July 2006

Up, up and away…
We went to the National Balloon Classic in Indianola on July 29. Seeing 100 hot air balloons take off at once was completely breathtaking… even if the heat index that night was 115 degrees!

The orange, blue, red and white zig-zag pattern balloon in this photo is my co-worker, Bret, who is a competitive balloon pilot

There were special balloons at the festival, too – like this bear, and Noah's Ark

The balloons were amazing, including this special Humpty Dumpty balloon

Here are the Purple People Eater balloon and tree balloon, which was the girls' favorite

It was so hot that we had to use umbrellas for a little shade

One sweaty kid

Jen with her umbrella

Another of the special balloons, a penguin

The last special balloon to take off was Jesus

The girls had a great time, even though it was so hot

Em was all smiles

Share the love
We took the girls to a Share the Love event on July 29. It was a fundraiser for kids with cancer, and also a way to make some neat "comfort items" for the kids while they are in the hospital.

The girls work on gift tags for the things they made for the kids in the hospital – fancy flip flops and a cool backpack tag

Troy puts the finishing touches on flip flops for a child in the hospital

Some mascots were at the event, too. Jenna loved seeing them, including the Des Moines Buccaneers' mascot, Winger, and…

…The Iowa Stars mascot, Shooter

The girls also got their faces painted

They got to frost cookies, too. Any guess what frosting color Jen chose? :-)

The girls had a great time in the bounce house at the event

Fun with Science
We took the girls to the Science Center of Iowa on July 21, which is always fun.

The girls loved pretending to go grocery shopping

Everyone had a blast playing with the bubble solution. Emma was a pro at making bubbles with the hula hoops.

Troy was a bubble pro, too

Jenna was more interested in EATING the bubbles

Emma learned how to use her hands as a bubble wand

The girls (and their dad, too) had a good time "fishing"

The peg board is always fun!

We always knew the girls had electric personalities. :-)

Another cool feature at the science center is the chance to stand against a "green screen" and try to do a tv weather-cast. …I think the girls need a little work before they're ready for the Weather Channel. :-)

Troy did a little better…

They all did a good job on hurricane tracking

Jenna LOVED playing with the slime as part of "kitchen chemistry." We even made some at home the next day. (It's one part laundry starch; two parts white glue; and a few drops of food coloring mixed in a ziploc back for few minutes, if you're interested.)

"Cool! I actually get to make a mess!?!?"

Jen was pretty serious about it

How did Emma spend her time? Coloring, of course!

Tell us how you really feel, Jen…

Jen loves playing with the magnetic gears

With Grandma
Emma and "Linus" with Grandma (aka "Mema") Reed on July 16.

Our little peanuts
Some cute pictures of Emma and Jenna – and Joe – in July.

Emma outside her favorite store (Target)

Joe likes to swim the girls' pool, too!

The girls like to play dress-up

It's Jenna "Incredible Hulk" Maifeld

Emma with a cool airbrush tattoo she got

She told us, "It's just like a tattoo with needles, but without the needles!" :-)

Fun at the park
The girls had a great time at their schools' annual family picnic, at Raccoon River Park on July 11.

Jen loved playing in the fountains at the park

Emma liked staying a little drier

Jenna also liked climbing up on the two-story wooden pirate ship at the park

Jenna, Grace, Lexie, Zoë and Emma on top of the pirate ship

Emma loved playing in the stone stream at the park, too

Emma and her friend, Zoë

Our little firecrackers
Emma and Jenna were all dolled up for "Red, White and Blue Day" at their school on July 3.

"Cheese… I think…"

Emma strikes a pose with Jen

We stopped at Burger King for breakfast on the way to school – a special treat the girls love! We were waiting at school for Jen to finish her sandwich.

On July 2, we went to a great dualing pianos concert at Jordan Creek Town Center, which was part of their "Live at the Creek" summer concert series. Here are some photos of us before we went.

Emma took this photo of us

Fun on the Fourth
Our neighborhood had a great party on Independence Day. We all had an awesome time. The weather was nice, and we liked meeting so many of our neighbors.

The girls – all decked out in red, white and blue – in their wagon, which they decorated for the bike and wagon parade the kids had during the party.

There were TWO bounce houses at the party, which the girls LOVED!

Jen liked playing in the littler bounce house

The girls also liked playing in the pool that was at the party

The girls in the neighborhood kids' parade

Some of the King's Valley (our neighborhood) kids

The kids had a hard time sitting still for the picture when there was so much to do. :-)

Troy had fun playing volleyball. (He's in white and navy, walking away on the left side of the picture.)

"No… I didn't just stuff a whole cookie in my mouth… really… you can't prove anything!!!"

Jenna hams it up in the bounce house

The girls weren't very happy about leaving the party, can you tell?

They were less sad once they started digging what was left of the Snickers salad we brought to the party… even if it ended up on the floor of the wagon, in Jenna's hair, and everywhere else. :-)

"Okay, Jenna… you take a bite, and I'll make sure no one's watching us!"

A birds' eye view of the party

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