November 2008

The First Snow
We had a great time playing in the first real snow of the season, on Nov. 30.

The girls making snow angels

Joe LOVES the snow, and had a great time being outside with us

The girls and Joe with me

Jenna jumping in the snow

The girls got their scooter and trike out to ride in the snow

Can you tell Jenna was having fun?

Emma's snowball

We also started working on a snowman

Jenna's start to a snowman

Troy decided he wanted to get in on the snowman action, so he came out to — um — "help." (In other words, he completely took over. Ha!)

While Troy and Jenna built a snowman, Emma and I shovelled the ridiculously heavy, slushy snow. (I think we got the short end of THAT deal!)

Troy, still working on the snowman :-)

We all worked to put "Frosty" together. Then the girls founds some rocks for his buttons and eyes, put sticks in for arms, a carrot for a nose, and even a pink stocking cap!

For a little while, Frosty even had sunglasses!

Three silly girls, and one cool snowman

Frosty suffered a little "collateral damage" over the next day or so, though... Most of the rocks fell out, some of the snow melted and his head fell off (ouch!), and a dog decided to use Frosty to mark his territory — twice. (...Which you can see in the yellow snow in this photo.)

Junie B. Jones
We went to see "Junie B. Jones and a Little Monkey Business" at the Des Moines Playhouse on Nov. 30. The show was very cute, and the girls LOVED it!

Visit with Santa
The girls went to see Santa on Nov. 29.

Evidentally, Jenna forgot the whole, "You'd better not pout; You'd better not cry" advice. :-)

Emma waiting to see Santa

Jenna, still pouting

All of us

The girls with Santa

Emma told Santa she wanted a Mia American Girl doll, and Jenna told him she wanted a Baby Alive and a "My First Purse"

Happy Thanksgiving
We went to Mason City to celebrate Thanksgiving on Nov. 27.

The girls, before heading to Mason City

We had Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's church. (She is on the committee that helped plan the meal.) It's always nice to see everyone, and none of us had to get up at 5 a.m. to start cooking turkey. :-) The girls loved it, because they got to play in the nursery. Jenna even put her baby to bed in one of the cribs.

The girls rocking in the nursery

The star of the day was definitely Thomis, the newest member of the family. When you're this cute, it's hard not to have everyone fall in love with you. :-)

He LOVED playing with these necklaces. What a happy guy!

Mema and her girls

And Grandma with her guy

The girls and Aunt Dana

The girls had such a blast playing with their cousin!

Paint it Black... and Green... and Red
We went to Glazed Expressions on Nov. 26, to make some Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Emma, before leaving

Jenna, before going to Glazed Expressions

Two excited girls! (They LOVE painting pottery.)

Our littlest artist at work

Emma working on her pottery

Us three girls

Jenna took this photo of us having a little fun

The girls show off their awesome silly faces :-)

Emma's finished work

Jenna's finished work

All of our finished pottery, about a week later — and after being fired

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas
We decorated for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving.

The girls had a blast decorating their three trees — lots of pink, purple and sparkles!

Emma works on decorating the girls' two smaller trees

Jenna, with Troy's ornament from 1979

Jenna and Joe

The girls finish up their decorating. (Joe wasn't quite as excited about being in the picture. Ha!)

The girls and Joe, with one of their finished trees

The girls with their other two finished trees

Poor, Joe... Troy made him sit there and have his picture taken (again) by the trees.

Pictures of all of seven (yes, seven) Christmas trees

Silly Emma

It's hard to tell in this fuzzy, cell phone picture, but Emma was being very silly on Nov. 16 — while at Hooters... doing a Miley Cirus pose... covered in "I (heart) Hooters" stickers... She (thankfully) has no idea that there is any other meaning of that word, other than the name of the restaurant. But her — um — placement of two of the stickers made their message even just a little bit funnier.

Maifeld Family Holidays
We had a combined Thanksgiving and Christmas at the Maifelds' in Humboldt on Nov. 8.

Our little cutes, before we left

The girls and me

The four of us

The girls with their cousins Anna, Ella, Sara and Ben

Opening presents

All of the girls playing. (They wouldn't let poor Ben in, saying it was "girls only.")

Troy with Anna's rabbit, who was by far the calmest rabbit we'd ever seen

The girls heading home

Jenna put her blanket over her head to try to help her sleep on the way home. Silly girl!

Jenna fast asleep

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