August 2007

Emma drew a welcome mat for our front door. It was pretty cute!

New Shirts
The girls show off the fancy shirts Grandma Reed got them in Jamaica. …No problem, mon! :-)

First Day of School
Emma started first grade on Aug. 22. She was a little nervous, but excited about making new friends and getting to know her fabulous new teacher, Mrs. Schnedler.

Our fancy first grader

I wanted to get a nice picture of the girls together on Emma's first day, but Jenna had other ideas…

Jenna was a little wound up

Okay, maybe Jenna was a lot wound up

Can you tell Emma was getting a little upset at her sister? :-)

The big-time first grader gets to school

Emma and her new teacher, Mrs. Schnedler, even had matching outfits! :-)

Proud Dad

Proud Mom, too

Emma with two of her best friends, Kara and Nathan. She was really excited they both were going to be in her class!

Emma waits with her class to go inside

It's almost time!

Emma and Nathan have been together since they were babies — first at daycare/pre-school, then kindergarten, and now first grade. They decided last year they were going to get married and have 1,000 kids. I asked Nathan where they were all going to live. Without missing a beat he told me, "In a hotel." …So they have it all planned out. :-)

Jenna was ready for it to be her first day of school, too. She wanted to be a big girl like Emma!

Silly Jenna!

The kids get ready to head inside

One last good-bye before starting the first grade

Mommy/Daughter Day
We started a tradition last year that before school starts, Em (and, someday Jenna) gets a day alone with each Troy and I — to do whatever special thing she wants. For our day, Emma wanted to do "girl" things (big shocker) — get our nails done, and go shopping!

"Mommy/Daughter Day" started out with yummy donuts

Emma was a little nervous at first

…Then, it was fun! She liked picking out her nail color, and even chose to have flowers painted on her nails, too.

Fingers done? Check! …Time to start on the toes.

Little Miss Fancy-Pants thought she was pretty big time, sitting under the UV driers

Mani- and Pedi- all done!



After getting our nails done, we had a little "retail therapy" at the mall. :-)

Daddy/Daughter Day
Troy and Emma had a special "Daddy/Daughter Day" on Aug. 17, before Emma started school. Emma chose to go to Glazed Expressions, a paint-your-own pottery place. She loved it!

The artist at work, on her monkey

Troy painted a turtle and dog; Emma painted a money and unicorn

Emma puts the finishing touches on her unicorn

Play time
We had a fun night with Jenna's friends, Max and Hattie, and their families on Aug. 17.

Jenna and Max loved playing in Hattie's cool whale sprinkler pool… Even though it wasn't very warm that night, they still had a blast! (Hattie was smart enough to know it was cold, and decided to stay wrapped in her towel.)

Emma was cold, too

The kids had a ton of fun with the Play-Doh

Fun at the Fair
We had fun at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 12.

"Can we get going already?"

Our traditional State Fair breakfast — every year, before braving the fair, we stop for fresh, homemade caramel rolls. Yum!

The girls loved seeing all the baby animals in the new Animal Learning Center. Here they are checking out the baby chicks.

Jenna got brave and petted a lot of the baby animals, like this lamb. Emma kept her distance. :-)

Jenna liked this baby goat, too

A sign of things to come? …Emma and Jenna always talk about having their own farm when they grow up. They have very detailed plans, and know a TON about farming and the different types of farms.

Another "Farmer's Daughter"

The girls liked riding on the tram

When this silly goat bleated, it sounded like "Eeee-mmmm-aaaa!" We had to listen to it a few times to believe it, but it really did sound like he was saying "Emma."

Waiting for a show. (Can you tell it was starting to get warm — and the "I'm too hot" cranky factor was setting in?)

The girls loved watching the magician, who did his whole show in sign language — with a speaking interpreter, too. Very cool!

Our girls ALWAYS love coloring!

Of all the things they saw, playing with the sand in the DNR building was one of the girls' favorite things. Getting dirty is fun? …Oh, yeah!

Corny Kids
The girls love corn on the cob — can you tell?

Fun field trip
Jenna and her class, the Pinwheels, had a fun field trip to Fairmeadows Park on Aug. 10.

The kids were all excited when they got to the park.

Jenna got sad, because she didn't get to sit next to one of her best friends, Max, on the bench. ...The drama begins. :-)

Then Jenna got her fill of Max time, so she was happy.

Jenna and her friend Kaylie had fun playing, too.

Jenna and Kaylie show off their climbing skills

The kids' teacher, Carol, was all smiles, too.

It was very, VERY hot that day (notice the red and sweaty faces), so the field trip had to end early — but not before stopping for nice cold drinks of water.

Time to go!

The Pinwheels get ready to go back to school

Smile pretty!
The girls had their photos taken on Aug. 5.

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