July 2007

Splish, splash!
Emma had swim lessons at the Waukee YMCA from July 9-19. She did great!

One happy swimmer

Emma practices with her teacher, Mary

Worlds of (Kansas City) Fun
We spent the weekend in Kansas City, for a quick trip – and a great time at Worlds of Fun!

The girls at the Worlds of Fun entrance

Troy and the girls on the train

Worlds of Fun has a ton of kids' rides, and the girls had a blast going on all of them!

Troy and Emma drive one of the antique cars

The girls check out a few of the roller coasters, which they decided were "really, really scary!"

Riding the kids' train

Troy (with Jenna) on the kids' roller coaster

Emma on the coaster

The girls and I have some fun

We all had a great time playing in the foam ball play area, with three stories of climbing area – and air-powered guns to shoot the balls. :-)

Emma and Troy load up on "ammo"

Can you tell they were having fun? :-)

…And can you tell I was Troy's next target? :-)

Troy may have had as much fun as the girls :-)

The girls, at the Lucy's famous stand. :-)

Emma got mad because she got a little water on her on the boat ride. Imagine that… water? On a boat ride? :-)

The girls loved all the rides, but the swings were one of their favorites!

Jenna did great on the ferris wheel; Emma, on the other hand, got pretty nervous when we were stopped towards the top.

What vacation would be complete without a visit to the girls' favorite store in the world – the Disney Store!

The girls really liked this Disney Store, which was in the Zona Rosa shopping area in Kansas City

Joe went with us, too. He liked chilling out on the car ride home.

One comfy dog

Two silly girls
Emma and Jenna love to dress up and be silly.

Emma likes to pretend she's a princess, especially wearing a fancy nightgown and shoes!

Emma told Jenna to pretend to be a "baby"

Here's the silly "baby" at dinner

Fancy Emma, before swim lessons one day

Fun on the Fourth!
We all had a great time at our annual neighborhood Fourth of July party. (You can also check out a lot more photos at the party's online photo album.

Our little firecrackers

Can you tell Jenna was excited to go to the party?

"Whoa! This slide goes fast!"

The girls had a great time on the bounce house, too

Troy and Jenna, each with their favorite way to cool down. :-)

Troy and Jen take a turn on the slide

The King's Valley kids

"Mom says it's time to go. Maybe if I hide over here and play with this, she won't see me."

One last, crazy time down the slide

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