March 2008

High School Musical
The girls had a great time when we went to see High School Musical on Tour at the Civic Center on March 25 — opening night!

Our two little Wildcats, at home before going to the show

All of us, at the Civic Center, waiting for the show to start

A view of all the people waiting, and some of the gear for sale. …It is a Disney show, after all, so there is always something for sale. :-)

The girls waiting (mostly) patiently for the show

Jenna could only be "patient" for so long. :-)

One happy girl!

Happy Easter!
We had a nice Easter on March 23.

Joe checks out what the Easter Bunny brought him – a blinky ball (always his favorite!) and a squeaky stuffed duckie. He knew exactly what was his. :-)

"Can I get this out of here myself?"

"Maybe if I look cute – and ask nicely – someone will help me."

The girls, with their presents from the Easter Bunny

Two happy girls

Emma really wanted another Webkinz, and was very excited the Easter Bunny brought her a bunny Webkin, which she named Sunny (like her friend, Madisen's, real rabbit, Sunny Bunny)

Emma and her Sunny Bunny

"PLEASE give me my toy!"

"Okay, I'm tired of playing nice. I'm just going to get this myself!"


The girls couldn't believe they got to have Easter candy for "breakfast." (We had quiche and coffee cake right afterwards.) …I think Joe wanted some chocolate, too. :-)

"Really? I get chocolate in the morning!?!?"

Emma chose Jelly Bellies for her candy "breakfast"

The chocolate bunny "leftovers"

Jenna had to take a quick call on the new Ariel cell phone the Easter Bunny brought her before she could take time to have her photo taken in her new Barbie ballerina outfit

Our little ballerina

Emma shows off the "flower" she made during craft time on Easter

Camp Out
Troy and Emma went on a special Y Camp camp-out on March 20-21, organized by Live Y'ers, Emma's before- and after-school program. They had a blast, hiking, horseback riding, having a campfire, and doing archery. …Troy even had to show off during archery time, hitting some bulls-eyes and near-bulls-eyes. Or, as he put it, "…even showing up the instructor!" :-)

Emma was so excited that her friend Maya was on the camp-out! Maya was one of Emma's best friends last year, but started going to a different Waukee elementary school this year. The two of them were fast friends again, and figured out within about five minutes that they both liked Hannah Montana, High School Musical and Webkinz!

Maya and Emma even got to share a bunk-bed in the cabin. Emma got her favorite top bunk, of course. :-)

Emma told us before she left that she wanted to go horseback riding on a brown horse, so that she could tell her brown horse Webkin, Jewel, about it. :-) …And that's exactly what she did! We were really proud of her, because this is the first time she hasn't been too afraid to go on the horse. She told us she had a great time horseback riding and wants to do it again next year!

Emma and Maya watch the kids climb the rock wall. This was the only activity Emma chose to sit out. :-)

Emma at the Y Camp outdoor chapel, the morning of the second day of the campout

Egg Hunt
The girls had a great time at Jenna's school's annual egg hunt, on March 18. You can check out a few more photos, and access higher resolution versions, at our online photo gallery.

Jenna and her two best friends, Max and Hattie

Three silly kids! Look at those crazy smiles…

Emma waits patiently for the egg hunt

This is what happens when Mom and Dad make you quit running around the auditorium – and tell you to sit down to get ready for the egg hunt!

Easter baskets make great helmets — unless you don't have one, and are still mad at your mean mom and dad for making you quit running around!

Easter baskets still make great helmets — unless your little sister takes yours. (Jenna has Emma's basket now.)

Jenna wasn't sad any more!

Hattie, Max, Jenna and Alex show off their baskets

"Man, is this thing ever going to start?!"

Waiting patiently for instructions

Ready… Set…


Jenna finds an egg

Troy helps the girls get all their loot out of their eggs

"Max, look at all these eggs!"

Max and Jenna went to visit the bunny, but their friend Hattie (and Emma) weren't quite as sure about it!

Before we went home, the kids burned off a little steam by running around outside

Joe, who had been waiting in the car, came out to see every one

"Are there any eggs for me? …Or at least a squirrel for me to chase!?!?"

Emma and Hattie make one last trip down the hill

Max and Jenna make one last trip, too

Silly Jenna and Max with Emma with her adopted mom (and Max's real mom), Jenny... who Emma adores. Emma even gave Jenny her highest praise at the egg hunt, "I would REALLY wear her outfit and her boots... if they were in MY size!" That's saying a lot coming from our little fashionista!

Spring Swim
Joe couldn't resist going for a swim in the stream at Campbell Park in Clive on March 16.

Easter Bunny
Jenna went to visit the Valley West Mall's Easter Bunny on March 15. Emma didn't want any part of that, but did go on the Easter train with Jenna a little bit later. :-)

Waiting to visit the bunny

Jenna and the Easter Bunny

Easter Fun
We did lots of fun things to get ready for Easter on March 15-16, including an egg hunt at our house and decorating eggs.

We had an egg hunt for the girls at our house on March 15

The girls get ready to hunt

Jenna finds a special surprise

"Look what I found!"

Emma finds some eggs, too

Emma on the hunt… and very serious! :-)

Emma finds some eggs in the fence

The girls show off all the eggs they found

Later that day, we started decorating eggs – dying them with a base coat

The girls and their eggs

The girls and Troy work on another craft project

The next day, we put more decorations on the eggs… painting them with even more colors!

The girls show off their finished eggs

Baby Shower…
We got to help Jake and Dana celebrate their soon-to-be-here baby at a great baby shower on March 8. You can check out more of our photos at our online photo gallery.

The girls had been waiting weeks for the shower. Here they are at Grandma Reed's house before leaving for the party.

They had a great time on these scooter boards.

Jenna told me it was more fun when Dad pushed them, because they went faster! :-)

The girls with the guest of honor – and mommy to be – Aunt Dana!

Jake and I with our mommy!

Our family

The three crazy cousins

Grandma with her girls

Who's crazier? …Grandma, or the little girls? :-)

Troy and the girls watch the present opening

All smiles! :-)

We got a chance to see the billboard from my mom's bank — with her photo on it, about 15 feet tall — while we were in Mason City for the baby shower. The girls thought it was pretty darn cool to see their Grandma's huge picture on the sign!

Jenna Loves to Dress Up
One of Jenna's favorite things to do is play dress-up. When she gets home in the afternoon, she makes a bee-line for the toyroom to get on her dress-up gear. Here are a few of her get-ups from March…

Emma gave Jenna "fancy" hair on March 2, to go with her Cinderella costume

Emma did all of this herself

Jenna and her stylist

Jenna also had fun playing dress-up at Grandma Reed's on March 7… especially when Mema got out some of her old ballgowns for the girls to play with!

"Look at me, Joe!"

Two crazy headbands on, and one in hand... CHECK! Bead halo on... CHECK! One sparkley ballgown... CHECK! Matching purse... CHECK!

This was the topper of that dress-up time! :-)

On March 10, Emma somehow squeezed Jenna into some of the baby clothes they have for their babies.

The pink shirt and capris Jenna is wearing are size 6 months!

Jenna's a Big Wheel!
Jenna officially moved up to the Big Wheel room at school on March 3. She was so excited that her first words that morning were, "Now I'm 'fficially a Big Wheel!" Jenna's teacher, Keri, is the first teacher who had both our girls as students (when they were past toddler stage). Keri said, "Boy, Jenna sure is different from Emma!" I told her you can say that again! :-)

Jenna on her big morning, with her "move letter" in hand!

Jenna outside her school. Her new class got to decorate the school's front window.

Jenna in her new room at school, by her new cubby. (It's the third one down on the right.)

Jenna shows off one of the decorations her class worked on. The teachers asked the kids what was at the end of the rainbow. Jenna's answer: Stickers!

Jenna gets to play in the gym in the mornings now that she's in her new big-kid class!

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