I were looking in the right direction. :-)

Divas in the making
Emma and her best friends Zoë, Emma H. and Madisen took a break from their school's picnic on June 2 to pose for a few photos.

"Are we cool or what?" The four musketeers: Zoë, Emma, Emma H. and Madisen

The girls, with Zoe's sister Lexie

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