September 2006

At the pumpkin patch
We had a great time on our visit to Howell's pumpkin patch on Sept. 30. There are always lots of fun things to do there!

We got to feed this horse when we got there. The girls love horses -- but weren't too sure about feeding him!

The horse was really sweet and gentle

Emma finally got brave enough to feed him

Pumpkins at Howell's

Troy and the girls by the pumpkin carts

Howell's also grows tons of flowers, including these pretty mums

Emma liked riding the "horse" tire swing

Troy and the girls on the hay-rack ride

Some of the flowers at Howell's

Jenna was very proud of the ear of corn she got in the corn field maze

Troy and the girls with the corn they found

Jen thought it was a lot of fun to take the kernels of corn off the ear, like her dad showed her

We were a little early for pumpkins (most of them were still green), but there were a few that were ready

The girls found a big pumpkin

"Can I sit on this?"

All of us on the way back from the pumpkin patch

The girls loved playing in the corn "sand" box

Emma liked riding this trike on the tractor trail. They also had lots of pedal tractors -- and a trike -- for the kids to ride.

"I don't want to go down the slide."

Emma loved the cool new slide they built

"Hey, maybe this isn't so bad."

The girls and I made a train down one of the slides

Jenna holds on for dear life while she and Emma teeter-tottered

Emma ran into her friend, Lindsey, at Howell's. Here they are on the top floor of the barn, where all the dried flowers are. (It also overlooks some of the animals, so the girls were quick to point out that it smells like... well, you know... up there, too.)

The girls loved having homemade ice cream

I guess I wasn't giving Jenna bites of ice cream quick enough... can you tell? :-)

A day at the park
It was a beautiful, sunny day on Sept. 24, so we decided to go to Raccoon River Park. Joe had a great time at the dog park, and the girls got to ride their bikes… or at least try to. :-)

Joe loves playing catch at the dog park

Joe made a friend at the dog park. This yellow lab kept trying to catch Joe's ball every time Troy threw it… but Joe was always faster. :-)

Joe's all-eyes-on-Troy when he's waiting for his ball to be thrown

Another successful catch

"Maybe if I hide under this tree, no other dogs will see my ball and try to steal it from me."

Joe was really proud every time he got the ball

We brought the girls' bikes for them to ride on the trails, too

"Am I cute, or what?"

Emma did a lot better on her bike than Jen did. Em was so fast that she had to wait for us most of the time. Jen was so slow that…

…We ended up carrying her bike most of the time. :-)

Living History Farms
Both girls love farms, so we made a visit to Living History Farms on Sept. 23. We'd never been there before, and it was really interesting. The girls really liked the animals, and Jenna loved the "tra-tor ride."

Troy and the girls on the tractor ride out to the first farm

Mr. Muscles struts his stuff. The guy before Troy who tried to do this couldn't split the log. So guess who had to stay there for five minutes to show off? :-)

The girls got a little nervous about the oxen that were near the trail… and not behind a fence

Can you tell Emma got upset?

…Still mad, even being by a sheep

"Now I'm okay!"

Jenna is a two-year-old fireball — can you tell? :-)

The girls loved seeing all the animals, but especially the horses. Jenna really likes horses a lot!

Water park fun
We spent a few days in Minneapolis for a quick vacation in September. We all had a blast at the indoor water park one of our hotels had!

Emma learned a lesson in missing school, though, because she spent most of the following weekend doing makeup work from the days she missed while she was in Minneapolis. "It's tough to do homework when your a kindergartener, and you're tired, like I am… but you just have to!" :-)

The girls outside the water park entrance

Troy heads down the body slide

Troy and Jenna go down the tube slide — this slide was everyone's favorite!

Can you tell Jenna liked the slide?

Emma and I splash down from the tube slide

Emma in the kids pool

Em goes down the slide at the kids pool

Troy shows off his form to Jenna — nothing but net!

Jenna loved being in the basketball area with Troy; she didn't even want to be in the kids pool area!

Troy and the girls by the hot tub

Troy gets splashed by the hot tub waterfall

Mall of America
We also visited the Mall of America when we were in Minneapolis…

Jenna wasn't very excited about the frog visiting her at the Rainforest Cafe

The frog gives Emma and Troy a thumbs up

Emma and Jenna each had balloons made for them at Rainforest Cafe. Em chose a flower, and Jenna chose a fish.

Emma outside the Rainforest Cafe

Both girls outside the Rainforest Cafe

The girls LOVED the Disney Store. When Emma walked in, she said, "This is the coolest store in the WHOLE WORLD… I wish I had enough money to buy everything in here — except the boring BOY STUFF!" :-)

Jenna at LegoLand

The girls play at LegoLand; they love Legos!

Troy and the girls in front of a Lego sculpture

Jenna loved running through the mall

But sometimes the Mall of America seems a little big… especially when you're two! :-)

Emma had saved up her money for weeks to get something special at the Mall of America. She chose to make a doll at Friends 2B Made. Here she is putting a heart inside her new doll.

Emma even got to put the stuffing inside her doll

Then she got to style her hair. Here she is curling her hair…

…And putting bows in her hair

Emma and her new friend

Hawkeye girls
The girls got to get new Iowa Hawkeye shirts before the Iowa-Iowa State game on Sept. 16. They both picked out the same "Hawkeye Girl" shirts. I think the shirts brought the Hawks luck, because they won 27-17 over the, as Emma calls them, "Stinky Cheese Cyclones"… As if there was any doubt! :-)

Even Jenna now knows how to yell, "Go Hawkeyes!"

'Get'cha your head in the game'
Emma got to perform with the Waukee Color Guard during a Waukee High School football game on Sept. 15. The girls danced to "Get'cha Head in the Game" from "High School Musical" and also got to dance during the Waukee fight song. Em was very nervous, but very brave! It's not easy for anyone to be in front of a few thousand people – especially when you're five! We were very proud of her!

The cutest little Waukee Warrior

Waiting for her performance

Can you tell Emma was nervous? The packed crowd that was there didn't help. :-)

Getting ready

Emma's dance camp
Emma went to the Waukee Color Guard dance camp on September 9. She learned two new dances, and made a cool hoop to use in the choreography. There were a lot of people there, though, and she got pretty nervous…

Not the happiest camper at camp :-)

We took advantage of some great weather on September 9 and had a fun picnic at Jester Park.

The girls had a great time playing in the sand, doing sidewalk chalk, and playing on the playgrounds at the park

Jen and I catch a little rest

Joe and Emma by our grill

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