December 2007

Ringing in the New Year…
We had an great early New Year's Eve party on Dec. 30, with our friends Pete and Jenny, and John and Dawn.

Emma and Jenna loved playing with Max and Hattie. The kids were just a little excited, can you tell?

More crazy kids!

Jenna loved wearing this helmet. ...Too bad it was a Cy-drones helmet! (...Sorry, Jenny!)

Christmastime is here…
We had a great Christmas Eve at home.

The girls spent Christmas Eve morning decorating the cookies they made the night before

The girls had fun decorating cookies, can you tell?

The girls with Harley, Mema… and their presents. Grandma Reed had a long day on Christmas Eve. After working most of the day, she went home to find out her furnace was working – in overdrive! …She drove down to see us, but then had to go home to deal with that "fun." :-(

Joe opens his present

Jenna with the presents Emma got her – which were some of her favorites! (She LOVES playing babies!)

Emma with the sheets and Cabbage Patch Kid she got

The last present the girls opened was a Little People airplane (pink, of course), and a card telling them we would be going to California in January!

Pilot Jenna

Mema gives her girls a squeeze

Joe loved the new hedgehog he got

Jenna and Grandma Reed get silly

Emma and Grandma Reed

The girls were getting tired by the time they got their jammies on

Right before bed, the girls put out the reindeer food that they'd made for Santa's reindeer

The girls got a snack ready for Santa – some of the cookies they'd made, along with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. (He asked them for that specifically, plus some carrots for his reindeer.)

Merry Christmas!
Christmas Day was wonderful, too.

Emma by her stocking on Christmas morning

Jenna by her stocking

The girls by their presents from Santa

Emma was really happy to get the baby My Little Pony she wanted

Jenna liked her Dora Legos, too

The girls and their presents

Joe tried to tell us that we'd forgotten to check his stocking!

All that was left of Santa and his reindeer's snack…

The girls' empty advent calendars meant Christmas was finally here

Just got back from the bars after being out all night? …Nah, it's just our girls playing dress-up on Christmas afternoon. :-)

At home
Some quiet time at home on December 23.

Emma shows off the Lite Brite picture she made

Jenna gets some cuddle time with Dad

Reed Christmas
We went to Mason City for Christmas on December 22, and had a great time. We drove home in one of this winter's many horrible storms, but (very, very) thankfully made it home safely. :-)

All of us, out to lunch

Jenna and Emma with their cousin, Brooklyn

Three little reindeer

Emma loved the fancy, sparkly jeans from Mema

Another High School Musical fan? …Imagine that! :-)

Jenna liked EVERY present she got, and got SO excited about everything – including these High School Musical pajamas from Mema, and PlayDoh set from Uncle Jake and Aunt Dana

Humphrey had better things to do than smile for this picture :-)

Harley gets fresh

Brooklyn and Dana… the most fabulously glowing pregnant woman ever! :-)

Troy and Mom

Harley decides that Fred's need makes a great pillow

…And that a box makes a nice pillow, too

Humphrey was on patrol and saw something outside, waking Harley up from one of his naps

The girls had a good time playing in Mema's living room

The cousins

The girls getting silly with their aunt and uncle doesn't stop Humphrey from his patrol duty

All that playing tired Jenna out, and she fell asleep on the way home

Holiday party
Emma's class holiday party was on Dec. 21.

Emma at her desk, before the party

Emma and her friends work on the craft, making a wooden reindeer

It looks like I'd been sniffing too much of that glue out on the table :-P

Troy and Emma at the cookie decoration station

Emma won the first round of musical chairs!

Emma loved being the conductor for the "Conductor Says…" station, which was just like "Simon Says," but a tie-in to the book Mrs. Schnedler read the class later

More fun with "Conductor Says"

Before the end of the day, Mrs. Schnedler read the class "The Polar Express"

As they were reading the book, the class got a surprise delivery – brought to the room by the front office staff. Santa knew they were going to be reading that book and had special presents delivered to the class!

All of the class got bells! (…If you've ever read the book or seen the movie, this is a huge part of the story.)

Emma's class… with bells on :-)

The three of us

Emma's program
After getting postponed because of one of our many winter storms this year, Emma's Fine Arts program was on December 18.

Emma and her friend, Layne, wait for the concert

Overture, curtain, lights… time for the show to begin!

Emma and her teacher, Mrs. Schnedler

Our fancy girl

Parents' Night Out
Each year, Jenna's school offers a night of care in December, to give parents a little pre-holiday breathing room. The kids decorate cookies, do crafts, watch a movie, play – and have a great time! We took the opportunity to go dinner with our friends (and Jenna's friends' parents), while the girls had a blast.

The girls with Jenna's friend, Hattie

Jenna's program
Jenna had her holiday program on December 13. No surprise that our ham did a great job!

The kids' decorations adorned the stage

Jenna told everyone before the show that she was the princess of the show, because of her fancy dress! :-)

She also told them everyone was going to marry Andrew, the little guy in the tux next to her, because he looked "handsome." …I don't think she'll be wearing heels to that wedding. :-)

Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa and Mrs. Claus came to Emma's school in early December.

Jenna liked seeing Santa and Mrs. Claus… and telling them that she wanted baby stuff!

All smiles!

Jenna and her friends, Hattie and Max, ganged up on Santa and Mrs. Claus! Anyone else bet that wish list from those three was pretty long? :-)

Play date
The girls had some friends over for a play date on December 8.

Jenna wasn't sure about having her photo taken by the tree before the play date

…She may have been a little to excited. What do you think? :-)

This was as good as the tree photo was going to get :-)

Silly face time!

Jenna and Hattie work on the snowman light craft that all the girls did. They also got to make reindeer food.

All the girls take a break from playing for a photo

Eight silly girls

Madisen, Emma and Jenna show off their snowman lights

Emma, Madisen and Jen work on melty beads

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