October 2008

Trick or Treat!
We had a great Halloween! The festivities kicked off on Beggar's Night (West Des Moines' trick-or-treat night) on Oct. 30. It was a beautiful over-60-degree night, and the girls had a blast!

The girls were very excited to go trick-or-treating. They picked out their costumes months ago... Jenna decided to be Shawn Johnson, and Emma decided to be an Iowa Hawkeye cheerleader.

Our little Hawkeye

And our little Olympian. Jen even created a Shawn Johnson-themed trick for trick-or-treating... She did a gymnastics jump, then a safety stop, and "finish." :-) Her costume (and Jenna) were definitely hits!

Our neighbors hold an annual pre-trick-or-treat party, with food and snacks. Over 100 people were there this year. Thanks, Fosters!

A shot of the party

Jenna, Emma and Ryleigh

Jenna and Madisen

After a quick bite, we finally convinced Troy it was time to pick his beloved pumpkin. ...I think Troy's allegiance to that pumpkin could have rivaled Linus's in "It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown." :-)

Picking the pumpkin

The girls with the pumpkin

Right after that, Troy found a wooly bear caterpillar on our porch — just like the one we'd seen at the apple orchard a month before!

We moved the little guy to the grass

FINALLY, it was time to trick-or-treat. The girls, Joe and I headed out, and Troy stayed home and handed out Play-Doh to all the kids.

Joe was excited to go out trick-or-treating, too. He got to see a lot of other dogs, and even made his mom "proud" by leaving a "deposit" on our new neighbor's yard while I was talking to her! Ugh! Thank goodness she had a dog, too, and understood! (And, thank goodness I had a plastic bag with me for "clean-up.") :-)

"Let's roll!"

Jenna's Halloween Parade
Jenna's school had its annual Halloween parade on Oct. 31.

The two Shawn Johnsons – Jenna and her friend, Claire – waiting for the parade to start. Aren't they cute?

FINALLY, the parade starts. :-)

The kids trick-or-treating

Troy and Jenna, after the parade

Jenna and me, after the parade

Jenna with her friends Max and Claire, after the parade

All the kids, heading back to school after the parade

Jenna and some of her classmates after the parade

Jenna with her friends, Molly and Max

Emma's Halloween Party
Emma's class Halloween party was also on Oct. 31.

For the craft activity, the kids each got to decorate a gourd or mini-pumpkin. Emma made hers look like her, with googly eyes, blonde hair, a drawn-on nose and mouth — and pink-pipe-cleaner hair bow! :-)

Troy and Emma, at her party

Emma and her friend, Megan, making their party snack — Ding Dong spiders!

Emma and me at her party

Emma plays one of the party games

Emma and her teacher, Mrs. Seiler — whom she ADORES!

The second graders

Silly second graders

The kids listen to a story before heading home

We're Off to See the Wizard...
We headed to Grimes on Halloween night, to hang out with our friends and let the kids trick-or-treat (again). The six of us dressed up as Wizard of Oz characters, which was SO much fun! The weather was perfect, too. It was 70 degrees, and (except for Dawn/Dorothy) we were actually hot in our costumes! Who would have thought?!

Troy was the Tin Man, I was Glinda the Good Witch, John was the scarecrow, Dawn was Dorothy, their dog Kodi was Toto, Jenny was the Wicked Witch, and Pete was the Cowardly Lion. We were amazed at how many random people stopped us to take our photo... I think it happend four or five times. One little girl — who was dressed as Dorothy — even had her photo taken with us. When she first saw us she said, "Mommy, there are the REST of them!

More of the gang

Troy and I with the girls, before heading out trick-or-treating

We tried to get a cute picture of all the kids, but our girls had other ideas. Emma had some issue with where she was standing (or something "serious" like that), and I have no idea what made Jenna cry.

Emma put on a smiling face, but Jenna... not so much!

Max gave Jenna a kiss to make her feel better

Still sad!

Dawn, John and Kodi

Troy with his manly plastic axe. ;-) ...Seriously, he got the most attention of all of us. The kids really seemed to like his costume.

Me as Glinda, the Good Witch

Jenny and Pete

The kids trick-or-treating

More trick-or-treating

The guys kind of felt silly going out dressed as the Wizard of Oz characters... until they got free beer! ;-) John liked telling people the rest of the night how he trick-or-treated for beer!

Troy, very serious with his beer. (He didn't want to smile. He said showing his teeth "took away" from the silverness of his face... or something like that.)

Taking a break from trick or treating, at Dawn and John's house. Mmmmmm.... icee pops!

After trick-or-treating, the boys built a great fire. We were all so tired, I think we all almost fell asleep around it!

Our Crazy Girls
Emma had quite the outfit and hair for her dress crazy day at school on Oct. 28.

Check out the 'do

Emma working the crazy, mismatched look

Even her shoes were mismatched

Jenna wasn't dressed quite as crazy, but was just as cute, that morning

Our two cuties

Taking it Easy...
Troy and the girls relaxed while watching a show on Oct. 26.

Our Little Pumpkins
Our little pumpkins showed off some of our other pumpkins on Oct. 19.

The pumpkins at our house

Jenna told me, "I wanted to RUIN the photo." ...Do you think it had been a long day for a certain little girl, who was also tired and hungry? ;-)

We planted some pumpkin seeds this spring... a little later than we probably should have. The vines just really started producing pumpkins in the past few weeks, and this one — on a vine that had grown around the corner of the house — is our biggest pumpkin.

Family Photos
We decided to try out my new camera (a great 10th anniversary present from Troy) to take some family photos on Oct. 19. It was a beautiful, 72 degree day, and took photos at Brookview Park and Walnut Woods State Park.

Emma Sings
On Oct. 18, Emma — along with some of the older Kingdom Quest (fka Sunday School) kids at church — sang "Your Grace is Enough"... in front of the approximately 1,000 people who were at the service. (The kids just found out they'd be singing for the service THAT NIGHT. ...Talk about a surprise!) She said it was the "best night ever" and that she "loved" singing in front of everyone! We were SO proud of her!

Our Tenth Anniversary
On Oct. 17, Troy and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, with a fabulous (and kid-free) dinner at Greenbriar. Yummy!

Weekend Fun
We enjoyed some great 80-degree weather Oct. 11.

Troy and the girls fed the fish at Jordan Creek Town Center some of our lunch leftovers

Grandma Reed liked feeding the fish, too

Grandma took the girls shopping after feeding the fish

While the other three were shopping, Troy and I took my mom's BMW convertible out for a spin

Out for a spin

The Girls
Jenna went to her friend Molly's princess birthday party on Oct. 10, dressed as Cinderella.

Our littlest princess

Both of our princesses

Emma was pretty excited out her latest Webkinz, Lesley... which I think is #14 in her collection

Picture Day
Jenna had school pictures on Oct. 9. She had a special photo taken with her two best friends, Hattie (a fellow Hawkeye fan) and Max (a Cyclone fan). Both girls dressed as Hawkeye cheerleaders, and Max dressed as a Cyclone football player – and they had their photo taken giving Max a kiss on the cheek. ...Very cute!

Jenna wanted curly hair, so we put her hair in buns the night before

...And, boy, did she ever have curly hair!

...And, if you take Jenna's photo, you have to take Emma's, too. ;-)

Jen's photos

Jenna also had her photo taken with her good friends, Max and Hattie

Max doesn't seem to mind getting double-teamed by the Hawkeye cheerleaders :-)

The Girls at Gymnastics
The girls had a great time, as always, at gymnastics on Oct. 9.

The girls, before class

Jenna doing her bridges, with her coach, Miss Jen...

...And, Emma doing her bridges (in her pink sparkly leotard, of course), with her coach, Josh. Emma is quick to tell you that her bridges are higher than anyone else in her class! :-)

Jenna doing warm-ups and stretches with her class

Jenna (second from back) waits for instructions on the trampoline circuit

Emma sticks her vault landing... and learned from her coach after this that, as she told me later, "girls do their finishes (landings) with their palms OUT." :-)

Modified pike off the vault. (I'm sure there's an official name for her jump, but that's about as good as my description is going to get. Ha!) And, in the foreground of the photo is U.S. Women's Olympic Coach Liang Chow.

Jenna going backwards on the balance beam

Jenna on the big beam, with Miss Jen

Jen's big finish

Emma doing some floor work

Emma listens to some instructions from Josh on the beam

Jenna does bear walks on the parallel bars

Jenna jumps into the pit

Jenna is line leader, as her class heads to door floor work. (Notice her big sister watching in the background?)

Jenna waits to work on her floor work.

Coach Josh helps Emma on the bar

Emma on the bar, all by herself!

Emma does pull-ups on the parallel bars

Jenna shows off the stamp she got on her hand after finishing class. (She was a little excited, can you tell? She LOVES gymnastics!)

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
We spent a great morning at the Wills Family Orchard on Oct. 4. They have an amazing organic apple orchard, pumpkin patch and farm. Plus, it's a phenomenally beautiful place, very near the Racoon River valley. ...All-in-all, a wonderful place to spend a Fall day!

Emma and Jenna check out the hens and roosters

Jenna in the barn

These two little guys were Jenna's favorite part of the day!

Jenna spent forever playing with and watching the kitties... it was very sweet

One of the goats really liked Troy. Maybe I should have been a little jealous? ;-)

Troy and Jenna check out both goats. ...All the animals were obviously very well cared for and happy, with lots of grass to eat and room to roam.

The girls painted gourds

The four of us

Troy and the girls played bean-bag toss

After getting mad at the game (because she was having a hard time getting her bean bag in the apple's mouth), Jenna took a little break

Jenna in the organic orchard

Emma in the orchard

Troy and the girls

Jenna found this caterpillar, and was very, very gentle with it. One of the guys working at the farm said it was a Wooly Bear – and that, according to superstition, the wider its brown band, the longer the winter. Then he said, "Judging by this guy, we're going to have a LONG winter!" Ugh!

The girls on the hayrack ride

All of us getting ready for the ride

Troy and Emma on the hay ride

Jenna and me on the hay ride

Jenna having a great time...

Jenna having an even BETTER time, going down a hill ;-)

The girls, running to the pumpkin patch

Our little pumpkins... Aren't they cute?

The girls eached picked out a pumpkin, and helped picked one for Troy, Joe and me

"Too many decisions..."

Troy hauls our pumpkins back to the scale

All pumpkin'd out

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