September 2007

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far…
Emma and I were silly and wore matching clothes one weekend. We got a few goofy glances when we went to the store. Imagine that! :-)

Apples and Pumpkins and Goats… Oh, My!
We visited the Center Grove Orchards on September 29. In addition to being an orchard, they have pumpkin patches, animals and tons of fun stuff!

The girls loved riding on the train — especially Jenna

They also had a cow you could "milk." (It was hooked up to a hose, so water was supposed to come out of the udder.)

"How in the heck does this WORK?!?!"

"Seriously, can someone give me a hand here?!?!"

They also had a cool pedal tractor course.

There was a corn-stalk "tunnel" leading to an one room schoolhouse, too. (Emma's first question: "Where did they go to the bathroom?!")

There was even the three little pigs' houses.

Our smart girls chose the brick house! :-)

Jenna liked this friendly kitty

The farm had all kinds of animals — pigs, goats, sheep, poultry and more. The goats had a really elaborate area, with some "perches" up high.

There were all kinds of birds, including turkeys, ducks, geese, and all sorts of crazy chickens.

Troy and Jenna check out the goat up high

The birds loved it when Emma fed them.

A few too many flocked around her, though, and she started getting nervous!

The girls had fun playing in the corn pool (think of a sand box with corn instead of sand) — even though we did find a dead mouse in the corn. Yuck! They were troopers and didn't care!

The girls run to the hay maze

They did really well and found their way through the maze all by themselves.

Troy and Jenna in the gourd patch. The girls liked seeing all the crazy different kinds of gourds.

The girls even got "tattoos" painted on them.

Jenna chose a dragonfly.

Emma chose a butterfly.

Apple cider slushes — YUMMY!

Jen liked playing with the giant checkers on the cool, huge covered porch at the orchard, too.

Jen even got to pretend to drive this old tractor.

Waiting for the hay ride to the apple orchards and hay maze

On the hay ride

Jenna picks her apple

Emma picked a HUGE apple.

Outside the corn maze

There lots of pumpkins in the pumpkin patch

It was SO windy that day, dust kept getting in our eyes. Poor Jenna is getting a face-full here.

Our little pumpkins :-)

Pigs really DO fly!
Our neighbors, Brian and Robin, had a hog roast — and surprise wedding — on Sept. 22. (The party theme was when pigs fly, because that's when everyone said the two of them would finally get married!) Despite an escape act from their dog, Smokie (who so badly didn't want to miss the party that he jumped over the four-foot fence in our backyard, where he was staying, and went to join everyone at his house), it was a beautiful day, and everyone had a blast! A great way to start a marriage! Congrats! (More photos of the wedding are in Brian and Robin's online photo album.)

The girls were really excited about the party and wedding, and were just a little silly!

"It's finally time!" (They'd been waiting weeks for the big day!)

Brian and Robin had a hog roast, which (amazingly) the girls thought was really cool. They liked watching Robin's family move the hog from the roaster to the table.


Everyone had a great time playing the games they had set up, too.

Jenna made a friend at the party

Can you tell she was having fun?

The girls liked playing ball… until Smokie (Brian and Robin's German Shephard) decided he wanted to play, too, and popped the kick and soccer balls they brought. :-)

Craft time
We did a lot of home-made crafts in September, including making our own tie-dye with Kool-Aid. It didn't work out so well (our high efficiency, super-duper washer washed out the dye), but it sure was fun making a mess dying the shirts!

The girls were excited about our project… and how silly they looked wearing their mom's old clothes, so they wouldn't get dirty!

Emma works on one of her shirts

Jenna had fun with the rubber gloves!

Fun with Clay
The girls had a great time with the coffee clay we made. They rolled it out, cut out shapes with cookie cutters, baked it and painted it!

Troy even got in on the painting!

"This is VERY serious work; just leave me alone!"

Dad and his girls

"Okay, so I don't have a skirt, dress or tie on… but I'm still going to show you this stick I love — and hope that you please throw it for me!"

Fun day
While Troy and I worked on landscaping — which was one of this summer's big projects — the girls had a lot of fun outside on Sept 2.

The girls loved playing with the sidewalk paint we made. When it dries, it looks just like sidewalk chalk — but they get to paint it on. Very cool stuff!

"Are we cool, or what?"

Another spot to paint!

Then Jenna took her bike for a spin…

And Emma took her scooter out.

Then, it was time for the Slip-and-Slide!

Emma gets sprayed in the face!


Always the engineer, Troy decided the Slip-and-Slide wasn't going fast enough for the girls… so he added the sprinkler hose and Elmo sprinkler, too. :-)

Time to dry off

Silly Jenna

The girls show off their silly faces

Jenna's a cool dude!

All smiles!

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