February 2007

Fun in Kansas City
We spent a fun weekend in Kansas City in February. In a true show of Midwestern weather, it was 60 degrees in Kansas City, and we drove back to Des Moines in a blizzard. …Maybe I'm starting to understand why people move to Florida. :-)

The girls loved going swimming at the hotel. …And Jenna loved the Ariel sunglasses she got at the Disney Store in Kansas City. (Ariel is her favorite princess; can you tell?)

Look at us!

All three girls — and Sebastian and Pooh, too

Emma shows off the Tinnkerbell doll she got at the Disney Store

Jen, still with the Ariel shades… just a little crazy!

A sign of things to come? :-) …Emma asked me a little while ago, "How old do I need to be before I get a cell phone? Twelve?" Ugg; it's already started!

The girls also got Disney "cell phones" while they were shopping. They LOVE playing with them; I'm not quite so sure how Troy and I feel about hearing them 100 times in a row. :-)

More time on the phones. (They chose this pose, and wanted to make sure their phones got in the photo… which should tell you how much they liked their cells!)

Lunch with Mema
We met Grandma Reed in Ames, after she got back from her Jamaica trip (complete with her Jamaica tan), for a fun lunch.

Happy girls

Coffee makers
Jenna loves to help Troy make coffee each day. Helping grind the coffee beans became part of her morning routine. :-)

Daddy's little helper

Necessity is the mother of a… naughty dog
Joe knew he had Valentine's presents on the table, and that one of his presents was a blinky ball – his absolute favorite toy. I guess he got tired of waiting for time to open presents and took matters into his own hands (or paws, as the case may be), and jumped up on the table!

Joe, caught red-pawed

"What? I didn't do anything"

Jenna's 'boat'
Jenna – never a kid who lacks for imagination – climbed in the box for our new printer/scanner and told us it was her boat. :-)

Picture day
Emma was really proud of how curly her normally stick-straight hair was for picture day!

Exploding with spirit
Emma had a great time at the Waukee High School cheerleader cheer camp on Feb. 3. Two of her best friends were there, too, which made it even more fun for her!

Emma with her friends Courtney (in back) and Ashley

Em thought she was big-time doing a stunt with the "big girls"

Practicing a cheer

The girls also practiced a few different kind of jumps. Emma lands one here.

Courtney, Ashley and Emma show their spirit

The girls practiced...

And practiced...

And practiced some more

Emma does the "Warrior Rumble"

Jen hung out with Troy and me, watching the cheer camp. She did great — but got a little mad that she couldn't do the camp, too. (She LOVES cheerleading!)

Jen gets a different view

The girls wait to do the parent performance after their camp

The girls show off all their hard work to the parents

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