June 2008

Art is Fun
We went to one of our favorite annual events – the Des Moines Arts Festival – on June 29. It's constantly rated as one of the best in the country, and for good reason – it's always fabulous! This year, almost 200,000 people attended.

The girls and Troy on the shuttle bus to the festival

The girls in front of some of the beautiful lilies there

The girls' favorite part of the festival every year is making art projects. Here they decorated folded paper hats.

Jenna shows off her finished hat

The girls also made cool "stained glass"-looking headbands, that they colored with markers

The artists at work

Emma takes her work very seriously

Emma's finished headband

Jenna shows off her headband

The girls also made animal masks

Jenna the cat, and Emma the dog

Jenna and Emma show off the cool butterflies they made, too

After all that work making art projects, the girls needed a little break, so we watched one of the great shows at the festival

One of our favorite things at the festival was watching the awesome juggler, Roberto the Magnificent.

Troy and the girls watch the show

That's not quite what we meant when we said, "Smile," Jenna! :-)

The girls and me

Troy and Emma enjoy the show

Some of Roberto's great balancing

He even juggled flaming pins – while on a unicycle!

Jenna took this photo of some of our favorite artwork – the amazing wire sculptures by Michael Gard

More of Michael Gard's work

Emma and Jenna get a closer look at the scupltures

Emma took a photo of another one of our favorite pieces

Mr. Engineer Troy had to go take a closer look at the scuplture, to see how it was put together. (Answer, it was made up of a lot of separate sections that were attached together.)

The girls had fun cooling off in the water fountain

Holiday Fun
Jordan Creek had their Fourth of July festivities on June 29. After going to the Arts Festival earlier in the day, we went to Jordan Creek's great dueling pianos concert. Later that night, we sat in our front yard to watch the mall's awesome fireworks display.

The girls munched on kettle corn, waiting for the fireworks to start

Emma's Swimming Lessons
The girls both had swim lessons from June 16-27. Emma's lessons were at the Waukee YMCA, and she learned a ton. She is so excited that she can do the forward crawl now "without even touching my feet on the bottom of the pool!" :-)

Waiting for lessons to start

Her class played "Ring Around the Rosie"

When they "all fall down," they all blow bubbles

They also played "Red Light, Green Light," practicing their kicks in the water

Emma gets some more practice with her kicks

Kicks – AND blowing bubbles!

Practicing her back float

Emma works on her doggie paddle

Our happy swimmer

Jenna's Swim Lessons
This was first year of swim lessons. She was so excited! Her lessons were at Dowling High School, and they always do a great job! Jenna had a complete blast, and was almost floating completely by herself when her lessons were done!

Jenna gets into the pool

Jenna and her class

Jenna LOVED being in the water. (…But the WAITING part? Not so much! Ha!)

Jenna practices her kicks with her teacher, Colby

Kicks, and blowing bubbles

The kids practice "Arrow"

Jenna practices "Arrow," and blowing bubbles, with Colby

Jenna practices with her teacher, Kathleen – who is the same teacher Emma had (and LOVED) for her two years of lessons at Dowling!

At the end of each session, the kids got to play "Humpty Dumpty," where they jump from the wall into the pool. Jenna LOVED this part!

Jenna and her friend, Claire, after lessons

Saturday Fun
We had a great time on Saturday, June 28. After going to the Johnston Green Days parade (which was great, as always), we took the girls to pick strawberries at Berry Patch Farms in Adel.

Troy and the girls eat some breakfast, while waiting for the parade. Don't they all look happy? ;-) (They were all just blinded by the super-bright sun they were looking into.)

Jenna loved the parade

After the parade, and a quick lunch, we went to Berry Patch Farms. The girls had never picked strawberries, so they were really excited. It's a beautiful farm, and the amazingly nice folks there took us out to the berry patch and gave us a quick lesson on berry picking.

Our two master strawberry pickers

Enma had so much fun picking strawberries, she told us that day was her "favorite day EVER!"

All smiles!

Emma was a great berry picker!

Jenna had a lot of fun, too

Jenna and her berries

Happy Birthday, Ronnie
The girls had a blast playing at Jenna's friend, Ronnie's, 4th birthday party – which was at Backyard Adventures – on June 14.

Troy and Emma test out one of the swings

Emma and Hattie, in the playhouse/slide

Jenna had a great time on the glider with Birthday Boy Ronnie

Emma had fun on the glider with Ronnie, too

Hattie and Jenna, looking cute

Hattie was all smiles on the swing

Jenna and Hattie liked the tire swing

Hattie, Emma and Noah took a turn on the tire swing, too

Emma and Ronnie on one of the slides

Our two little cuties

Ronnie's sister, Kaitlyn, with Jenna and Emma

Three cute girls

Ronnie and the girls

Emma and Jenna were all smiles

Picnic Fun
One of our many rainy June days this year forced Jenna's school's annual lunch picnic, on June 12, inside.

Jenna and Troy, eating their lunch

Jenna with her friends Max and Hattie

The three amigos were pretty wound up and crazy after lunch

Jenna wasn't very happy when we told her we had to leave – not that you can tell by this photo, or anything. :-)

Jenny and I with our crazy kids. (I guess this is the smile you get when you force them to stand still long enough to take a photo with their moms. Ha!)

With several tornadoes and record-breaking rains, Mother Nature didn't seem to want to give Iowa a break this Spring. We've had over 6" of rain in West Des Moines in the past week alone. Mason City (my hometown) had more severe flooding than 1993, and even lost water when the water treatment plant was flooded. We went to Saylorville Lake to see the water levels there on June 7, which were near the 1993-high levels.

The water coming out of the Saylorville Spillway was out of control

The girls at the spillway

Troy checks out the water

We went to Jester Park, to see the water levels, too

As a reference point, the water levels were in shore about 600-700 feet – and up hill – from where they should have been.

What better way to take advantage of flooding than throwing rocks in the water? :-)

Emma throws rocks…

And Jenna throws even more rocks

Jenna Goes Bowling
Jenna had a blast when her class went on a bowling field trip on June 9. The even got to have lunch at the bowling alley!

Does she look excited, or what? :-)

Still all smiles

Jenna with her friends Kate and Molly

Kaylie, Kate, Elizabeth and Jenna make silly faces

Jenna has lunch with her friends Alex, Claire and Max

Jenna (front row, center – of course) and her class, at the bowling alley

Fun with Friends
The girls had a great time when Jenna's friends Max and Hattie came over to play on June 6. (And Troy and I had a great time with their parents, too! Ha!)

All the kids climbed into the girls' play house to eat their slushies

After playing in the sprinkler, running around with squirt guns and jumping on the trampoline, the kids were tired. (Plus, they were playing "Emma's the mom, and the kids are her triplets." Gee... I wonder who came up with that game? …Maybe, Emma!?!? Ha!)

Then, "Mom" Emma was patting Max to sleep

Art Camp
Emma spent her first week of summer vacation at a special art camp, which she loved! One of their cool field trips was to go to Eason Portrait Gallery (check out their website and blog) – a real photo studio – to learn about photography, backdrops, lighting and more! The kids even each got to be part of a photo session.

Emma's photo session

Group photo of all the Art Camp kids and counselors

Almost a second-grader
Emma's last day of first grade was June 2. She said it was "bittersweet," which is how her teacher, Mrs. Schnedler, explained her feelings about the class moving on to second grade. She was excited for the kids, but very sad to see them go. (What a great teacher!) …Emma felt the same way!

The girls make their famous silly faces

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