November 2006

The girls

Emma built a huge Lego tower on Nov. 24

Jenna looked especially cute on Nov. 30

Thanksgiving fun
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Nov. 23.

The girls liked riding the Jeep around at Jake and Dana's

Jen got some "lubs" (aka, "loves") from Meem

Emma loved being silly with her Uncle Jake…

…And with her Aunt Dana, too

Photo time
The girls had their photos taken on Nov. 21.

February 2007 update: We got some exciting news a few weeks ago. We recently had the girls' photos taken at Target. Well, the portrait trainer for this whole region saw the girls' photos and wanted to include them in an upcoming porfolio. The girls thought they were pretty big time when they found that out!

Congratulations, Dana and Jake!
My brother, Jake, got married in Jamaica on Oct. 12. We are thrilled to have Dana join our family – and the girls are so excited to have a new aunt! Dana and Jake had a great wedding reception at Music Man Square in Mason City on Nov. 4. It was SO MUCH fun!

The four of us at the Music Man Square streetscape

Little princess Jenna... she even had a crown!

Grandma Reed with Jenna and Emma

Grandma Reed with Brooklyn, Jake's daughter

The happy couple -- Dana and Jake

Emma with her great uncle Lanny, who she LOVED spending time with!

Can you tell all the girls liked their great uncle Lanny? :-)

Brooklyn and Jake

Jen practices her curtseys

"When can I dig into that?" Jenna loved the cake!

Jenna and her great uncle Lanny with some of her great-great aunts and uncle

Dana was all smiles all evening

The girls in front of the house at Music Man Square

Our family

The Reed family

Dana and Jake's first dance

Jen loved spending time with her new aunt

Mom and I dance with the girls

Grandma Reed dances with her three girls

Troy and Jenna dancing

The happy couple

Doing 'homework'
Emma loved spending time doing "homework" with her great uncle Lanny on Nov. 3. They wrote pages and pages of "work."

Lanny, Emma, Harley and Grandma Reed

Emma took her work very seriously

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