June 2007

Got milk?
Jenna shows off her best milk (okay, peach smoothie) moustache on June 26.

Silly Jenna!

Des Moines Arts Festival
We had a great time at the Des Moines Arts Festival. There is always amazing entertainment and activities, and this year was definitely no different.

The girls do their "fancy pose" before heading downtown to the festival

"Look at me!"

Our cuties

Troy and the girls

Emma was all smiles at the festival when she saw Troy (who had just been waiting in line 20 minutes for a hamburger – no kidding!)

Artist Emma

The girls always love all the kids' crafts and activities, including decorating their own shopping bags. (Anything with shopping and art combined = two very happy little girls!)

The girls also made fancy horseshoes

Jenna says "cheese"

Emma got a bird's eye view of the Joffrey Ballet performance, which was the girls' favorite part of the festival. They loved seeing the dancers… and pretending they were ballerinas!

A pretty sunset capped a great evening

Getting around 3" of rain in an hour is bound to lead to some flash flooding, and that's exactly what happened on June 21. At one point, the street next to our house had almost three feet of standing water in it!

Picnic day
We had a great lunch with Jenna, at her school's annual picnic lunch on June 20.

Jenna thought she was pretty cool in her chair and with KFC for lunch!

One happy kid!

Jenna loves being silly with her friend, Max

How much does she like Max? …He was the only one she let sit in her chair!

Boating fun
We rented a pontoon boat on June 16, as an early Father's Day present for Troy. Despite the first boat that we were in breaking down (in the middle of a thunderstorm – and a lot of lightning!), everyone had a great time!

Troy casts for Emma. Any big surprise that Emma and Jenna have a pink and purple princess fishing pole? :-)

The two girls "fishing"

One fancy fisher(wo)man

It may have been girly, but Emma's princess pole was the only one to catch a fish all day

Troy has to show off the fish, because Emma wouldn't come within 15 feet of it. …Crappies are pretty vicious fish, you know. :-)

The girls even got to drive the boat, which they LOVED!

…Jenna's turn to drive!

Troy and the girls
Troy with the girls on June 15.

Joe goes swimming
It's tough to tell who has a better time the girls' pool… Emma and Jenna – or Joe!

Joe loves to jump in the pool, to cool off and get a quick drink.

Do the zoo
We made a quick visit to Blank Park Zoo on June 9.

Emma was all smiles on the rope bridge

Jenna loved it, too… thanks to a little assist from Dad!

Troy and the girls by the jellyfish

The girls show off on the wallaby trail

The girls have a good time feeding the fish

Emma and Jenna check out the prairie dog display

The girls thought the "Scoop on Poop" exhibit was pretty funny!

After the zoo, we stopped by a motorsports store… where the girls had to check out one of the ATV's that was just their size.

Pretty girls
The girls looked cute – as always – on June 1.

"…I don't want my picture taken."

I'm not sure Joe wanted his picture taken, either. :-)

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