May 2007

Fun in Omaha
We took a quick three-day vacation to Omaha in May.

We all love going to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha – a completely amazing zoo. Jenna, however, wasn't so sure about going over the rope bridge with Troy. :-)

The girls check out the items in the aquarium touch tank

Jenna touched a starfish and crab; Emma was a little more cautious and just watched

Troy and the girls in the shark tunnel

Mommy and baby gorilla

Troy and the girls watch the gorillas

Troy and Jenna waiting for the tram

Troy and Emma STILL waiting for the tram. (We had about a 25 minute wait.)

The girls on the tram

Jenna thought she was pretty cool wheeling her bag through the zoo

Emma and Jenna with one of the gorillas, who seemed just as interested in the kids as they were in him

The snow leopard takes a nap

Whenever we visit the zoo, we always have to check up on the tiger with only three legs. Emma is always very concerned about how she is doing (see photos from 2005), and now she has Jenna worried about her welfare, too. (For the record, she's always just fine.)

The girls had a great time playing at the Amazing Pizza Machine. We all had a great time on the go karts, too. Troy and Jen took their turn as the "Intimidators."

The girls always love to go on the Frog Hopper – and just maybe their mom thinks it's fun, too

The girls show off their new shirts and toys they got at the Disney Store in Omaha

Portfolio day
Emma's school had a combined Mother's and Father's Day celebration on May 16, where the kids got to share their portfolios for the year. It was amazing to see the progress she's made in a year!

Emma drew this picture for us: "Dear Mom and Dad, I love you. Thank you for coming to school and for helping me learn. Love, Emma"

This is a picture she drew for us. I got a rainbow and hearts; Troy got Darth Vadar – which Emma drew from memory! …Pretty impressive!

Emma at her spot in school, with her portolio

Celebrating with science
Jenna chose to go to the Science Center to celebrate her third birthday.

Playing with air is fun

Who will win the tennis ball race?

Troy and the girls wait for a show at the Science Center

The birthday girl got to be a volunteer "scientist" duing one of the shows, making a lava lamp out of oil, water and Alka Seltzer.

Jen looked pretty cute in her safety glasses!

The girls always love to play with the bubbles

"…so BIG!"


…and after!

Happy birthday, Jenna
Jenna turned three on May 12.

The birthday girl

Jenna with her presents

Surprise, surprise… her favorite presents were her "Little Mermaid' gifts

Jenna got Flounder and an Ariel purse

Jen loves the Ariel backpack she got

Jenna's Ariel birthday cake

The big birthday girl

Jenna celebrates her birthday at school
Jenna had an early birthday celebration at school on Friday, May 11.

Jenna thought she was pretty fancy, in her pretty lady bug dress and special hat the birthday kids get to wear at school

Jenna gets silly with Max, one of her best friends

Jenna and her teacher, Kerry

Snack time

It was also "Mommies and Muffins" day, the school's Mother's Day celebration

Silly Jenna and Max – again. :-) …Both of them came to tell Max's mom, Jenny, and me good-bye.

Musical Emma
Emma was very excited for her first "debut," in the Brookview Kindergarten "Mighty Minds" musical.

Working off some pre-show jitters on the trampoline

Our fancy girl, before her show

Grandma Reed and the girls

Emma played the part of a speaker, which made her glad, "because I wear whatever I want – and look fancy!" (The other kids had to wear capes and certain colors.) …And, by the way, can anyone ever spell "Maifeld" correctly? :-)

Emma did great saying her line: "I can't remember the dates in history!"

Emma and her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Schrodt

Emma and one of her best friends, Allison

Emma chose to go to Joe's Crab Shack after her program, to celebrate

Silly Emma, with – as she said – "blood" on her finger (aka, ketchup)

…Copying her big sister. :-)

Good-bye hugs from Mema

Thanks, teachers!
The girls show off the minature rose plants they got for their teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day.

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