April 2007

Family picnic
Live Y'ers – Emma's before- and after-school program – had a family picnic on April 28. The girls had a great time – especially playing out on the school playground waiting for the picnic to start!

"Our future's so bright…"

"Yeah, we know we're cool"

"I'm not sure how I feel about this slide…"

"Okay, maybe I'll go down."

All smiles

Troy dunks… on an eight-foot hoop. :-)

Emma with her parents
As part of a combined Mother/Father's Day lesson at Emma's school, she needed to bring photos of her with her parents. So, we took some new photos…

Our little gymnast
Emma learned a lot during her latest gymnastics class! Jenna learned, too… that she wants to take gymnastics lessons like her big sister. :-)

The little gymnast, before class

Emma (in the purple shorts) doing bridges

Emma gets an assist from her teacher to do a back flip

Chalk it up
Jenna loves to color with sidewalk chalk. Can you tell?

Picnic fun
Troy's department had a really nice picnic on April 21, complete with perfect weather. The only thing that marred an otherwise perfect day? …A couple slithering visitors. :-)

The girls had a great time at the picnic

Slithering visitor #1: A four-foot long bull snake

Joe wasn't sure about the snake and tried to get a closer look

He left it alone after it snapped at him and tried to bite him on the nose. :-)

Slithering visitor #2: A garter snake that crawled over Emma and Jenna's feet! …Needless to say, there was some screaming involved!

One of the boys at the picnic holding the snake in question

The girls loved playing with the squirt guns at the party. No big surprise that they chose pink and purple guns. :-)

Jenna was fully loaded with TWO guns!

Joe was tired after going crazy chasing bubbles from the bubble machine. (He LOVES bubbles!) …Bubbles AND "hunting" a snake? It was a dream-come-true day for him.

All the Maifelds

Jump around
The girls love the tramploine they got as an Easter present from Troy and me. …Now if we could only find some time to assemble the safety net we got for it. :-)

I'm not quite sure who had more fun – the girls, or their dad!

Emma's 'journal'
Emma writes in her journal every day at school, so I had to laugh when I found this, hidden in the bathroom one day when she'd gotten in trouble for being mean to her sister.

Translation: "I don't love any people in the whole world besides Mema." Then, notice that Jenna got a sad face. :-)

Happy Easter!

The groggy girls with all the cool stuff they got from the Easter Bunny

The girls looked fancy in their Easter dresses, before going to church

Troy and the girls going to Easter "church." Our church has grown so large the Easter service was held in Wells Fargo arena. So many people came to the service that there were traffic jams on the freeway to get to the service. What a great "problem" to have! The Easter service had around 13,000 people at it – the third-largest event ever at Wells Fargo arena!

Troy and Em waiting for the service to start

Grandma Reed and Jenna before the service started

There was an awful lot of spirit in that arena that morning… completely amazing. Check out some more of the service photos, listen to the sermon, or read what Pastor Mike had to say about the day.

Mema and the girls after church

Relaxing after church

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