February 2008

Snow Day…
The girls and Joe – and Troy – had fun playing outside after a snow storm on Feb. 17.

Troy started building the base of a snow man

…Still going…

…And going…

Troy and the girls, by part of the big snowball

Finally, the snowball got so big that Troy couldn't push it alone. So, our neighbor, Brian, came over to help.

How many grown men does it take to build an oversized snowman? :-)

The partially done snowman was bigger than Emma!

Happy Love Day…
The girls were very excited about Valentine's Day. (By the way, I'm stealing the phrase "Love Day" from my sister-in-law, Dana.)

Another day, another fruitless attempt to get a nice photo of the girls together. :-)

Emma's Lost Tooth
Emma lost her third tooth – and first top tooth – at school on Feb. 13, a year after losing her first two! …A few days before she lost her tooth, she told Troy she was going to ask the tooth fairy for $30, so she could buy two Webkinz! Talk about inflation… I think the tooth fairy's running rate was around 25 cents when I was a kid!
Check out some of the photos of her new "window."

Emma's new smile!

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