January 2007

Snow day
We all had some fun after a snow storm on January 21.

I don't know who likes getting the four wheeler out in the snow more — the girls... or their dad!

Hold on, Jen!

Em liked riding in the inner tube behind the four wheeler, too

Can you tell they were having a good time?

Emma even got to drive the four-wheeler, which she thought was pretty cool

Emma's birthday party
Emma celebrated her sixth birthday with princess birthday party at Raccoon River Lodge on January 20. With 12 little girls there, the decibel level got a little loud sometimes, but they had a great time!

Jenna with Uncle Jake and Aunt Dana. (We were all so excited that they and Brooklyn could make it! It made the day even more special!)

For once, Jenna is taller than her 6' 5" uncle!

Jen thought she was pretty cool in her tights and boots

The girls get ready to play "Pin the Kiss on the Frog"

Emma got to go first to play the game

She also got the "kiss" right on the frog's lips. She swears she didn't cheat, either. ;-P

The girls did lots of fun "princess" stuff, including making their own tiaras, of course. (Every true princess needs her own crown!)

Em shows off the beautiful necklace she made. (Princesses have to have jewelry, too!)

They also got to put make-up on each other. Emma and her friend, Madisen, helped each other with eye shadow. Anyone who knows these two knows this probably won't be the last time we see them helping each other with make-up. :-)

"How great do WE look?"

Emma's friends Zoe and Grace took the make-up pretty seriously. :-)

The girls also painted each others' fingernails. As you can imagine, six-year-olds painting their nails met with — uh — mixed results. :-)

Emma's uncle, Jake, and cousin, Brooklyn

Jenna with her adopted "big sister," Madisen

What else would a princess party have but a princess cake, of course!

The birthday girl blows out her candles

Princess cousins — Emma and Brooklyn

All the pretty princesses

Belated Christmas
Our schedules finally synched up, and we had a belated Christmas on January 20 with my brother and his family. Where was our mom? …In Jamaica with our aunts and uncle, and her friends. Don't you feel really bad for her? ;-)

Em, Brooklyn and Jenna. (Can you tell they were really tired after Emma's birthday party?)

Jenna LOVES playing with babies, so she was so excited to get her own Cabbage Patch Kid!

Even though Grandma was in Jamaica, she still found a way to be "involved" in our celebration — putting the newest member of our family, Dana, up to hiding these "lovely" underwear at our house! …Little does she know paybacks will be coming. :-)

Beach day
Jen got all decked out in her beach-wear for Beach Day at her school on January 18.

In her swimsuit, hula skirt, lei, and water shoes, Jen's ready for the beach.

Little Miss Sassy shows off and poses

Emma loses her first tooth
Emma lost her first tooth on January 18. She was so nervous about it — but so excited when the tooth fairy was finally on her way!

Emma gets a look at herself with one less tooth

The tooth fairy brought Emma all kinds of cool stuff — a special tooth container, a toothbrush and a dollar! She also sprinkled fairy dust all over and left a trail out the door. That made Emma nervous, and she tried to clean it up right away. She didn't know what it was and thought the tooth fairy "left a mess." :-)

Emma with her loot

Emma turns six
Emma turned six on January 16.

Chocolate cupcakes — Em's favorite

Ms. Fancy
Jenna thought she was pretty cool in the fancy new sweater that Grandma Reed got her for Christmas!

"Yeah, I know I'm cute!"

First snow
We got our first real snow of the winter on January 14. The girls were so excited to finally be able to get all their snow gear on and go play!

Our cute snow bunnies

Joe might have even been more excited than the girls about the snow. He LOVES to play in it, and stays out for hours, if we let him.

Emma was a big helper and helped shovel the driveway

Jen wasn't so sure about the snow at first

Then she decided it was pretty cool

Jen liked riding on the four wheeler with me

Emma liked riding with Dad, too

The girls looked cute in their pigtails on January 11.

"Can you tell Mom to PLEASE quit taking our pictures?"

Sweet sisters
The girls looked cute in their animal pajamas on January 9.

"You can take my picture, but I don't have to like it!"

Cheerleader Jenna
Jenna LOVES cheerleading! So I guess it shouldn't have come as any big surprise on January 8 when she went into the toyroom, and came out wearing nothing put her Pull-Up and a hula skirt… and carrying her pom-poms. She told us she was a cheerleader!

Then Emma got involved and had to start teaching Jenna cheers. She told me they were playing Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. (I'm not even sure how she even knows what that IS.) Anyway, it was pretty darn funny!

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