August 2006

Hot Rod reunion
Emma and a bunch of her former classmates got together for a reunion on Aug. 31. They had a blast playing and comparing notes on kindergarten — and lost first teeth. :-)

Emma was really glad to see all her friends — especially her friend Madisen

Madisen and Emma — and the other kids — got in an ice cube fight

Emma didn't spend much time sitting still. Here she is running with her friend, Grace.

Jenna had a great time playing, too

Emma and Madisen love to be silly

The Hot Rods at the reunion

Jen's shirt fits her to a T… in more ways than one! :-)

Picture perfect
We had our family photos taken on Aug. 29, and decided to snap a few photos when we got home, too.

Emma was pretty tired by the time we got home… can you tell? :-)

The pouts continue

The girls ham it up

Emma took this photo of Troy and me

The family photos we had taken that night — Medium | Large

Medium | Large

Fun on the four-wheeler
Troy and the girls had fun ride on the four-wheeler on Aug. 24.

Emma's first day of school
Emma started kindergarten on Aug. 24. She did such a great job!

Emma at home before her big day

Emma outside of her new school

Emma and her proud mom

Emma and her proud dad

Emma and her new teacher, Mrs. Schrodt

Emma and her friend, Nathan — who were in the same class at their old school

Emma walking into kindergarten on her first day

Emma and Nathan at the end of their first day of kindergarten

Emma puts the finishing touches on something for her desk

Emma by her new desk after her first day of kindergarten

Emma thought she was big-time taking a bubble bath in our tub. She had a blast!

Fun at the fair
We had a great time at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 13.

The girls, before heading in to the fair

Our little divas strike a pose

Emma at Little Hands on the Farm, where the girls got to pretend to be farmers

Jenna couldn't even see with her seed cap on :-)

First the girls "planted" their crops

Then they got to "harvest" what they planted

They also got to use the soybeans they harvested to pretend to make soy biodiesel – to power their pedal tractors, of course. :-)

The girls loved seeing all the baby animals at the fair – especially these kitties

They loved watching the cow get milked, too

The girls got to pet baby chicks and piglets

We all had some crazy looking tongues after the slushes we had… like Emma's blue tongue…

And Troy's green tongue…

And Jenna's should-have-been yellow tongue. :-)

Mommy/daughter day
Emma and I had a "mommy/daughter day" on Aug. 11, before Emma starts kindergarten. She wanted to go to Club Libby Lu, where we both had "make-overs" (with lots of glitter), have lunch and go shopping.

Emma before her makeover

Emma gets dressed at Libby Lu in her fancy dress-up outfit for her makeover

Em had her nails done (and glitter sprinkled on top of them), plus her make-up. She was pretty excited about this and said, "This is the first time I've gotten to wear REAL make-up!"

Next step: Hair

The finished product: One fancy, glittery Emma!

Both of us after our makeovers. (I got a lot of funny looks walking through the mall with that tiara on!)

The fancy princess at Build-a-Bear

Emma at lunch

Emma strikes a pose

She also got some new flip-flops with some serious bling on them. :-)

Here are the girls looking cute on Aug. 8.

Jen's shirt fits her to a T… in more ways than one! :-)

Emma moves on
Emma starts kindergarten on Aug. 24, which brings a lot of change for her. She started a new before and after school program (and all day during the summer and breaks) on Aug. 7. So, after five years at her school, she had to say good-bye to her teachers and friends… and Jenna (who will still be going to that daycare). She is very excited, and very ready, but change is always a little hard. Here she is on her second-to-last day with some of her best friends. (It was her friend Madisen's last day the day we took these pictures.)

The three amigos: Zoë, Emma and Madisen. Can you tell they get a little silly when they're together? :-)

All smiles

Jen with one of her best friends, Max. Max gives her a hug every morning when she gets to school. …It's getting to be a pretty "serious" relationship. :-)

Emma's last day
Emma's last day at her school was Aug. 4.

Emma outside her school

This was Emma and Jenna's last day at school together, until Jen starts kindergarten

Emma by her cubby and bag at school

Emma signs in on her last day... complete with a fancy outlined heart, of course!

Emma by her lunch and snack spot at school

Emma with her teacher, Shannon. She is a great teacher. Emma loves Shannon (aka "Shan-Shan" and "Shanny") and was really sad about leaving her.

Can you tell how much Emma likes Shannon? :-)

Emma's first day of Live Y'ers
Emma started Live Y'ers, her new before and after school program, on Aug. 7. The program is held at her elementary school, and it's phenomenal. The kids go on field trips or swimming four days a week, and Emma loves going. It doesn't hurt that she made a bunch of friends her first few days there! :-)

What's bigger – Emma… or her backpack?

Emma outside of her new school. Can our little girl already be big enough to go to elementary school?

Em walks into her new program

Water fun
The girls had a blast with our new Slip-n-Slide on Aug. 6.

They got going really fast with a little push from Dad!

"Hey, this works great as a drinking fountain!"

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