November 2007

Happy Holidays from the Maifelds!

After spending most of yesterday inside, avoiding the ice storm we got, I suppose it's finally time to admit that winter is almost here! And as I spent an hour or so shovelling the icey, slushy mix, I remembered why people move to Arizona! :-)

Like most of you, I'm sure, we're in a crazed frenzy getting ready for Christmas. All of our Christmas trees (all seven of them) are out, we've got most of our shopping done, and the girls have already seen Santa a few times, but it still feels like there's much left to do. (…Like get Christmas cards out, make cookies and goodies, get to all of our holiday events, etc.) Maybe I'll have to ask one of my project manager friends to put together a project plan for our holiday season. :-)

Emma started first grade this Fall. We are so grateful for her amazing teacher, Mrs. Schnedler — a very kind and super lady! Emma's reading progress has been spectacular; she went from being able to plug along on simple books to now reading "chapter" books! She's also obsessed with High School Musical, art, writing, looking fancy ("like Sharpay," she tells us, a High School Musical character), math, and cheerleading. (She and Jenna are both taking cheer/tumbling now.) The surest sign that our six-year-old is going on 16? …She told us a few months ago, "I like clothes more than toys." Needless to say, she loves shopping!

Jenna is still her happy, go-lucky self. Like Emma, she likes tumbling and cheerleading, too. She also loves cooking, art, singing, dancing and being a ham! She is definitely the "class clown" in our family, and can always make us smile! Jenna is also our "diva in training," following in the steps of her big sister's like of fashion and "being fancy." Jenna's learning always amazes us, too. She can now spell and read not only her name, but the names of everyone in her class! She even knows her address, and things like the fact that French is spoken in Madagascar! (Her school is phenomenal!)

Troy and I are both still on the same teams at Wells Fargo. It's been a trying year for the company, and we've unfortunately seen many people lose their jobs. We are grateful, however, that both our groups have been stable. On a happier note, we've had a great year, filled with lots of fun. Be sure to check out the new November page, updated October page, and any of the other 2007 pages to see what we've been up to this year.

We wish you a very happy and healthy 2008! Best wishes!

~Troy, Jami, Emma, Jenna and Joe


Happy Thanksgiving
We had a great time with my family at Thanksgiving. My mom's church made a nice meal. Thanksgiving with no prep work or clean up? …Hey, that's something to be thankful for in my book! :-)

The girls playing in some of Grandma Reed's dress-up stuff

Jenna loves her Uncle Jake

"Fancy" girls

The girls with Uncle Jake and Aunt Dana

Aunt Dana has a great rule that the girls love… After every "serious" photo, you have to take one with silly and crazy faces!

Wow! Are we sure we want to claim these two as being part of the family? :-)

Dana and Jake show off their smiles. (Dana is about 4 1/2 months pregnant here, and looking fabulous. No acne, greasy hair, look of absolute exhaustion, or ugly maternity clothes? …How awesome of a pregnant woman is she?!?!)

Troy and Jake both showed up wearing almost the same sweaters, which we found hilarious.

The obligatory guy "folded hands" shot :-)

The girls help Mema get lunch ready

The happy family

Jenna make a silly face? …Never!

Our tired little girl

Grandma and her girls

Tree Lighting
Along with about 13,000 other people, we had a great time at Jordan Creek Town Center's tree lighting on Nov. 17. After a concert by the Blenders, Santa arrived to light the huge Christmas tree at the mall. What could top that? …How about a fabulous fireworks display, better than any other we've ever seen! More photos, and still more photos

We were all bundled up, waiting for the concert

Troy and Jenna, bundled up

Emma and I, waiting too

The Blenders' show was great…

…And the fireworks were even better! After it was all over, we drank the hot chocolate (and marshmallows, of course) that we brought. What a great night!

In the News
An article about the Waukee Schools' new science curriculum was in the Des Moines Register on Nov. 2, with a focus on Emma's class. …And guess who was front-and-center (in pink, of course) in the article photo? :-) The article can be found here

Register caption: First-graders find out which way the wind is coming from with wind vanes made from paper and straws during a lesson about air and weather at Brookview Elementary.

Fall Party
Emma's class had their Fall party on Nov. 2. (Get more photos here…)

Troy helps Emma with her craft project, making a Fall placemat

Emma and her friend, Layne, eat the yummy cookies they decorated

All the High School Musical girls together — Emma (High School Musical cheerleader), Kara (Gabriella) and Ella (another High School Musical Cheerleader). Go Wildcats!

One of the games the kids played was wrapping each other up like mummies

…Now it's Emma's turn to be the mummy

…And now it's Mrs. Schnedler's turn!

The whole class

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