April 2008

Twin Sisters?
We get asked every so often if the girls are twins, which we think is especially funny, because they are almost 3 1/2 years apart. :-) They do like to dress alike, though, like they did here, on April 23.

Thomis, the Cutie
We got to spend some more time with Thomis on April 19. The poor little guy got passed from person to person as we all got a little "Thomis-Time" fix. :-)

The girls were so excited, because they each got to hold Thomis for the first time.

Emma said later, "I wish we could take him HOME!" :-)

Jenna was just as excited to hold him, but not exactly sure what to do! :-)

Then it was Grandma's turn to hold him

One happy baby!

Can you tell we're all in awe of Thomis?

Big yawns!

Thomis and Grandma have a little chat

The many faces of Thomis…

The three girls were playing "hide under Grandma's Viking's Blanket." Don't ask me how they all fit under there. :-)

Brooklyn and Jenna came out, but Emma kept hiding

Jenna had a picture day at school on April 16.

Getting beautiful is hard work! :-)

All smiles! Jenna said she looked like Sharpay from High School Musical with her curly hair!

Both of our fancy girls. (Emma was a little – okay, more than a little – upset that the focus was on Jenna that morning, and was still a little "sad" here.)

"Look at me!"

Welcome, Thomis!
The newest member of our family — Thomis James — was born April 3, shortly before noon. (…And, right on his mommy's due date!) He weighed 9 pounds, was 22" long, and, by all of our accounts, is absolutely perfect! :-) We got to meet him on April 5.

While we were waiting to meet Thomis, Grandma Reed decided to share an orange soda with the girls. As you can tell by the look on Jenna's face, it broke the girls' hearts! :-)

Proud Aunt Jami holds little man for the first time. (As his mommy, Dana, wisely says, "He's a keeper!")

"Aunt Jami's hugging me so tight, I can only open one eye!" …Seriously, how cute is that face?!?

How cute is he?! (By the way, I think he looks an awful lot like his big sister, Brooklyn, did when she was a baby, in this picture.)

Thomis' cousins think he's pretty cool, too. As soon as we got in the car to go home, Jenna said, "Now let's talk about our baby cousin!"

"Hey, don't put me in here!"

"Okay, this is better." …By the way, Thomis better not end up as a Packers or Vikings fan, or it's going to break his daddy's heart! :-)

Girl time!

Aunt Dana wrapped up Ava (Jenna's new – and first – Webkinz) in one of Thomis' blankets, which Jenna thought was pretty cool!

Jenna decided that Ava had an owie, and needed the Band Aid Jenna had been wearing

Then Jenna put the Band Aid over Ava's eyes and told us, "It's her sunglasses. She had owies in her eyes and needed them!"

Mema and her girls

Everyone saying good-bye to Thomis, in the nursery

The little guy in the nursery

One last good-bye

Troy's Early Mid-Life Crisis
So is 35 too young for a mid-life crisis? Troy had a blast driving my mom's new car… and decided he needed "joint custody." :-)

My mom bought this BMW convertible last winter, but I think Troy has "adopted" this "baby," too. :-)

What's cuter — the girls or the car? :-)

Emma got to ride with Troy on our way out for lunch… Riding in a convertible and in the front seat? That was pretty big-time to her!

Can you tell she was excited?

How did we get this cool photo of them on the road? …By my mom standing on the seat, climbing through the moonroof of my car, and taking it… of course! I think that's why Troy and Emma have such big smiles. If you saw your mother-in-law standing up through the roof of an SUV to take your picture, wouldn't you laugh, too? (Love you, Mom!)

I Scream, You Scream…
Emma was at her friend, Kara's, slumber party on the night of April 5. So Jenna got to the only child for the night — and go out for ice cream!

She picked out her ice cream — cotton candy flavored — "because it matches my outfit." That's my girl!! …Even accessorizing with her food items! :-)

Silly Jenna!

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