October 2007

More Halloween Fun
Jenna had her Halloween party at school on Oct. 31. Between that and the awesome trick or treating through the Farm Bureau building (where her school is), she had a super day!

Jenna and her friend, Hattie (aka, Princess Fiona)

Hattie and Jenna, with their teacher, Carol

Cowboy Alex Foster and Jenna

Jenna and her friend, Molly (an awfully cute Dora the Explorer)

Jenna and her super-friend, Max, who she reminds us all the time that she's going to marry. …Hey, who can blame her? Did you see his muscles? :-)

Take a look at Jenna's trick or treat bag… See why she loves trick-or-treating there?

Trick or Treat
Our two High School Musical cheerleaders hit the neighborhood to trick or treat on Beggar's Night, Oct. 30. With temperatures in the 60s, it was a fabulous night!

"Go Wildcats!"

The girls at the neighborhood pre-trick-or-treating party

Joe got to go out trick or treating with us, too. He was a Hawaiian dog, and wore a lei

"Is it time to go yet?"

Family photos
We took advantage of a great day on Oct. 27 to take some family photos.

Halloween Fun
We had a great time at Living History Farm's Family Halloween.

The cheerleaders at Living History Farms

This pumpkin was almost as tall as Jenna!

In addition to trick or treating, we also got to go on a horse-drawn wagon ride — which was a blast

Jenna roasts her marshmallow

It took Troy quite a while to roast his marshmallow. Evidentally, the "just let it catch on fire and burn" philosophy wasn't good enough for this engineer! :-)

Pretty girls
A few times we caught the girls, being especially cute.

The girls love to match their outfits, can you tell? Here they are looking awfully cute on Oct. 20.

Emma's school library asked the kids to bring in photos of themselves reading, for their "Caught You Reading" display. How appropriate that I "caught" Emma reading this book? ;-P

The girls on Oct. 22, when Em was supposed to wear red to school for the start of Red Ribbon week — where the kids celebrated being drug free

Big smiles
The girls looked fancy on Emma's school photo day.

Jenna's "fancy" pose

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