September 2008

All Aboard...
As a late birthday present, the girls and I took Troy on a picnic train ride on Sept. 28. A sick little girl and cold temperatures didn't stop us from having fun and taking in some breathtaking views on the Boone and Scenic Valley Railroad train.

Emma and Jenna (and their dolls) in front of our train. Unfortunately, this was the only time the whole afternoon they didn't have to wear their jackets. :-( ...And, as you can tell, Jenna wasn't too excited about having her photo taken.

Jenna was STILL not excited about having her photo taken, after getting seated on the train. (She had a really bad cold and wasn't feeling great...)

Emma checks out the views from the train, which were truly awesome

Troy and the girls out on the train's open-air back platform. This was definitely our favorite part of the ride.

If Troy looks a little cold, it's because it was about 55 degrees inside the train. It was actually WARMER outside on the platform! ...So much for the mid-70s and sunny weather we were supposed to have that day! :-)

Emma and me

The girls check out the sights from the platform again

Some of the views from the back of the train

The girls and me

Mike Turns 40
Our friend Mike turned 40 in September and had a great birthday bash on Sept. 27.

Mike and Kate's dog, Gracie. We knew Gracie as a little puppy.

Troy and Gracie played tug... and Troy's arm hurt for two weeks. ;-)

Hey, I think Gracie might be a better dancer than I am! She and Troy look pretty good there!

Troy had a blast playing Rock Band 2. He was pretty darn proud of his 100% score on "Eye of the Tiger." ;-)

The Maifelds
Some photos of all of us on Sept. 27.

The girls

Troy and me

Joe and Jenna

Habitat for Humanity
Troy and I worked on a Habitat for Humanity build in Des Moines on Sept. 18.

We spent most of the morning tearing the scaffolding down from the side of the house and rebuilding it in the front. Troy then spent the rest of the day ON the scaffolding. I, however, stayed a little closer to the ground. :-)

Come On and Cheer, Cheer, Cheer for Iowa...
The girls both sported their Iowa Hawkeye gear – Hawkeye hair ribbons and all – on Sept. 12, the day before the Iowa-Iowa State football game.

So, maybe the Hawks aren't #1... but they WERE at least good enough to beat Iowa State 17-5. ;-)

Emma's School Photos
Emma had her school photos taken in early September.

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