December 2006

We spent New Year's Eve at ImaginEve, a special event in downtown Des Moines.

There were tons of inflatables at the event, which the girls loved!

Emma and Jenna on one of the slides

We spent a lot of time waiting in line… and the girls wanted to sit on our shoulders to see everything that was going on while waiting.

The girls on an inflatable obstacle course

Play with your food
The girls made food necklaces on Dec. 30 – complete with gummy candy rings, Froot Loops, Cheerios, chocolate-covered pretzels and more.

Good morning
The sunrise was beautiful on Dec. 27.

Emma gets her ears pierced
After waiting… and waiting… and waiting, Emma finally got to get her ears pierced on Dec. 26. She's wanted them pierced forever, and it's all she talked to us about. (She can be very persistent.) We told her she had to wait until she was eight to get her ears pierced, but Santa intervened. (Like we told Emma, Santa always hears your heart.) He knew how much Emma wanted her ears pierced, and brought her some earrings and a note saying that he knew how badly she wanted her ears pierced — and to tell her mom and dad that HE said it was okay! She was so excited, we had to go to Libby Lu the day after Christmas to get them pierced.

Here's Emma in the earring chair at Libby Lu's. The earrings she chose were pretty cubic zirconia stars — and 14k gold, of course! She was very proud, too, because the Libby Lu girls made a big deal about the fact that Emma had the cool Libby Lu sparkley boots on. …So things started out good.

She started to get nervous when they cleaned her ear lobes with antiseptic. They told her not to touch her ears, but she needed a little "assist" to remember not to touch them.

As luck would have it, that was about the time her friend, Madisen, happened to show up at the store. (Emma was very worried that Madisen didn't know she was getting her ears pierced, so she was really, really glad to see Madisen!)

After a few attempts at marking her ears to get the target marks straight (Em wasn't very good at sitting still), they were finally ready to go. Two of the people at Libby Lu helped, so both of her ears were pierced at the exact same time. She was VERY nervous now, and I had to hold her arms down and still.

Emma was really sad right after they pierced her ears. "It hurts!!! Make it stop hurting!!!!"

After a few minutes of being sad, she was doing better. I told her I was going to call her "Twinkle," because she has star earrings now, and loves things that sparkle! She said that was okay, but to please call her "Twinkle EMMA!"

All done!

On the way out the door, Em said, "Does it still look like I was crying?" Then Jenna said, "I want MY ears pierced!" …Oh, boy! :-)

"Do I look fancy, or what?"

Merry Christmas
We had a great Christmas!

Santa must have been hungry when he stopped at our house. We left him chocolate chip cookies, snack mix and some milk… and this was all that was left. Oh, and we left his reindeer some food outside, too. They were hungry like Santa and ate it all gone!

We were lucky enough to get to share Christmas Eve and day with Grandma Reed. Mema helped Jenna wake up before opening presents Christmas morning.

The girls with their presents and stockings

The biggest present from Santa was for both the girls — a cool new Disney Princess Scooter!

Emma's favorite present was Santa's okay to get her ears pierced! (Santa's so much nicer than mean old Mom and Dad, who were going to make her wait until she was eight to get them pierced.)

Harley, my mom's dog, found a comfy spot to rest on a pile of wrapping paper

Jenna loved the Ariel "CD player" that Santa brought her; she calls it "my music." …After hearing the songs about 100 times, it might not be Mom and Dad's favorite. :-)

Mema Reed brought Emma some earrings, too. She told Emma that she'd planned on giving them to her for her birthday (which is a few weeks after Christmas) and having a little "chat" with Troy and I about letting Emma get her ears pierced earlier than eight. …Gee, was everyone against us? :-)

The girls also LOVED the boots Santa brought them. In fact, that was about the only thing each of them told him they wanted! And Santa did a super job — getting them exactly what they wanted.

Christmas, through Emma's eyes
Emma borrowed the camera for her own photo shoot on Christmas Eve.

A self portrait

Christmas Eve
We had a great Christmas Eve.

The girls by each of their stockings

Joe and Troy relax on Christmas Eve afternoon. Anyone else think Joe might not be there too willingly? :-)

"Come on, Mom… Put down the camera and help me out here!"

Before we went to church, Emma got to open some of the fancy Libby Lu stuff Mema got her for Christmas… including her pink sparkley boots!!! Our church is "come as you are," so Emma got to wear her boots to the service. Boy, did she think she was cool going to church in those!

Emma shows off to everyone

Grandma also brought down a HUGE Rubbermaid tub of craft supplies her and the girls to work on Christmas Eve. They had a blast!! …Even if we were picking up sequins for days after that, which I'm sure my mom would tell you is pay-back for all my messes she cleaned up when I was little. :-)

Emma by some of her presents Christmas Eve

Jenna was excited about her presents. Can you tell?

Emma helps Jenna open one of the presents she'd gotten her — a baby Ariel toy.

Who knew that a tub of Armor All window wipes would make one Grandma and two dogs so excited? :-)

The girls each got two sets of pajamas from us. Poor Emma's first two presents were both pajamas. She was really sweet about it, but said, "I really hope I get something besides pajamas!" :-)

Jenna liked her Ariel pajamas. But this is the kid who loved just opening presents, and said, "Ooooh!" even before she got the box open!

The girls liked helping Grandma open her presents almost as much as opening their own… almost!

Another assist from Emma

Joe helps Jenna open her present

Joe loved the squeaky Big Mac toy he got

The girls must have had some Christmas spirit that night, because they were actually sweet to each other. :-)

All smiles!

All four girls… and poor, squished Harley dog

Emma shows off one of the fancy outfits Grandma Reed got her. Can you tell she thinks she's pretty big stuff?

Silly Jenna

Both girls model their new personalized Disney Princess fleece nightgowns

Happy holidays from the Maifelds!

Can 2006 really almost be over? Like all of you, I'm sure, we've had so much going on this year, it seems to have flown by.

Emma started kindergarten this year. She has an amazing teacher and wonderful school — and lots of new friends. It's pretty awesome to see her learn so much so quickly. Em is doing a great job learning to read and just learned to tie her shoes… which is doing better than her mom, some days. :-) She also attended two cheer camps this year, which she loved, and took swimming lessons… which weren't quite so popular with her. Ha!

Jenna is our two-and-a-half year-old — going on twenty-five! She loves clothes and shoes, coloring, books, singing, playing with her friends and — her newest fascination — helping cook. When she's not busy with those things (or markering on the floor… not that our little angel would ever do anything like that… right?) she likes to try to keep up with her big sister. …Even if that means putting on six whole containers of her sister's lip gloss at once!

Troy and I are way too old of dogs to be learning as many "new tricks" as the girls, but we have had some change this year in our careers. In March, I left Farm Bureau after almost five years and took a new position on a Wells Fargo web team (as a Business Process Analyst — how's that for a mouthful?). It's given me some awesome learning experiences and opportunities, and is really exciting. Troy accepted a different position at Wells Fargo in November. He's a Applications Systems Engineer for a team working on a huge new corporate-wide initiative at Wells Fargo, which means lots of potential ahead for him, too.

We've done lots of other stuff this year, too… taken a few trips (including a fun few days in Florida in February), added a "baby" to our family (Troy's new ATV), spent lots of time chasing our obedient dog, Joe, as he got out and "explored" our neighborhood several times… and a lot more. Check out our new December page, and updated November page for the latest — or any of our 2006 pages.

We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and blessed new year!

~Troy, Jami, Emma, Jenna and Joe

Oh, Christmas tree
I don't think it's ever possible to have too many Christmas trees, and we had seven at our house this year. Three of them were the girls', which they got to decorate.

The girls, in front of their trees

Jenna's holiday program
Jenna had her holiday program at school on Dec. 15. She was so excited, and a complete ham!

She loved dressing up and "looking fancy" in her sparkley Santa dress

The girls in front of the our Christmas tree

Jen in front of the Christmas tree at her school

"I'm SO cute!"

Jenna and her friend, Max… who she adores

The kids made all the decorations for the backdrop in the auditorium

Jenna was so excited to perform! Before the kids started singing, she said to all 200 or so people there, "I don't eat boogers!" …Yep, that's our girl!

Jenna and some of her class

In true two-year-old fashion, Jenna's excitement quickly led to… well… being a little crazy. She started jumping up and down and twirling on the risors. And then she saw everyone was laughing at her, which only fueled the fire!

Little Miss Center-of-Attention says, "Tah-Dah!"

Grandma Reed with the girls

At the park
It was a beautiful day on Dec. 10, so we all took a walk to one of the parks in our development.


"Hey, maybe this IS fun!"

Joe found a tennis ball at the park AND saw a huge rabbit… so it was a great afternoon for him! :-)

Joe was looking cute — as usual — on Dec. 9.

"Yeah, I know I'm cute."

Holidays at the Maifelds
We went to Humboldt on Dec. 4 to celebrate a joint Thanksgiving/Christmas with Troy's family. Troy's brother, Tim, and his family were there, too, and the girls had a blast playing with their cousins.

The girls were all smiles on the way there

Jen makes a fashion statement with her blanket

Grandpa Maifeld and the girls

The girls LOVED meeting their newest cousin, Ella. (I think Jen was glad not to be the baby for once!)

Emma and Sara liked being silly

Well, at least four of the kids were smiling. (Jen likes making goofy faces when it's time to take pictures.)

Jenna liked being silly with Ben

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