October 2006

Happy Halloween
Emma and Jenna had lots of fun this Halloween. Emma was Tinkerbell, and Jenna was princess Ariel.

Jenna was a cute little pumpkin Halloween morning

Emma was having a little bit rougher morning; can you tell?

This is as close as Em could get to a smile

Em... a little bit less sad

Jen got to go trick-or-treating at her school on Halloween morning

"Am I cute, or what?"

"Nobody better take my CANDY!"

The girls bundled up before trick-or-treating our neighborhood on Oct. 30. They had so many layers on that they could barely move! :-)

Emma during her costume parade before her class Fall Fest party Oct. 26.

Em made a cute clay pot pumpkin during her class party

Emma's class

Emma's class making their best scary faces

Silly Jenna
Jenna loves to be silly…

Jen was all smiles in her favorite heels… and not much else. :-)

"It's a bird, it's a plane…" Nope, just Troy being silly styling Jenna's hair

Emma's got chemistry
Emma went to a "Crazy Kitchen Chemistry" class on Oct. 23.
Even though she was the youngest kid in the class (the class was for kids in kindergarten through 5th grade), she LOVED it! She even stayed late to do extra experiments. She learned a ton – including the word "hypothesis." And, she had the only correct hypothesis on which type of onion made your eyes water the most. (Answer: Yellow onions make your eyes water more than white or red – because of their cell size.) She was pretty proud of herself!

She also learned why popcorn pops – and doesn't (which included a lesson on solids, liquids and gasses); why bread rises (because of carbon dioxide yeast gives off when it "eats"); what happens when acids and bases are mixed together (mixing vinegar and lemon juice with baking soda and baking powder); what a chemical reaction is... and a lot more!

Her photo – and a quote – were even in the Des Moines Register, which she thought was pretty darn cool, too!

Emma at her chemistry class

Big girl bed
Jenna spent her first night in a "big girl" bed on Oct. 21. She loves her new bed, but it took her a few nights to learn to stay in her bed when it was time to go to sleep. :-)

Three cheers for Emma!
Emma finished her cheer class on Oct. 16. She loved the class, and, even though she was a little nervous at first, ended up being one of the best in her class. Jenna loved to watch her big sister and practice with her, too.

Here is a video of one of Emma's cheer routines

Family Fun Fest
The PTO at Emma's school organized a Family Fun Fest on Oct. 14. The girls loved it; it was the first time they got to wear their costumes.

The girls show off their costumes before the party

Jenna and Emma with Emma's friend, Courtney

Can you tell Jenna wasn't very excited about being in the cake walk?

At the apple orchard
We took a road trip to an apple orchard east of Ames on Oct. 7. The girls loved going on the hayrack ride out to the orchard to pick some yummy apples!

The orchard had pumpkins, too

Can you tell the sun was in Jenna's eyes?

And in Emma's too?

Emma and Troy on the hayrack ride

Jenna and me on the harack ride

Em was all smiles

Emma's 'extreme makeover'
Emma always loves to go to Libby Lu, so she had blast at her friend Madisen's birthday part there on Oct. 7.

Emma after going to Libby Lu

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